Grandma Approved Best 30 Cold & Flu Home Remedies From Around The World That Works For Real

Do you hear coughing and sneezing around you? It’s cold and flu season, which means it’s time to get some Grandma approved cold and flu home remedies ready.

Taking advice and wisdom from moms and grandmas all around the world with these traditional home remedies for cold and flu will helps us to stay healthy.

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1. Scotland

Scotland Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Scotland, hot rum and pep-rum and peppermint are a seaman’s cure for cold. Some other Scottish cold cures including drinking nettle tea and going for a walk to get sea air. Salty air helps to unclog the congested nose!


2. Serbia

Chai Tea With Milk Tea Cup Coffee Cup Tea

In Serbia, making slowly melted 3 tablespoons of sugar and adding a cup of milk and drink while is as hot as you can handle relieve cough and bronchitis. Also, Serbian tea which is slowly melted couple of teaspoons of sugar and few drops of water, and a cup of plum brandy will scare cold and chills away.


3. Colombia

Colombia Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Colombia, the tribe members clear stuffy congested nose by taking regular whiffs of a sachet containing a pungent mix of crushed garlic, broken bay leaves and coarsely ground nutmeg.


4. Japan

Japan Cold Flu Home Remedies

In order to reduce fever, in Japan, they grill pickled plum until it’s burnt and pour very very hot green tea over it and then drink. For soar throat, add minced Japanese leek and minced ginger to miso paste and pour hot water into the mixture and drink it.


5. South Africa

South Africa Cold Flu Home Remedies

For clearing up nasal congestion, inhale a mixture of turmeric and boiled water. For coughs, half black pepper and half honey is traditional grandma’s cough syrup which it actually does work.


6. Peru

Peru Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Peru, gather Eucalyptus leaves and steep them in water, then carefully breathe in the steam to relieve the congestion.


7. Russia

Russia Cold Flu Home Remedies

Have you heard of Gogol mogol This drink is whisking together an egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey or sugar and mixing into a half cup of milk that’s been heated with a tablespoon of unsalted butter. This drink may ease sore throat scratchiness.


8. China

China Cold Flu Home Remedies

In China, the white flower oil is like a VapoRub which is made up of wintergreen, camphor, method, eucalyptus and peppermint oils. Easily you apply it to your chest and back to free up those airways and unblock your stuffy nose.


To prevent the flu season, burning dried Ai Ye (or wormwood) leaves prevent cold or flu germs from spreading and to defend against further infection.


9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Cold Flu Home Remedies

The traditional Hong Kong home remedies is lizard soup, fancy version of chicken soup for cold. The soup contains dried lizards, yams and Chinese dates in water which helps replace fluids lost from sweating, blowing your nose and coughing and also helps loosen mucus.


10. England

England Cold Flu Home Remedies

The traditional English home remedy for cold and flu especially when you feel all achy and body soar is by soaking in a hot mustard bath which supposed to draw toxins out of your pores and improve blood circulations.


11. India

India Cold Flu Home Remedies

The new kale or recent superfood called Murunggakai leaves from India has plenty of Vitamin A, C, D, and E that give your immune system a good boost to stop the flu. In India, grandmas pick the fresh leaves and cooks them down into coconut based soup called thanni.


12. Finland

Finland Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Finland, hot black currant juice is used as cold and flu home remedies which currants are full of Vitamin C.


13. Netherlands

Netherlands Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Netherlands, licorice root is used for couch remedies. If you think black licorice tastes like medicine, you are totally right on!


14. Australia

Australia Cold Flu Home remedies

For over hundred of years, Aboriginal Australian used extract eucalyptus leaves to fight couch, fever and headaches during cold and flu season.


15. Greece

Greece Cold Flu Home Remedies

Is chamomile your favorite tea? In Greece, chamomile tea with a cinnamon stick, cloves and lemon peel with splash of Metal, the Greek brandy and spoon of honey will cure your fever!


16. Spain

Spain Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Spain, you only need 3 ingredients to fight the cold. Garlic, lemon tea and honey! Garlic in a natural relieve congestion, honey helps to fight infection and lemon tea breaks up the clogged mucus.


17. Dominican Republic

Sancocho Cold Flu Home Remedies

The traditional Caribbean stew called Sancocho, which is mixed with different kinds of meats and lots of nutrient-rich vegetables. Perfect remedy soup for gaining strength to fight the cold and flu.


18. Morocco

Morocco Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Morocco, garlic omelettes is eaten when in cold. They believed garlic gives natural healing and boost immune and gain strength from protein rich eggs.


19. Nigeria

Nigeria Cold Flu Home Remedies

Traditionally in Nigeria, mixture of palm oil with sugar or honey is believed to help relieve coughs and cold.


20. Germany

Germany Cold Flu Home Remedies

Snail syrup is used for long time to soothe sore throats. The snail extract which you can still buy over-the-counter in Germany, is actually leave the mollusks behind to fight the mucus.


21. Iran

Iran Cold Flu Home Remedies

Turnips contains full of Vitamin C and Calcium which this rooted vegetable has been used as a blood purifier. In Iran, steamed or mashed turnips are eaten to thinning stuffy mucus.


22. Thailand

Thailand Cold Flu Home Remedies

If you love the Thailand’s famous hot and sour soup like me, then you are never going to catch cold! This spicy Tom Yum soup is the best cold remedy not only that the study shows that the Thai staple boasts some cancer fighting elements.


23. South Korea

South Korea Cold Flu Home Remedies

Everyone know Kimchi is fermented vegetables which has high in Iron and Vitamin A and B. Eating plenty of spicy kimchi helps to fight the cold and flu.


24. Taiwan

Taiwan Cold Flu Home Remedies

Kumquat syrup which can be brewed into tea to ease a sore throat in Taiwan. Also, another version of cold remedy is to eat a salted, pickled kumquat.


25. Philippines

Philippines Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Philippines, hot lemon tea drink is used for cold home remedies. Instead using lemon, Filipino uses kalamansi which is small lemon or lime.


26. Mongolia

Mongolia Cold Flu home Remedies

In Mongol, some type of hot milk called Hot aarts and soup with garlic called Shul is served to fight cold.


27. Bangladesh

Bangladesh Cold Flu Home Remedies

Traditionally in Bangladesh, hot ginger tea with cardamon is drink to fight the flu.


28. Indonesia

Jamu Cold Flu Home Remedies

Jamu is used to fight cold which is herbal powder to mix with water and drink and it tastes like mud.


29. Chile

Chile Cold Flu Home Remedies

Chileans uses avocado leaves and honey and make it into cough syrup like tea called Palto-Miel.


30. Guatemala

Guatemala Cold Flu Home Remedies

In Guatemala’s rural areas, common home remedy is to use cypress seeds boil in water and mix with white honey and gargle three times a day for four days will relieve sore throat.


Grandma approved home remedies are the best cure for the common cold or flu all around the world. Remember that regular exercise reduces risk on catching cold and flu. Also, plenty of water and vitamins may help as well.


What’s your cold and flu home remedies? Share with us!


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Grandma Approved Best 30 Cold & Flu Home Remedies From Around The World That Works For Real

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17 thoughts on “Grandma Approved Best 30 Cold & Flu Home Remedies From Around The World That Works For Real

  1. Snail soup and Lizard soup will definitely not be my preferred choice to battle cold, ginger garlic, and nice warm tea sound better to me, my mom used to put cognac in the tea, its gross but works

  2. Nice post and selection of remedies, I will try some of these cause this winter is so cold and I’m catching a cold every time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow….so informative and eye opening. Being from an African background I definitely have tried the palm oil and oil thing. It works too x

  4. Thanks for this remedies. I’ve tried white flower and ginger or honey and lemon. They really worked. Kinda curious with the egg plus honey and sugar thing.

  5. Lizard soup will be a big no no for me! lol! But yeah Turmeric tea is a favorite of mine for cold and flu!

  6. I suffer from colds all the time so I loved to learn about new cures that might help! I just wonder how do you know If they all work? Have you tried them by yourself? 🙂

  7. It’s weir to notice how many of these local remedies are also my natural remedy (actually I have flu rarely and for very short time). Ginger, lemon, cinnamon, ribes, honey, they are all part of my health routine. (I can’t try lizards 🙁 )

  8. This list is interesting. The lizard soup sounds so bizarre to me but there are a few I will give a try.

  9. It’s great learning about all the different natural remedies for colds and flus. I know personally I have used garlic and it does help but it does make one’s breath be pretty crazy for days.

  10. What a great learning of home remedies to combat flu from around the world! I enjoyed reading your post! Personally, I use ginger and honey and it works great for me!

  11. Cold flu is pretty common ailment so no wonder there are some form of home remedy for it in every country. It is interesting to see so many different ways to treat cold. I would love to stick to the plant based remedies though. Would be seriously uncomfortable drinking snail or lizard soup to treat cold..ha..ha!

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