5 Minute DIY Embroidery T-shirt That’s Better Than Your Tiny Tattoo

We all love seeing new trends from our favorite online retailers. Especially the upgraded 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt style that you’ve seen in Tumbrl and Instagram lately.

This definitely makes the same old plain white t-shirt trendier and more season-less than ever.

Refurbishing old clothes, swapping clothes or purchasing second hand will quickly become the new lifestyle. If you are against creating waste that harms environment, you are not alone.

If you enjoy beginner hand stitch project ideas, then check out these simple designs to inspire some more creativity!


How can you refurbish your old plain tops with a 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt

The ultimate goal may possibly be to wear your 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt with one of your classy office-approved work outfit ideas.

Before we get started, all you need is:


How to hand embroidery on t-shirt?

Check out this short video for a clear idea how to hand embroider on a t-shirt. This is easy to do and require just a few minutes.

If you need a little help starting out, these are the basic embroidery hand stitches that you must know!

When you are finished, you will have a new stylish look to wear and be extremely proud of your new DIY embroidery t-shirt.


1. Anatomical Heart

Cool Anatomical Heart 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt! Love this hipster casual outfit ideas with cool DIY clothing project. Pin worthy! #embroidery #DIY #tshirt #tees #summer #craftideas #sewingtips #sewinginspiration #handmade #stitch #tumblr #tumblrstyle


Happy heart, happy you!

Celebrate national heart disease awareness month with this red 5 minutes DIY embroidery t-shirt.


2. Hand Heart Sign

Cute 5 minute DIY hand heart sign embroidered t-shirt tutorial for beginners with free pattern! Love this cute love sign minimalist hipster casual outfit ideas with cute DIY clothing project. Definitely pinning! #embroidery #DIY #tshirt #tees #summer #craftideas #sewingtips #sewinginspiration #handmade #stitch #tumblr #tumblrstyle


Show your love by using hand heart sign when posing for Instagram worthy photos with your besties!


3. Hanging Houseplants

Cozy 5 minute DIY hanging houseplants embroidery t-shirt! Love this easy and fun tutorial with free pattern! Love this home decor style indoor plants from succulents to houseplants designs for minimalist hipster outfit ideas with cozy DIY clothing project. Pin worthy! #embroidery #DIY #tshirt #tees #summer #craftideas #sewingtips #sewinginspiration #handmade #stitch #tumblr #tumblrstyle


Continue to build your green thumbs skills with this cute hanging houseplants embroidery on t-shirt!


4. Sphinx Cat

A post shared by Lucy Newman (@lucyjnewman) on

Third eye sphinx sounds really trippy!

If you want be more artistically creative rather than using a slogan or words, hand draw any animals that you like and then hand stitch along the drawing.

Challenge yourself and make a custom, one of a kind t-shirt.


5. Eat Pasta Run Fasta

A post shared by Roxane (@sheroxyourtees) on

Coming up with fun slogan is first step of 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt.

We all love pasta and can’t live without it. I believe eating pasta will make your run faster!

Just like a Popeye  eats spinach!


6. Triflers Need Not Apply

A post shared by Emma (@olgreeneyesemma) on

Any “My Favorite Murder” podcast fanatics?

Perfect for any murderino.

My favorite murder, “stay sexy don’t get murdered!”


7. Pisces Constellation

Use your astrological constellation to make a pretty embroidery.

Especially since you can upgrade your chic black t-shirt with white threads.


9. Chasing Rainbow

Feeling a little bit colorful with your plain old white t-shirt?

Grab red, yellow, green and blue and it will make you happy!


10. Paint Something It Might Be Wordless

Sometimes doodling speaks for itself rather than using meaningless words.

Life is a piece of blank canvas. Think outside of canvas and start painting!


11. C’est La Fucking Vie

A post shared by GiCì Lab (@gici.lab) on

Enjoy fucking life!

You only live once and only once.

Get rid of the anger, worry, and sadness away from your life!


12. Vespa Girl

A post shared by LOVERDOSE (@the.loverdose) on

Match your outfit with embroidery color.

This outfit helps to look stylish while wearing a red midi skirt, without looking too dressy.


13. Meow

Love cats?

Meow is the 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt that is better than a tiny tattoo.

In a hurry?

This will take you less than a minute.


14. Fake It ‘Til You Make It

With everything you do, fake it until you make it.

Print this slogan on your t-shirt and always remember to stay strong when you see it.


15. Bless us all who play the long game. The odds are in our favor unless the signs in the entrails lie.

Celebrate a happy new year with The Mountain Goats!

See you next year!


17. Save The Drama For Your Mama

Something special for all the mamas out there.

We all got our good days and bad days.

Trust me, you want to save the drama for your mama.


18. Never Stop Riding

Never stop riding and never stop learning!

This super simple slogan with a cute bicycle is a 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt that’s better than your tiny tattoo!


19. Holy Guacamole!

And salsa, please!

How can anyone who is on a Keto diet live without avocado!


20. I’d Rather Be In Ibiza

Me, too!

Stitch down your favorite vacation destinations on your t-shirt and your dreams will come true!


21. Underwater Girl

Little bit shy of embroidering on the front of your t-shirt?

No problem.

Embroidery your favorite artwork on the back of your t-shirt so its not noticed at first glance!


22. In Pizza We Trust

A post shared by Floriana Setti (@flosetti) on


Pizza is everyone’s soul food!


23. Flower

A post shared by b & g (@bebe_gege) on

A flower bouquet on my t-shirt sounds really pretty!

You never know, you might start to smell like a rose.

Definitely better than rose tattoo on your shoulder!


24. Google Me

A post shared by Yay Nay (@yaynaymx) on

Going to an interview?

Nowadays, employers can google you and contact you for a specialized job offer.

Google me if you can!


25. Rose

This 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt is perfect with your black slip dress for date night!

Show off your embroidery skills and everyone will be amazed!


26. Bang Bang

A post shared by Tiffany (@joy.delavie) on

Bang bang and my heart goes to you!

Might take more than 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt, but you can cheat a little with this one.


27. I bake. What’s Your Superpower?

A post shared by Elena (@zurcky) on

I cook and I eat, that is my superpower?

We all do. 😃

I especially believe that baking is super power.

Gift this t-shirt to your loved ones on a special day!

5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt seems difficult to do, especially if you don’t have time to do so.

But by using embroidery inspirations that you’ve seen in Tumbrl and Instagram, now you can nail it, save money and time creating your own designs.

What your favorite 5 minute DIY embroidery t-shirt?

Share with us!


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