10 Inspirational Van Life Diaries You Must Read!

Have you ever thought about taking off a long weekend and heading off on a van road trip? What about a whole year? Van life has become a rising trend;  people are picking up their lives and hitting the road in awesome renovated vans that serve as their mobile housing.


Not only do these van lifers have enviable lifestyles filled with wild scenery and exciting adventures, but they also have proven to be experts in custom small space design and functionality.


There are a bunch of people finding absolute freedom by living in vans and cars. They’re breaking the stereotype that living in your car is something you’d only do if you failed at life. Last year, nearly 5,000 cars and RVs were used as homes, according to The Los Angeles Times.


Thanks to Instagram, many of these adventurers have documented their travels in incredible van conversions. YouTube van life has also seen a significant increase in documentaries.


We travelers love apps, especially for the convenience and irreplaceable help they provide while on the road. These high-tech apps will be ready to help you whenever you need them.


Below are a list of awesome tips that will help you save time, money and your sanity next time you travel! Before your next adventure, give some of these apps a download and let us know what you think.

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If your interested in the pursuit of freedom, consider these van life enthusiasts. Click through and get your adventure on.

10 Inspirational Van Life Diaries You Must Read!


  1. Kombi Life – Van Life Living Tips

If you are up for a  lifestyle change, hopping into nomadic life with van Kombi Life is the way-to-go. They share everything you need to know how to achieve the life you want living off-grid in a vehicle. How you can start your van lifestyle?


  1. Van Dog Traveller – DIY Van Life Conversion

If you are handy person and want to challenge yourself to make a van conversion and travel the world, I recommend Van Dog Traveller. Quit a job to convert a van into a home and now travels the world.


  1. Digital Nomadz – VW Van Life

If you really want to start van lifestyle but you have whole family with you? No problem. Digital Nomads are two successful entrepreneurs who travel with their children around the world. See how your entire family can join the van lifestyle?


  1. Tiny Van Big Living – Camper Van Life

Tiny Van Big Living started their tiny van conversion for $5000. They show how it is possible if you are on a tight budget and need inspiration,


  1. We’re the Russos – Van Life YouTube

We’re the Russos are my big fan and they inspired us! They started with traveling around the states for about a year with RV and showed how to downsize and the process of getting into van life by sharing monthly expenses. Therefore, see how they live on a fixed budget.


  1. Westfalia Digital Nomads – Westfalia Van Life

First of all, their website is sick! Furthermore, I was always curious how to travel oversees with a van but they have a great detailed post on how to ship your van from North America to Europe. How they travel all around the country with their van, click here how they did it.


  1. Dylan Magaster – Tiny House, Tiny Living Tips

If you are big Youtube watcher and want to get inspiration that blows your mind, Dylan Magaster is go-to. When we started exploring tiny house and tiny living, Dylan Magaster was one of our inspiration. He finds inspiring tiny living people around the country.


  1. Nomadly in Love – Sprinter Van Life

The van lifestyle has been really popular couple years, but Nomadly in Love has been traveling all over the world for over 8 years! Wow! Read their adventurous journey.


  1. Jinti Fell – Family Van Life

Family van life with toddler? Jinti Fell is one you would be eager to follow for positive vibes and motivation. In addition, for vegan health tips on the road read how they stay healthy!


  1. Living in My Van – Stealth Van Living

If you are solo and want to take leap of faith and transition to van lifestyle, Living in My Van is where you must start! Read her motivational daily and monthly logs to keep you motivate towards your solo journey.



Rising Stars


  1. WandXR – Volkswagen Van Life

If you are hippie young spirit and want to travel the country, WandXR is the one you must follow!


  1. Nomads with a Van

Looking for new American Dream? Nomads with a Van shares the new American Dream by traveling full-time and working remotely to make it happen.


  1. Livin 4 Wheel

If you wonder how to earn money while traveling or travel for free, Living 4 Wheels shows how they have done it. In addition, if you are not a good sleeper, they share the best tips to find good sleeping spot for campers.


Van Life How to Guide


  1. The Vanual – Van Living Conversion

Seeking a guide to complete freedom? The Vanual shares a step by step guide to van lifestyle from solar tools and off road accessories to web hosting. Therefore, read more for a full van life conversion manual.

These are some of my favorite diaries and journals to follow!

Please leave a comment below and share some of your favorites!


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