12 Must Have Worldwide Solo Traveler Apps

Worldwide solo traveler apps are the BEST, especially for the convenience and irreplaceable help they provide while on the road.

Whether you’re checking for directions, a restaurant review, art gallery exhibit or a train route, apps can assist you in reaching your final destination. These high-tech worldwide solo traveler apps will be ready to help you whenever you need it.

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These 12 must have worldwide solo traveler apps are AWESOME! They are FREE & EASY to use to travel and backpack in Europe! I'm so glad to find these tips to travel on a budget. Definitely pin worthy! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Below are a list of awesome worldwide solo traveler apps that will help you save time, money and your sanity next time you travel! Before your next adventure, give these worldwide solo traveler apps a download and let us know what you think.


1. Rome 2 Rio

Rome 2 Rio travel app is the best solo traveler apps for Europe. Vacation alone can be intimidating but first time female travel ideas ever! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Rome 2 Rio app is a complete global trip planner that helps you get from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible.

It’s fairly precise in giving you all the details including bus, ferry, flight, train, and driving options with estimated travel times and fares.


2. Spotted by Locals

Spotted by locals apps is cheap solo traveler apps for groups and alone trip guide. Great solo traveler apps! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Spotted by Locals is an app which handpicks city-loving locals to write about their favorite spots in their own city.

These city guides offer the ultimate insider tips!

The best thing about this app is that is always up-to-date, and only local favorites are highlighted and not just the usual tourist traps.

Users get offline maps and tips and are able to save favorites to the map. 67 cities in Europe, Middle East and North America are included in the Spotted by Locals app.

Noteworthy cities in Europe featured in the app are Florence, Budapest, Krakow, Prague, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Athens, Madrid, Kyiv, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Rome, and many more.


3. Google Translate

Google Translate app is best app to use to vacation along for the first time. Popular solo traveler apps for safety. #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

When abroad, Google Translate app is really helpful to have a couple language apps handy.

This has saved me more than once, especially when I need to find a bathroom!

Not only can you translate text by manually typing it in, it can instantly translate a conversation, or translated text from your cameras picture.

Google recently switched to translations based on machine learning, improving results for difficult translations and the globe trotting traveler.


4. XE Currency

XE Currency app is great app for android to travel on a budget tips and ideas to single vacations guide. #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

The best way to avoid getting overcharged and making costly mistakes while traveling is to be aware of the exchange rate all the time.

XE Currency works offline, helps calculate conversions and downloads live exchange rates when requested.


5. Trail Wallet

Top solo traveler apps to help you on a budget and have cheap packing and vacation alone guide. Love this Trail Wallet app! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

It is easy to run over budget on a trip having fun.  A solution to overcoming my budget worries was Trail Wallet.

This app makes tracking expenses easy. Supports 200+ local currencies, daily budget targets, spending categories, and more.


6. Sky Scanner

Sky Scanner is best solo traveler apps to use in Europe and International destinations. Helps you stay on a budget! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

The popular flight search engine Skyscanner has its own app, making it easier to search for flights on your mobile devices.

I LOVE their “Everywhere” function; it allows us to find the cheapest flights from where we are. They also organize by month, allowing us to take advantage of the cheapest times to fly.


7. Moovit

Moovit is the best solo traveler apps for road trips and single vacations and backpack guide that will give you inspiration and safety guide. Awesome travel apps ever! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Moovit assists riders in over 1,200 cities and 67 countries with metropolitan transportation.

Service alerts are provided to help you avoid train delays or service interruptions.

The app can track your ride and notify you when your destination is approaching.


8. Hostel World

Cool Hostel World for solo traveler apps. You can find destinations and vacation along on the beach and adventure weekend for cheap. Perfect female solo traveler apps ever! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Hostel World is the biggest hostel booking sites and as a budget backpacker, chances are you’ll be using this app lots.

The app does have all the usual features you’d expect of an accommodation booking app, searches, descriptions, filters, and user experience design looks great.

The full-screen interactive maps are easy to work with, and those all-important reviews are only a tap away.

Save a credit card to your account to book a property is quick and easy.


9. Eat With 

Best female foodie solo traveler apps ever! Eat With is the best USA, Europe and Asia destinations for first time single vacations ever. #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Have dinner with locals!

Eat With provides a global crowd sourced community that invites you into the homes of local food lovers for a communal dining experience.

You can choose to eat with people who share your tastes and ethics: vegan, vegetarian and locavore are just some of the options.

This worldwide solo traveler app is available in over 20 countries.


10. Wi-Fi Finder

No need to go to coffee shop anymore. Wi-fi finder app is perfect female solo traveler apps that is on a budget and helps your tour destinations and alone trip easier! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Free Wi-Fi is one of the most precious resources for a traveler on a mobile device in a foreign country.

Wi-Fi finder helps us find connections helping to avoid potentially huge charges on your data plan. Wi-Fi finder classifies whether connections are free or paid.


11. Whats App

WhatsApp helps you messaging in USA, Europe and Asia anytime easily. Best solo traveler apps you need when vacation alone. It's easy to use and cheap app ever! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Whats App is the go-to messaging app for much of the world. It’s often a great way to keep in touch with any locals or other travelers you meet.


12. Skype

Keep in touch with friends and family with Skype app. It is the best female solo traveler apps that you need while vacation along in the US, Europe and Asia. #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Skype video calls are a fantastic way to connect with your friends or family. It’s also a great way to make cheap international calls!

Just put a little credit in your Skype account and you can call numbers in your home country at local rates.


BONUS APP!  Pocket

Favorite female solo traveler apps that works offline. Keeps you on a budget and safety to travel first time in Europe, USA and Asia. Love this travel apps guide and tips! #travel #vacation #travelapps #travelonabudget #SoloTraveller #solotraveltips #traveltheworld #Apps

Pocket lets you save any webpage for later reading. Just hit the share icon and select the Pocket icon, and you’ll be able to pull up this article or blog post from the Pocket app later.


It is a great way to stock up on reading material before a long flight or bus journey. Pocket now also lets you save videos for later viewing! AWESOME!

Are you a traveler that frequently uses smartphone apps?

I want to know your favorite worldwide solo traveler apps!


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