20 Must Have Apps To Travel Cheap In Europe

We travelers LOVE apps to travel cheap in Europe, especially for the convenience and irreplaceable help they provide. Travel better with directions, a restaurant review, art gallery exhibit or a train route, apps to travel cheap in Europe can assist you in reaching your final destination. These high-tech apps to travel cheap in Europe will be ready to help you whenever you need it.

20 must have apps to travel cheap in europe

Below are a list of awesome apps to travel cheap in Europe that will help you save time, money and your sanity next time you travel! Before your next adventure, give these apps to travel cheap in Europe a download and let us know what you think.

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For more money saving tips, continue reading below! Hopefully these apps to travel cheap in Europe will help with new ways to save money:


1. Rome 2 Rio

Rome 2 Rio complete global trip planner that helps you get from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible. It’s fairly precise in giving you all the details including bus, ferry, flight, train, and driving options with estimated travel times and fares.


2. MAPS.me

MAPS.me is an awesome maps app that lets you download map data for a country or region so you can use offline.

While Google Maps now also includes a downloading function, I like the MAPS.me functionality better. It also lets you easily pin specific locations for later reference. If you don’t have this app, then you must download it before your next adventure!


3. Google Translate

When abroad, it’s really helpful to have a couple language Translator apps handy.  This has saved me more than once, especially when I need to find a bathroom! Not only can you translate text by manually typing it in, it can instantly translate a conversation, or translated text from your cameras picture. Google recently switched to translations based on machine learning, improving results for difficult translations.


4. XE Currency

The best way to avoid getting overcharged and making costly mistakes while traveling is to be aware of the exchange rate all the time. XE Currency works offline, helps calculate conversions and downloads live exchange rates when requested.


5. Air BnB

Airbnb has reinvented the way I travel. Find local adventures or reach faraway places and access unique homes, exciting experiences, and new places around the world. Live like a local by renting everything from a house to a single room. Furthermore, this app is a must for budget friendly travelers.


6. Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is a crowd-sourced guide for flights, hotels, restaurants and attractions worldwide. Browse through millions of reviews, images and videos featuring various attractions worldwide. You can also access contact details, search for nearby establishments, explore restaurants by food type, price range or rating, and check out airfares. Additionally, you can provide insight by posting your own reviews, images and entries for the places you visit. There are multiple features contained in offline mode making it a useful app for many situations.


7. Hotel Upgrade

Everyone likes free stuff, and hotel upgrades are no exception. The Hotel Upgrade app lets you search for your favorite hotels and view the upgrades on offer. If you decide you like, book your stay directly on the hotel website, send the reservation details via email or the app, and you’ll get those perks added to your booking.

Upgrades include better rooms, valet parking, free drinks, and more, and you’ll still get the award points and any other benefits you’d usually be eligible for. The more nights you book, the better the perks.


8. Go Euro

The Go Euro app helps you plan your journey throughout Europe by providing train, bus, and plane routes. The app’s tag line is “go anywhere in Europe with a single app.” In addition the app scans available routes in real time and presents several options. Very useful for figuring out complicated train and bus routes in major European cities.


9. Sky Scanner

The popular flight search engine Skyscanner has its own app, making it easier to search for flights on your mobile devices.

I love their “Everywhere” function; it allows us to find the cheapest flights from where we are. They also organize by month, allowing us to take advantage of the cheapest times to fly.


10. Google Flights

An excellent companion cheap Flights app for travelers looking for a great deal on flights worldwide. Google also added a price prediction feature, alerting you to changes and likely fluctuations in price.


11. Air Help

Have you ever endured the pain of a delayed or cancelled flight, or been denied boarding because of overbooking? Although the details slightly differ, both US and EU laws provide for compensation in such cases, It’s a complicated process, and less than 1% of passengers are successful. Air Help makes the process simple, and and easily done in few minutes. Just enter your flight information and a few details about the problem. Also if the claim is successful, the service takes 25% of the payout and you get the remainder. There is also a referral bonus available, so tell the person your sitting next to on your next delayed flight.


12. Pack Point

With the help of this travel Pack Point app, you will never forget your travel essentials ever again. PackPoint suggests a packing list for you based on your length of travel, weather, and activities during your trip. It also includes the number of things that you need to pack. Also it has an easy-to-use interface that is easy on the eyes.


13. Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com is an international restaurant review website to help you catch some of those hidden gems you may want to add to your list.  Also discounts are often available which is an added plus.


14. Uber

Uber is a super-easy and efficient way of finding a ride when you need it most. The Uber app finds the closest driver to your location and sends you an estimated arrival time. Your account bills the credit card attached, so you won’t even have to worry about a transaction at the end of the ride.


15. Wi-Fi Finder

wi-fi finder

Free Wi-Fi is one of the most precious resources for a mobile device in a foreign country. Wi-Fi finder helps us find connections helping to avoid potentially huge charges on your data plan. Wi-Fi finder classifies whether connections are free or paid.


16. Skype


Skype video calls are a fantastic way to connect with your friends or family. It’s also a great way to make cheap international calls! Just put a little credit in your Skype account and you can call numbers in your home country at local rates.


17. Whats App


The go-to messaging service is What’s app for much of the world. It’s often a great way to keep in touch with any locals or other travellers you meet.


18. Trip Zero

TripZero helps offset the carbon footprint of your travels at no cost to you. Hotels pay a commission to TripZero for attracting customers; a portion of that money goes toward buying carbon offsets for projects such as forest protection in Kenya or wind turbines in Indiana. The offsets are certified by reputable third parties, including the Verified Carbon Standard and the Green-e Climate Standard


19. Eat With

Have Dinner with locals! EatWith provides a global crowd sourced community that invites you into the homes of local food lovers for a communal dining experience. In addition you can choose to eat with people who share your tastes and ethics: vegan, vegetarian and locavore are just some of the options. This app is available in over 20 countries


20. Pack for a Purpose

Finally, give something back. Consequently this is one of the best ways to contribute to responsible tourism. Pack for a Purpose lets travelers give locals something in return. Also browse through the app and find participating centers. Furthermore you can browse community projects and see what is needed at the moment. The last step is to pack an item, bring it in your suitcase and drop it off while your there.


What are your favorite apps to travel cheap in Europe?

Do you seek out local food when traveling?

Also, I want to know your tips for success!


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  1. You got it all right! Awesome recommedations. Check out azair.eu and kiwi. They sometimes have better deals than skyscanner and azair does the cheapest combinations ! 🙂

  2. Wow those are some great recommendations!! I hadn’t even heard of most of them. Thank you for the tips!

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