10 Target Clothes Shopping Tips That Will Transform Your Wardrobe Forever

Shopping at Target is fun for all ages! From home goods to birthday cards and also even trendy clothes for all seasons. Saving money and time at Target would be a challenge for many of us, but no need to worry! Thats what we’re here for! We prepared a list of the best Target clothes shopping tips that you need to succeed during your next visit!

Target is a great place to shop and save, but without these Target secret tips you’re missing out on all of the saving opportunities that Target has to offer. Before we get started shopping at Target, know what day of the week today it is!


Target Clothes Shopping Tips

Target Clothes Shopping Tips

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Target has a schedule for when it marks product pricing down. Check before you shop for clothes in any categories:

Monday: Kids Clothing

Tuesday: Women’s & Junior’s Clothing

Wednesday: Men’s Clothing

Thursday: Sleepwear, Lingerie & Shoes

Friday: Cosmetic & Jewelry

Ok, now let’s go over these mind-blowing money saving tips for your next shopping trip to Target:


1. How To Read Target Price Tag

The price tag will tell you what percentage the markdown and if the price will go down again or won’t be. The lower left shows the original price, and the upper right hand corner how much percentage off for the current markdown.

If the price tag ends in $0.06 or $0.08 the item will be priced down for around two weeks until more inventory arrives in the store. So, you can wait a little bit until it goes down 🙂

Helpful Target clothes shopping tips: If the price tag ends in $0.04, it is the final clearance and the price won’t go down again. It’s time to buy and fulfill your capsule wardrobe.

Bonus: If you find an item on sale that you wish to purchase, but the store runs out of stock, when the item is restocked you can purchase it at sale price! Request a Raincheck


2. Become Cash Back Pro

Become Cash Back Pro

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Check out either Ibotta, Ebates, RetailMeNot for an additional 5% or up cash back shopping at Target. Make sure to look whether your deal is compatible in-store, online or both; This way you don’t miss out any deals, ever!


3. Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

Before you head to the store, check out Target.com for in-store coupons or Target’s mobile coupon program. Fresh new store coupons will be sent to your phone every month along with special barcodes that you can scan easily and get discounts at the register.


4. What’s Target Cartwheel App?

Cartwheel is the new Target’s coupon program allowing each deal to be used up to four times. You can use Cartwheel coupons with Target coupons and also manufacturer coupons at the checkout. The more you have, the more discount you get! Cha-ching!


5. Get The Target REDCard

When you shop at Target using your REDcard, a debit card linked to your checking account and/or credit card; you’ll also save an additional 5% on every purchase.

This is one of the best Target clothes shopping tips to always save. I purchase at the register using my REDcard, and then I pay it off immediately. Quick and easy way to save a few dollars every time you shop!


6. Take Advantage Of Gift Card Deals

Every week, Target gives away store gift cards with the purchase of certain items for FREE. You can use coupons to purchase clothes and still get gift cards for your next purchase.

While making your necessary purchases, you can essentially receive credit towards the next items you need. Paying it forwards is nice, but sometimes shopping forward works well too.


7. Sale + Coupons When Shopping Online

Sale + Coupons When Shopping Online

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You can combine end-of-season and clearance discounts with promo coupon codes when you shop online. Target also has online-exclusive coupons for clothing ranging from 10-30% off. The end-of-season is December-January and also June-July. There are thousands of clearance clothes online that you’ll never see in-store; you can shop online-exclusive collections year-round and save huge with this Target clothes shopping tips.


8. Best Day To Get Good Deals

Target releases newspaper ads on Sunday and sales run Sunday through Saturday. So if you want to take advantage to get best deal before it runs out, your best bet is to shop on Sunday Funday!

Sunday morning I hit the stores before the major crowds arrive. The best time to arrive is right when they open. The store is better organized, and you can be the first person inside. Find the best items before anyone else starts to destroy the beautifully arranged displays.


9. Look For Red Or Yellow Sales

Target sales are marked by two colors: one is red and the other is yellow. Red sales are “regular” and limited-time sales which last from Sunday through Saturday. Yellow sales are temporary or permanent price cuts which last two weeks.

These color coded sales tags makes it much easier for customers to understand. I’m not sure if the colors are for company purposes, or if this information is truly for the public. Either way, I take advantage of knowing, because knowledge is power.


10. Shop End Caps

Shop End Caps

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End caps are shelves at the end of each aisle. They usually have all the clearance basic clothes and styles from leggings to lace blouses that you must have essential items in your wardrobe. Usually these items are up to 75% to 90% off and is one of the best Target clothes shopping tips. The great news is that you can also use your Store Coupons, Target Cartwheel and manufacturer coupons at checkout.


If you found these money saving tips to be helpful and useful, check out my other budget friendly tricks. I also share different strategies for saving money at shopping at ASOS, Nordstrom Rack, and Amazon.

Many retailers have different ways to save money all year long. I love searching through and finding the best deals available. Off season seems to be the best time to shop, and gather your favorite items to store away for the peak season. The best way to stay fashionable and on trend for any up coming events.

What are your favorite Target clothes shopping tips?

Share with us below!


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