5 Secret Tips Of Finding Insane Cheap Flights Last Minute

Holiday are coming! Every year hundreds of people are traveling to visit loved ones, families or vacation and we cannot avoid the first step of planning trip: Booking a flight. I’m all about finding cheap flights last minute to save money!


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5 Secret Tips Of Finding Insane Cheap Flights Last Minute

1. Best time to book cheap flights

Most airlines lower prices on monday, tuesday and wednesday. Therefore, booking early in the week usually yields better ticket prices than travel bookings made over the weekend.

Tuesday around midnight is the cheapest time to book. Mark you calendar! And friday is the most expensive day of the week to buy a plane ticket. So avoid Fridays, everyone!

In conclusion, for best prices, shop for domestic flight 54 days in advance, international flights vary by destination.


2. Stay connected and follow your favorite airline

Sign up for your favorite airline newsletters and following their social media account really helps. Hence I have a couple of my favorite airlines that I’ve signed up to receive monthly alerts about upcoming deals and promotions. Sometimes it’s too much advertising but you never know what you might find!


3. Be flexible with your dates and departure

Give yourself a couple of days, or even weeks before or after your visit to increase the chance of finding cheap flights. If you are locked into exact dates, it will be super challenging to get the best deal.

If there is more than one airport near you, I’ll check them both before making your flight booking. Hence the more options on departure you have, the more likely you will be able to find the best deals on cheap flights.


4. Fly two different airlines and accept a layover

Sometimes it’s worth it to mix and match airlines. Round trips and nonstop flight are cheaper and most convenient but could be expensive. Instead of choosing easy option, look for flights with at least one layover with two different airlines. It adds up to big savings!


5. Sign up for airline mileage reward credit card

This is how I usually save mileage and get the most discount for flight fare. Many airlines now offer credit card that can help you earn airline miles, free checked baggage and many more rewards. Also, they offer a sign up bonus just for signing up and spending a certain amount money in a specific time.



Holiday Bonus!

In addition, if you haven’t bought your cheap flights for holidays yet, here are some more tips for you to save money!



Cheapest dates to fly: November 20-24

Best time to book ticket: 2 weeks before Thanksgiving



Cheapest dates to fly: December 23-26

Best time to book tickets: 4~6 weeks before Christmas


New Year’s Eve

Cheapest dates to fly: January 1-3

Best time to book tickets: 2 weeks before New year’s eve


Are you traveling for the holidays?

What is your secret tips to find cheap flight last minute?

Share with us! We’re all ears 🙂


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  1. These are some great tips for getting cheap flights. Travel costs can get very expensive at times.

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