14 Cheap Flight Travel Hacks

We travelers LOVE apps, especially for the convenience and irreplaceable help they provide while on the road. Whether you’re checking for a cheap flight travel hacks for today or next month, apps can assist you in reaching your final destination. These high-tech apps will be ready to help you whenever you need it, from cheap flight travel hacks to planning entire trips.

Below are a list of user-friendly apps that will help you save time, money and your sanity next time you travel! Before your next adventure, give these cheap flight travel hacks a download and let us know what you think.

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14 cheap flight travel hacks

1. Sky Scanner

The popular flight search engine Skyscanner has its own app, making it easier to search for flights on your mobile devices.

I love their “Everywhere” function; it allows us to find the cheapest flights from where we are. They also organize by month, allowing us to take advantage of cheap flight travel hacks with the cheapest times to fly.


2. Momondo

Momondo is my other favorite flight search engine. It’s fully independent so it includes as many carriers as possible.


3. Glooby

Glooby provides a search engine that allows travelers to compare data from more than 20 booking sites highlighting eco-friendly option. In addition the site lists flights with the lowest C02 emissions and eco-friendly hotels, which helps inspire people to travel more responsibly.


4. Trip Advisor 

TripAdvisor is a crowd-sourced guide for flights, hotels, restaurants and attractions worldwide. Browse through millions of reviews, images and videos featuring various attractions worldwide. You can also access contact details, search for nearby establishments, explore restaurants by food type, price range or rating, and check out airfares. Additionally, you can provide insight by posting your own reviews, images and entries for the places you visit. There are multiple features contained in offline mode making it a useful app for many situations.


5. Google Flights 

An excellent companion Google Flights works for travelers looking for a great deal on flights worldwide. Google also added a price prediction feature, alerting you to changes and likely fluctuations in price.


6. Hopper 


Another big data, quick booking and user friendly, Hopper also works well for cheap air plane tickets.


7. Kayak 

Kayak’s mobile app assists user in searching for and booking rental cars, flights, hotels and more. Compare deals, book flights and accommodation, track your flights and manage your itinerary from Kayak’s convenient mobile app. Hence it’s a great, centralized tool for organizing everything you’ll need to get to your travel destinations.


8. Trip Zero

trip zero

TripZero helps offset the carbon footprint of your travels at no cost to you. Hotels pay a commission to TripZero for attracting customers; a portion of that money goes toward buying carbon offsets for projects such as forest protection in Kenya or wind turbines in Indiana. The offsets are certified by reputable third parties, including the Verified Carbon Standard and the Green-e Climate Standard.


9. Lounge Buddy

lounge buddy

I’ve spent enough of my life waiting around in airports. Lounge Buddy tells you which lounges are available at any given airport. For people like me who don’t have any lounge memberships, the app lets you know about any free lounges or where you can purchase a day pass.

10. Flight Board

Flight Board lets you know when your flight boards, and if there are delays or changes to arrival times. FlightBoard includes information on 1,400 airlines traveling to and from more than 3,000 airports, with updates every five minutes.


11. Gate Guru

gate guru

Gate Guru customizes your door-to-door adventure. Once details are set, input your itinerary and GateGuru organizes detailed information on where to check in, current airport weather conditions, estimated security wait times, airport amenities, and even last minute saving for car rentals.


12. Green Travel Choice

green travel choice

Green Travel Choice gives detailed overviews of carbon emissions for many types of transportation and helps guide you to the most environmentally friendly options. In conclusion, this app works hard to encourage you to make a positive energy impact.

13. Pocket


Pocket lets you save any webpage for later reading. Just hit the share icon and select the Pocket icon, and you’ll be able to pull up this article or blog post from the Pocket app later. It is a great way to stock up on reading material before a long flight or bus journey. Pocket now also lets you save videos for later viewing! AWESOME!


14. Air Help

air help

Have you ever endured the pain of a delayed or cancelled flight, or been denied boarding because of overbooking? Although the details slightly differ, both US and EU laws provide for compensation in such cases, It’s a complicated process, and less than 1% of passengers are successful.

Air Help makes the process simple, and easily done in few minutes. Just enter your flight information and a few details about the problem. If the claim is successful, the service takes 25% of the payout and you get the remainder. There is also a referral bonus available, so tell the person your sitting next to on your next delayed flight.


How do you find cheap flights when traveling?

I want to know your cheap flight travel hacks for success!


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