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My name is Soonjoo. I am living in a mobile mansion that is traveling full-time and this post is all about us! I created this blog to improve my travel and style on a budget. It also helps me to stay mindful everyday while I’m living on the bumpy road. This blog created possibilities for us to become financially independent so we can be a free wanderer!


about us



In 2016, my husband and I as newlywed transitioned from busy city life with our endless careers to mobile home where we work hard for ourselves and play hard in outdoors. We believe happy and healthy life is wherever we park it. Hope our dreams and shares all inspires all of you!


We would love to get in touch with you and we are open to ideas, suggestions, questions and requests and so on. All are welcome!


Also, if you’d like to collaborate or work with me on styling, design or a sponsored post, I’m happy to get it contact with you 🙂




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