8 Ketogenic Ways To Lose 15 lbs In A Month When You Are Crazy Busy

Losing weight with ketogenic diet is REALLY hard on top of that losing 15 lbs. in a month sounds impossible! Many of us struggle with finding free time to stay fit in physical activity each day and week to lose weight with our crazy busy schedule.


Is losing 15 pounds in a month healthy?



Luckily, yes! Below you will find the best top 8 easy and healthy ketogenic ways to lose weight 15 lbs. in a month with busy schedule with affordable healthy eating and hope that some of these methods are useful for you in your weight loss journey.



1. Good Bye To Latte! Hello Bulletproof Coffee!

Hello to black coffee! A cup of black coffee (yes, no sugar nor cream) has zero calories. Our favorite lattes tends to be the biggest calorie bomb compared to tea. A cup of coffee with cream and sugar has around 80 calories and let’s say if you drink two cups a day, you will save 14 pounds in a year!


By eliminating dairy such as creamer can elevate insulin levels kick you out of ketosis.Try go easy on these dairy and see how your body responds.


The idea of keto coffee (bulletproof coffee) is that give your body fuel that is rich in nutrient dense blood sugar stabilizing fat. Fat in this case means: grass-fed butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and bone broth collagen powder.


2. Keto Diet Food List

Healthy snack doesn’t mean healthy chips. Instead munch fresh fruit (only LOWER sugar) of veggies without any dips. Reduce processed food as much as possible in your diet. When  you choose snack fruit add little bit of protein on your go-to snack bag That way the muscle-building protein takes longer to digest than carbs and sugar. So you won’t feel the blood sugar peak and crashes. Great protein to add will be nut butter, nuts, any seeds, beef jerky and a hard-boiled egg.


Although nuts can be ketogenic friendly but they are not all good for you. We can consume nuts a lot because they do contain some carbs.


Best keto diet food nuts list that has fewer carbs are Pecan, Macademia and Brazil nuts.


3. Drink 91 Ounces Of Water Everyday

Sipping water on your favorite bottle through the workday and weekend helps to reduce the fatigue, prevent dehydration headaches and keep you from snacking when you’re not hungry.


4. Only Eat Within 8 Hour Window

Try intermittent fasting which means only eating within a certain period of time. This can help speed up weight loss and reduce overeating at evening.


The recommended intermittent fasting for ketogenic diet are only eating within an 8 hour window and fast for 16 hours at a time.


5. Eat Fat, Fat, Good Fats!

We tend to be scared to consume any fats in our culture. But good fats such as high quality oils like olive oil, sesame oil, safflower oils, ghee, and grass-fed butter is best to cook with and drizzle on your salad.


6. Only Eat When Hungry

The best part of ketogenic diet is that you don’t need to count calories! Only eat when you are hungry and stop when full.


7. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is important in any form of diet plan. Even if you chose ketogenic diet, but having difficulty to sleep, it has negative impact on your weight loss and health. So while you are on ketogenic diet have plentiful of sleep.


8. Avoid Beer

Yes! This is hard decision to cut down your favorite craft beer to everyone. The truth is that the beer and any types of alcohol isn’t doing your weight loss efforts any good. Most beers contains a tons of digestible carbs. But the good news is if you really need to have, it’s best to chose red or dry white wines which are both low-carbs or pure spirits like brandy, vodka, or whiskey which has NO carbs.

The ketogenic diet works the best for losing 15 lbs. in a month for crazy busy schedule and improve health, so stick with it and don’t be afraid to make changes as needed. Keep a bullet journal on what you eat, stick within your keto diet and test your ketone levels often to make sure you’re staying in ketosis. Most of all, give your body time to adjust to the great changes and enjoy!

What’s your favorite diet tips?

Share with us comment below!


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8 ketogenic ways to lose 15 lbs in a month when you are crazy busy


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34 thoughts on “8 Ketogenic Ways To Lose 15 lbs In A Month When You Are Crazy Busy

  1. these are some great tips that i think anyone can follow. while i’m not looking to loose a ton of weight, i think i can incorporate some of these tips into my life in order to slim down!

  2. Great tips, I tried keto once but ended up maintaining instead of losing which was still a plus. I loved the bulletproof coffee and still have it sometimes.

  3. I heard that the Keto Diet is amazing, but I haven’t tried it yet. I plan on purchasing a recipe book soon.

  4. I agree with you regarding the point of processed foods, I hardly eat it thrice a year. And in my diet there is no place for beer 🙂 Let’s be healthy and fitter together.

  5. This sounds interesting. I would like to lose 15 lbs, but I won’t give up my junk food. It’s just not happening. So long as I can fit into my pants, I don’t panic.

  6. Good tips. I lost a ton of weight pretty quickly a couple years ago when I cut out most carbs. Plus, I felt great, slept great, lost the cravings, and reduced the inflammation in my body.

  7. I can stay away from the latte, drink lots of water and eat food fat. However, getting enough sleep and eating a good portion and no junk food will be my problem.

  8. only eat when hungry is very important in my situation. I have a mother who was obese and depressed , her depression would have her eat all the time. I live by the rule eat only when hungry

  9. well, i’m skinny and trying to gain weight, but my diet tip would be exercise regularly and eat more.

  10. Great tips! It’s always so much harder when you’re busy. I agree about water, I definitely notice a difference in my weight loss as well as how I feel when I drink lots of water. Plus, of course, eat healthy.

  11. Ketogenic diet has been an issue here, some people said it is not healthy in the long run. I am actually considering this diet as I need to lose some weight.

  12. I have been saying for weeks that I’m going to drink more water but haven’t started yet. I need to though as well as follow your other advice. I need to shed about 10 pounds which would help with my back pain.

  13. This is definitely something I need to look into. I quite like the 8 hour window, because otherwise I have a tendency to graze throughout the day!

  14. Some great tips! I’ve heard about the Keto diet before. I have around 9lbs left until I reach target so I’ll be bearing these in mind.

    Ami xxx

  15. Lots of great tips in this article! It’s really true that a lot of people are consuming empty calories that don’t do them any good with drinks like a latte or beer.

  16. I’ve been intermittent fasting since the fall and it really agrees with my body. I was amazed at how much better I felt once my system adjusted to it!

  17. I need to start drinking more water. It’s something I admittedly don’t do enough of but it’s time to change that.

  18. I did the keto diet over the holiday break and managed to actually lose weight during a time when I usually gain. It really is an easy diet to follow and a healthier lifestyle

  19. First of all, great post. I already do majority of the things on the list asides from drinking more water. That I could certainly do a better job with. I only have to drink 64 ounces however, based on my body size. You should check out the water intake calculator and that will be a great resource for this blog post!

  20. Only eating when hungry is the one I have tried the hardest to do, and yet struggled the most with I believe. I think it is so good, it’s just that you need to be in touch with your body enough to know when you are hungry vs. when your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

  21. I will be honest it is so many diets I can barely keep up. I was just getting into Paleo and now I am hearing of Keto so thanks for giving us more info.

  22. My husband has been doing Keto for about 4-5 months now and he’s dropped 45 pounds!!! These are on point! Seriously, if anyone wants to lose weight in a healthy, but pretty fast way, follow her directions! Haha!
    My husband gained a bunch of weight while I was pregnant, and he’s tried several different diets since then. This is the only one that worked for him. We’re pretty big foodies, and this proved to be the way to go.

  23. I have some materials downloaded about the ketogenic diet, but haven’t had time to read through it all yet. I know part of it is consuming the good fats, like butter, avocado, and others. My oldest nephew just got married in October and his wife lost something like 50+ lbs. on the keto diet – she looked fabulous in her wedding gown (that had to be taken in like 3-4 sizes!)

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