Practical Backpack Purses That’ll Become Your New Go-To Bag

Are you carrying the right backpack purses to hold all of basic essentials and also enhance your personal style? If you are carrying a tote bag everywhere, then these practical backpack purses will become your new go-to bag.

A backpack purse is different from regular nylon or canvas material tote bags. It has two shoulder straps and can be carried by both or just by one to function like a crossbody bag.

In general, backpack purses are made with leather or luxurious specialty fabrics. If you understand how to wear a backpack purse, they will instantly make your outfit and style look expensive.


What to look for when shopping for backpack purse?

Not all backpack purses are perfect for everyone. Depending on the usage and lifestyle, it may increase accessibility and also upgrade your wardrobe effortlessly. It is crucial to understand specific factors to look for when it comes to shopping for backpack purses to add to your capsule wardrobe.

Here are expert shopping tips for how to pick the right backpack purses to fulfill your handbag essentials:

  • No matter how cool the design is, always check out the seams around the bag. Look inside, outside, and also examine the finishes on the straps. The straps are especially an important factor because it affects how the backpack purse sits on your body.
  • Avoid purses with straps that are sewn on or hang off the top of the backpack. As a result, they will loosen at the seams and cause a sagging problem.
  • Choose the color carefully. You need to focus on how it matches your overall capsule wardrobe color palette rather than paying attention to just the bag color itself. Small to medium sized backpack purses take up about 20-50% of the back of your body, so you don’t want to conflict with your overall outfit.
  • Understand how much storage capacity you need. Most traditional backpack purses have a front pocket. Make sure to figure out what you plan to carry for the day or weekend travel. From big compartments to quick access pockets, you don’t want to ignore this equation.

Always pick practical backpack purses that make you happy and also go well with every essential from your capsule wardrobe. In addition, keep these money saving shopping tips in mind to help find a bag that fits you and your lifestyle for a long time.


How do you know if a backpack fits?

Backpack purses are fitted slightly differently than regular backpacks. As a result, to look fashionable with your outfit you need to determine the proper bag size for your body type.

  • For straight body: Go with wider bags that have a slouchy silhouette because this will add curves to your look. In addition, look for backpack purses that fall right at the natural waist.
  • For pear shape: Pick a bag that is satchel style with wider width straps that are not too long. Make sure the backpack purse hits between your natural waist and hips to make your shoulders appear narrower.
  • For hourglass body: Any bag shape and size goes well with an hourglass body. The trick is to keep the size proportional to your height. If you are short, go with a smaller size bag. For a taller person, go with a large and over-sized backpack.

When it comes to finding the perfect backpack purses for you, it’s important to evaluate the purse size and strap length along with how well it goes with your body type.


Backpack Purses For Capsule Wardrobe

Backpack Purses For Capsule Wardrobe

source: @thearticlesoffaith

Other than tote bags and crossbody bags, backpack purses also make a great addition to a capsule wardrobe. They go well with your everyday outfits and also help you to be hands-free all the time.

Having practical backpack purses will not ruin your wardrobe. Instead, they compliment your style and will become your new go-to bag.


Leather Backpack Purse

Leather Backpack Purse

What if there are 3 ways to carry backpack purses?

With single strap, both straps and the top handle, this leather backpack purse is made with soft Italian leather and fastens shut with a durable stud closure.

There are 4 extra access pockets inside and outside to carry your essentials for travel or work. This bag is totally worth it. Buy it here! 


Suede Backpack Purse

Suede Backpack Purse

This leather and suede backpack purse is so modern and edgy.

You can easily carry with the top handle as a handbag by securing the backpack strap with the gold trim. This bag is the real deal with a 100% suede and leather combination. Buy it here!


Quilted Backpack Purse

Quilted Backpack Purse

Something about quilted backpack purse makes your outfit look sporty and chic. The adjustable shoulder straps are practical for every body type. Buy it here!


Convertible Backpack Purse

Convertible Backpack Purse

If you are looking for a convertible backpack that turns into a crossbody bag, this black leather purse is perfect for your style. The turn-lock detail is a unique touch to the envelope shape bag. Buy it here!


Mini Backpack Purse

Mini Backpack Purse

This mini backpack purse is full of interior compartments to carry many basic essentials. Made with leather and gusset whip stitch detail, this bag is guaranteed to be a life long investment. Buy it here!


Small Backpack Purse

Small Backpack Purse

Designed with 100% smooth leather and gilded lettering, this small backpack purse is perfect for every fashion girl.

The twisted chain link is useful as a top handle that you can carry for a night out, or even wear the shoulder straps as a backpack. Buy it here!


Crossbody Backpack Purse

Crossbody Backpack Purse

This is a perfect lightweight medium sized travel bag that is made with durable nylon. The fold-over design also gives various carrying options.

You may be surprised, but this all in one design can be used as a tote, crossbody or a backpack. Buy it here! 


Black Backpack Purse

Black Backpack Purse

It’s really not easy to find a cute, high quality fashion backpack that is under $30. More than 1,000 fashion girls are carrying this black backpack purse.

There is an interior cell phone pocket so you don’t need to worry about it getting lost inside your bag.

It won’t fit a laptop that is bigger than 11”; but a notebook, portable power bank, and a lightweight sweater or cardigan will fit effortlessly. Buy it here!


Red Backpack Purse

Red Backpack Purse

This red backpack purse is made with waterproof nylon, chic leather trim and also 14-karat gold zipper pulls to carry to work or travel anywhere.

Because of the height dimension, it may not fit a laptop inside, but it is big enough to hold an iPad. Buy it here!


White Backpack Purse

White Backpack Purse

Perfect white backpack purse for the summer season that will replace your favorite straw bag. The magnetic closure on the leather makes this boxy shape bag look both modern and casual.

It comes with a dust bag so that you can store it during the fall and winter. Buy it here!


Brown Leather Backpack Purse

Brown Leather Backpack Purse

Brown leather backpack purse is a perfect color to go well with a casual outfit. It has an interior zip pocket and 2 slide pockets to store wallet essentials or concert tickets for the music festival season. Buy it here!


Michael Kors Backpack Purse

Michael Kors Backpack Purse

This Michael Kors backpack purse is rendered with pebbled leather and is also fully lined. There are 2 zip front pockets and also 4 pockets inside that’ll give you plenty of room to carry your essentials for the day. Buy it here!


Coach Backpack Purse

Coach Backpack Purse

This stunning Coach backpack purse it a classic handbag for a carry around style. It features polished pebble leather with adjustable shoulder straps for any height.

In addition, the one exterior pocket provides easy access to your necessities. Buy it here!


Kate Spade Backpack Purse

Kate Spade Backpack Purse

This pretty pink Kate Spade backpack purse has tassel trim that goes well with the slouchy bag shape. It is a medium-sized bag that goes well with a straight body and hourglass shape. Buy it here!


Rebecca Minkoff Backpack Purse

Rebecca Minkoff Backpack Purse

The bucket bag meets a backpack purse. This Rebecca Minkoff backpack purse is a perfect versatile piece that merges two bags into one.

Ditch your bucket bag for this one. Buy it here!


Calvin Klein Backpack Purse

Calvin Klein Backpack Purse

This one-of-a-kind dome shape Calvin Klein backpack purse has a polished silhouette that makes your casual outfit appear so modern. If you don’t want any external pockets, this is exactly what you are looking for. Buy it here!


Madewell Backpack Purse

Madewell Backpack Purse

Perfect mini Madewell backpack purse for farmers markets or festivals. It’s the perfect size to hold your daily essentials.

Just be aware there are leather folds over the zippers, which make it not very pleasant to unzip the pockets. But the quality and style are off the charts, so that won’t bother you at all. Buy it here!


Having a small handbag collection in your capsule wardrobe is not a bad idea. Instead of only carrying a tote bag or crossbody bag all the time, the variety helps you to easily change up your look.

It is crucial to find the best backpack purses that look good with your body type. Build a capsule wardrobe filled with quality essentials so that you dress up cute everyday.

What are your favorite styles of backpack purses?

Share your practical backpack purse brands with us!


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Practical Backpack Purses That’ll Become Your New Go-To Bag

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