9 Top Secret Money Saving Tips You Must Know Before Shopping For Clothes On Amazon

Shopping for clothes on Amazon can boost your style at cheaper, more affordable prices, if you know these hidden money saving features. I know many people LOVE shopping for clothes on Amazon with their prime account; They are able to get free shipping in a day or two comfortably, but not sure how many people know how much money they can really save online when it comes to shopping for clothes on Amazon.


Beginning with a shift in fashion strategy toward offering more high-end designers such as Rebecca Taylor, 3×1, Loeffler Randall and Solid & Striped, many fashionista millennials are shopping for clothes on Amazon more than any other online retailer. Thanks to Amazon Prime, whatever we order, we never have to wait longer than two days for it to arrive at our door and try with our outfits.

Online shopping for clothes on Amazon makes it easy to improve your capsule wardrobe for each season and dress better. Best news, take running and trying on clothing at retail stores off your to-do list. However, online shopping comes with uncertainty of sizes, fits, real color and quality of clothes. But with these secret features, you can happily shop at Amazon on a budget!


1. Check Out SnagShout to get up to 90% off Amazon clothes

You can claim a promo code through SnagShout by providing reviews, you’ll get either free or deeply discounted floral printed blouses, knit trapeze dress, and many more key items to fulfill your capsule wardrobe each season.


2. Buy When The Price Drops Through CamelCamelCamel


No one nowadays buys full price clothes. If you are like me, waiting for price drops and finding good quality deals on clothes. From essential to designer clothes, you don’t have to register on CamelCamelCamel to track product prices but when you do sign up, you’ll get free email alerts and Amazon Wishlist access! CamelCamelCamel will let you know when the price goes down on Amazon.


Bonus: Simply bring up a price drop list on any Amazon item by installing CamelCamelCamel’s add-ons for Chrome and Firefox.


3. Shop With Points

You can shop and use those points to pay for clothes on Amazon. Instead of redeeming earned points on limited items, use them to purchase essential key items for your capsule wardrobe. Simply choose to apply points at checkout, and you can even set points to apply to all purchases automatically.


4. More Cash Back Shopping Through EBates

Who doesn’t love getting more cash back? I do! You can earn 3% cash back by clicking to the Amazon website through the EBates shopping portal on your Amazon purchases.


5. Be Your Stylist, Alexa!

Do you own Amazon Alexa device at home? Just ask Alexa “What are your deals?” to hear list of Alexa Deals featuring clothes up to 40% off.


6. Up To 70% Off Clothes Through RetailMeNot

I use RetailMeNot a lot before I do any purchases through retail store and online shopping. RetailMeNot features occasionally Amazon promo codes on all categories such as on clothing, accessories, electronics, home, books, and many more.


7. Stay Alert With Daily Deal Email

If you don’t want to miss out on great discounted clothes for fulfilling your capsule wardrobe, go ahead and also sign up for the Daily Deal email notifications. Often these items are up to 80% off that sold out super fast due to their limited quantities.


8. Buy Clothes With Bitcoin and Save 2%

buy with bitcoin

This is a perfect way to spend some Bitcoins! We use our Bitcoins to purchase gift cards and then redeem the value at nationwide retailers. Egifter offers a 2% incentive points program. If you also find yourself often going to the same stores, pre buy gift cards and earn cash back!

9. Amazon Prime Day

Pro tip: Mark your calendar for annual Prime Day in July. It’s every summer like Amazon’s version of Black Friday. It’s a day filled with tremendous deals from all departments, especially fitting for your summer wardrobe!

What’s your secret for shopping for clothes on Amazon?

Share your money saving tips with us!


9 top secret money saving tips when shopping for clothes on amazon

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