When it comes to travel, I’m a simple girl with simple luggage. Whenever I start planning and packing for a trip, it takes me quite a bit of time to decide between what I need to bring and what I want to carry. I’m sure everyone goes through the process and trust me it is such a struggle!


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Over many years of traveling and backpacking, I learned to narrow down and get rid of the “I want” stuff and replace it with “I need” stuff. Here are my few tips that worked for me that I still use when I’m packing for a trip.



1. Invest In A Convertible Carry-On Suitcase

I’ve learned that a convertible carry on suitcase with wheels really works well for me. When you are going to the gate or walking to get taxi, it is not pleasant feeling to carry heavy bulky suitcases along. I have this one and it is lighter than any other one that I owned and has hardshell cover and look sleek.


2. Rolling vs. Folding Clothes For Packing

Rolling or folding is the question. I’ve always hesitated which method will fit more stuff in luggage. Tightly rolling clothes snuggly fit into luggage allows me more room for extra items. It also reduces wrinkles. I highly recommend using rolling method especially when packing your classic wardrobe pieces for travel..

Folding clothes is traditional way of packing that I have done as long as I can remember. Not so good part of folding is that it easily wrinkles everything. So I don’t recommend to fold cotton or button-down blouses 😉


3. Reversible Travel Wear

Before, when I didn’t know about the reversible clothing, I packed different color shirts, pants and dresses. But now, with stylish and comfortable reversible travel clothing, I bring 3 pieces and make up to 12 outfits. I love wearing comfortable knit dresses wherever I go. This one is my favorite dress that I look cute in the day time and look chic at a fancy dinner. Every women should own LBD!


4. Travel Clothing Wrinkle Free & Keep Fresh

I really don’t like when I arrive to a hotel and open the luggage to find all my favorite clothes are wrinkled. To prevent my favorite dresses from looking wrinkled, these are the tips that worked for me. Roll it when packing, overlap garments, use plastic or dry cleaning bag, and pack wrinkle resistant clothes.

5. Best Travel Clothes For Long Flights

Long flights really suck. And when you are not wearing comfortable airport outfits, that sucks more. Personally, I wear layers for long flights. Leggings are my best friend when I travel and keep them warmest on airplanes.

Also, I always bring a scarf that is large enough to cover my legs when it gets chilly on the plane. For those fashionistas, I would wear loose fitting clothes with matching dark or neutral colors to make wardrobe selection easier while traveling.


6. Travel Size Toiletries

There are so many options for the best toiletry bag when it comes to travel. You can buy commonly used products in travel sizes at drugstore and supermarkets. Of course, not every beauty product comes in miniature version, if you can’t buy travel sizes, create your own. I use this pack of travel bottles and cosmetic containers that is leak proof and TSA airline carry-on proved! These are cheap, reusable and sold in packs. Good deals!


7. Travel Clothes Lightweight

My favorite clothing item is jeans, and I wear them everyday, but they tend to be bulky and heavy when traveling. If you are jeans manic like me, I suggest choosing lightweight jeans that are 10-12oz. Not only jeans, when it comes to packing clothes, I travel with lightweight garments that are wrinkle free and dry quickly.


8. Fashionable Travel Clothes

Yes, you can travel while looking fashionable and stylish. Traveling is exciting, so your airport style should be also equally as fun. I tend to get inspiration from celebrity airport outfits 😉


9. Travel-Friendly Shoes

Take off your heels and wear travel-friendly shoes when you are on the road! I always consider wearing comfortable shoes to help walk miles around the city without added fatigue. These simple sneaker shoes are my choice to keep comfortable and stylish.


10. Carry On Rules!

Please do your research on what to bring or carry on an airplane. Any liquids, gels and aerosols packed in carry-on must follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule: 3.4 ounces, 1 quart size, 1 bag per passenger. For the carry-on bag should be maximum of 40 pounds in weight in most airlines. Any razor blades, scissors and nail clippers must be shorter than 4 inches are allowed in carry-on bag.


These are my best packing tips!

What are your favorites?


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