Adorable Mule Shoes To Wear With Your Favorite Outfits

Are you a mule shoes person? If you have been wearing sneakers for decades, it’s time to upgrade your casual look with these adorable mules. Not only are mules comfortable to wear, but they are also chic and stylish too.

With so many different styles, footwear gets confusing when only reading the description online. But these adorable mules are made with high-quality materials and also have high ratings for being the most comfortable shoes available.


What are mule shoes?

Mule shoes are a style of footwear that have no back or constraints around the heel. As a result, mules are super comfortable to wear and walk around in all day long without hurting your feet.

Mules and slides are commonly confused for each other. The main difference between the two types of shoes are in the toe.

Slides have a casual open toe with no back, which is the perfect footwear to be worn during the summer. Mules can be either closed or open toed and also include no backs. Oftentimes mules come in flats, block heels, or kitten heels.

Due to a slight heel and the shape of the shoes, mules tend to look dressier than a slide. As a result, you are able to create adorable outfits to wear with mule shoes for a variety of occasions.


How should mule shoes fit?

The design and quality are equally as important when shopping for the perfect pair of mules. Finding shoes that fit your feet like a glove is the key to successfully building a capsule wardrobe full of basic essentials. Not only that, but the fit also solves the problem of mules falling off your feet while walking up and down stairs.

Here are the guidelines to find mule shoes that fit you perfectly:

  • Width: When wearing mules, you need to feel snug and secure which means finding the right width for your feet is crucial. If you need shoes for wide feet, then go with wide size options. Otherwise, if you have narrow feet then make sure to choose a slim width.
  • Coverage: Go with mules that have extra coverage across the top and sides of the foot. The more coverage you have around the front of the foot, the less ability to slip off while walking.
  • Sole: If the mules are flat, always double check that they have soft leather or cushioning in the footbed to make walking more comfortable. Its recommended to go with a thick and substantial sole.

Other than sneakers, mules are a versatile footwear to wear for any occasion. Find the perfect pair that fits your personal style and also feels comfortable on your feet.


Mules To Wear For Every Occasion

Mule Shoes To Wear With Your Favorite Outfits

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Something about mules that make them look dressy, but not too dressy. They are a timeless footwear option that goes well with every dress and pair of denim jeans in your capsule wardrobe.

The best part of all is that you don’t need to break in mules. As a result, you won’t deal with painful blisters anymore when wearing this comfortable footwear option.


Flat Mule Slides

Flat Mule Slides

These slip-on flat mule slides are a perfect classic leather footwear that goes well with every casual outfit. Made with 100% soft leather, they are comfortable to wear all day long. However, they do run big so order a full or half size down. Buy it here!


Loafer Mules

Loafer Mules

Lazy to wear loafer shoes? Then try these loafer mules because they are easy to slip-on.

The additional metal accessory pieces makes this pair look so expensive. Many happy customers say that the high quality material does look expensive, but that the price is perfect for these shoes. Buy it here!


Mule Heels Open Toe

Mule Heels Open Toe

The block heel is about 3” tall. These mule heels with an open toe are perfect for spring and summer season. Don’t worry because they run true to size and also won’t hurt your feet after hours of wear. Buy it here! 


High Heel Mule Shoes

High Heel Mule Shoes

These high heel mule shoes are about 4” tall. There is no need to worry about breaking in because there is a little bit of padding that won’t tire your feet after a few hours.

The perfect mules to wear through the airport and also on the plane. Buy it here!


Low Heel Mule Shoes

Low Heel Mule Shoes

If you are big Toms fan, then these low heel mule shoes are for you. They fit perfect for every foot and won’t slip off while walking.

These stylish and comfy mules will replace your Toms sneakers. Buy it here!


Kitten Heel Mule Shoes

Kitten Heel Mule Shoes

Not all kitten heel mule shoes are cute. This pair of tiny heel mules is perfect for a day to night look that you will absolutely fall in love with.

The leather is soft on your feet when worn and also fits true to size. You will also wish that they come in more colors. Buy it here!


Wedge Mules

Wedge Mule Shoes

Weatherproofed wedge mules sound like the perfect shoe for fall and winter. The heel is 3” tall and made with waterproof full grain leather.

In addition, they have a memory EVA footbed that adds more comfort when worn all day long. Buy it here!


Sneaker Mules

Sneaker Mule Shoes

Why bother tying up sneaker laces? Ditch your sneakers and try these sneaker mules that have been happily reviewed over 2,500 times.

The insole has air-cooled memory foam which makes them four seasons friendly. They fit great and feel just like comfy slippers. Buy it here!


Pointed Mules

Pointed Mule Shoes

Pointed mules are not that comfy without having a cushioned insole. But this pair of shoes has more than just cushion.

The sides won’t fold in when you start walking and they are also made with a durable non-slip outsole. This shoe is slightly on the narrow side, so they are not highly recommended for wide feet. Buy it here!


Black Mule Shoes

Black Mule Shoes

Made with high-quality suede leather and also the perfect 1” tall heel, these are classic black mule shoes.

Not only perfect for a casual day with leggings or jeans, but they are also stylish and comfortable to wear for working on your feet all day. Buy it here!


White Mule Shoes

White Mule Shoes

These white mule shoes are the modern bestselling essential. This pair is made with 100% Italian leather and also pre-treated with leather protectant spray.

As a result, they are easy to clean and maintain with leather cleaner and a microfiber cloth. They do run small, so order a full or half size up. Buy it here!


Brown Mule Shoes

Brown Mule Shoes

Inspired by Moroccan slide-ons, these brown mule shoes have a sleek pointed toe design. They are made with soft leather that you can literally wear with everything from jeans to dresses.

If you have wide feet, this pair doesn’t cut in at the toes even though they are a pointy style. Buy it here!


Red Mule Shoes

Red Mule Shoes

Pretty red mule shoes that go well with your cropped jeans to look stylish and feminine. It has a pointy toe and 3” heel that is the perfect height for every occasion. Buy it here!


Blue Mule Shoes

Blue Mule Shoes

Faux suede blue mule shoes tend to look cheap. But this pair is a dark navy color with 2” faux wood block heel that features a classic style.

The cushioned footbed provides extra comfort for all day wearability. Buy it here!


Beige Mule Shoes

Beige Mule Shoes

The timeless wardrobe staple beige mule shoes are updated with casual silhouette and a backless feature. It’s definitely a great alternative to the Gucci loafers. Buy it here!


Pink Mule Shoes

Pink Mule Shoes

How can you not look pretty in these pink mule shoes?

Made with cowhide and unique stud trim detail that is so subtle it will enhance your casual outfit. Buy it here!


Leopard Mules

Leopard Mule Shoes

When looking for leopard mules, avoid printed ones. This signature pair of slip-on mules are made with genuine leopard calf hair that has a luxurious feel and will never look cheap.

The extra padding makes them even more comfy so that you simply can’t resist. Buy it here!


Leather Mules

Leather Mule Shoes

Finding genuine leather mule shoes under $100 is not easy.

This classic pointy-toe mule is sleek and sophisticated, and can easily be worn from day to night. There is a flexible skid-resistant outsole so you don’t have to worry about slipping. Buy it here!


Suede Mules

Suede Mule Shoes

This suede mule shoes with cute tassel detail is remnant of a Paris chic style. It is the best quality for an affordable price.

You will even wear them with socks in the winter season. If your feet are narrow, grab a half size down. Buy it here!


Gold Mules

Gold Mule Shoes

Mules meet espadrille. This gold mule shoe is fashionable and stylish because they are not your classic mules.

They tend to feel bit stiff when first wearing them, but they are perfect for a casual outfit. Buy it here!


Grey Mule Shoes

Grey Mule Shoes

Other than black color, grey mule shoes are another great option to add to your capsule wardrobe.

This pair is inspired by classic skate shoes that are casual and cool looking. In addition, they include an extra cushion and shock-absorbing feature so you won’t want to take them off. Buy it here!


Gucci Mules

Gucci Mule Shoes

Gucci’s signature classic loafer got a facelift. It has goldstone horse bit hardware that is made and designed in Italy. They run a bit small, so order half size up and they will fit you perfectly. Buy it here!


Wearing the same old sneakers looks so boring and outdated. No wonder fashion girls can’t live without these adorable mule shoes. Add a pair of mules to your capsule wardrobe essential list. As a result, you can easily wear them with every single basic wardrobe piece to create fun and unique outfits for every occasion.

What are your favorite mule shoe brands?

Share your cute mule shoe styles with us!


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Adorable Mule Shoes To Wear With Your Favorite Outfits

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