We fashionistas love apps, especially for the convenience and irreplaceable help they provide when we are shopping for lingerie. Whether you’re checking for new outfit for fall season, apps can assist you. These high-tech apps will be ready to help you whenever you need them.

Below are a list of awesome apps that will help you save time, money and your sanity next time you shop! Before your next shopping, give these download apps and let us know what you think.

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For women, there is very few things in life as personal as lingerie. We start our day with it and should be comfortable, make us feel confident and sexy. There are growing number of ethical and sustainable clothing brands but ethical lingerie brands are fewer. I want to share with you my favorite lingerie brands that are not only ethical and sustainable but  makes you feel confident and sexy!

1. Azura Bay

Azura Bay is a brand that carries numerous ethical, eco, organic and fair trade lingerie brands including some of my favorite brands like Sokoloff, PACT and Vitamin A. Their goal is to practice green as much as possible from their packaging and also the company donate a portion of the proceeds from your order to one of the three charitable organizations of your choice.
The lingerie products range from bras, underwear, slips, camisoles and swimwear. And the price ranges from $32~$198.


PACT is a very well known as making cotton basics to make the world a better place. This certified B Corp make sure their entire supply chain, from the growing and harvesting of the organic cotton to the final sewing and all the processes in between as clean and responsible as possible.
The lingerie products range from tees, cotton underwear and socks and the price range from $17~$43.

3. Boody

Boody is a ethical and sustainable brand focuses lingerie made from organic bamboo, low-waste production and recycled packaging. Their style is super simple with their basics made from viscose from organic bamboo. Their lingerie keeps you cool in the summer time and warm in the winter. Thanks to bamboo fiber’s thermo-regulating qualities.
They also offers activewear, men’s and children’s clothing so you can shop bamboo basics for the WHOLE family!
The lingerie products ranges from bras, underwear and socks. And price ranges from $10~$30.

4. Brook There

Brook There is a brand that I LOVE the most! They make elegant and sustainable lingerie from organic cotton and silk that is durable, soft and natural. Their design and style focuses on beautiful and lasting construction, soft and comfortable fits.
Also their garments are designed, cut and sewn in Portland on the beautiful coast of Maine. As a result the lingerie products ranges from bras, underwear, slips and camisoles and the price ranges from $32~$198.

5. Etiko

Etiko is ethical fashion company for over TEN years and their goal is do as much good as possible for the planet. Their number of certificates and direct relationships with their factories pay attention on the product made in a fair wage, child labor-free environment  in a sustainable and eco friendly way. Consequently the lingerie products only underwear and price range is from $9~$11.

6. Daisy & Elizabeth

Daisy & Elizabeth

Daisy & Elizabeth is Brooklyn-based lingerie and swimwear label. Their style is feminine and free-spirit of Americana. All garments are designed, cut, fit and manufactured in the USA.
As a result, the lingerie products ranges from lingerie, loungewear, swimwear, and bridal. And the price ranges from $40~$275.

7. Style Saint


Style Saint is based in Los Angeles believes in making products that matter and pieces that last based on fair wages and uses sustainable materials. They focuses on quality over quantity using earth friendly sustainable materials that are ethically sewn. They stand firm in their belief that fashion should be neither fast nor disposable. In addition to their lingerie collection, they carry a full line of women’s wear.
Their lingerie line price ranges from $54~ $58.

8. First Base


First Base is the ultimate sports lifestyle brand and is ethically produced from sustainable and recycled fabrics. Not only the product but also their packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials. First Base also have activewear that the adventurous woman needs to stay active, well-dressed and supported.
Also the lingerie products ranges from sports bras, underwear and swimwear and the price range from $46~ $56.

9. Woron


Woron is a Scandinavian brand based in Copenhagen who believes that sustainability is not just the future. Their super soft and comfortable basics are made sustainably from the crafting to the handling of each product and finally to the timeless designs that can stay in your wardrobe season after season and year after year.
Furthermore the lingerie products ranges from soft bras, panties and bodysuits and price ranges from $39 and up.

10. Sloane & Tate


Sloane & Tate is made in Los Angeles really focusing on individual beauty and designs and details good quality. Their bra is so light that you don’t feel like your wearing a bra at all. The part that Sloane & Tate stands out is that they give back to Good Shepherd Center providing help to refuge for women with children.
Finally their lingerie products ranges from brief, bras, tanks, lounge and T-shirts and the price ranges from $36~$84.
We hope these brands will remind you about our planet mother earth when wearing them feel and look good for you. Also try them out and let us know which one you love the most. In addition, if you have any amazing brand to share with fashion wanderers, we’re all ears!


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