Best Boyfriend Jeans Every Woman Must Have In Her Closet

Do you have perfectly fitted boyfriend jeans in your closet? Including classic skinny jeans, bootcut jeans and also cropped jeans, it feels like there are so many types of jeans to consider when you build a capsule wardrobe. Basic essential items are important things that every woman should have in her closet.

From mom jeans to girlfriend jeans, there are a variety of jeans styles that work well for every body type. In addition to the fit, size, style and color, we must account for quality of the construction and fabric material.

It’s actually much more fun to shop for boyfriend style jeans for your wardrobe. Use the best clothes shopping tips because there are many options for everyone to consider.

From slouchy to baggy and also relaxed fit, some styles will look much better than others. It truly depends on your personal taste.


Why are boyfriend jeans called boyfriend?

The boyfriend, or relaxed and slouchy style jeans were originally created in 1873. The classic icon Marilyn Monroe began wearing boyfriend jeans in the 1960s to display both feminine and masculine attractiveness.

Based on the cut and fit, this style of jeans combines both a feminine and masculine look. Hence the reason they have adopted the name over the years.


How should a boyfriend jeans fit?

Even though boyfriend jeans are worn slouchy and relaxed, that doesn’t mean they need to always fit baggy. As a result, it absolutely depends on the desired look you want to achieve.

Compared to any other style, boyfriend jeans have a variety of silhouettes that look great on specific body types. Not all boyfriend jeans are baggy, there are also skinny and cropped styles.

Consider this styling guide when choosing the perfect boyfriend jeans for your capsule wardrobe. Here are helpful tips for how to pick the best boyfriend jeans for you:

  • For heavy bottom body type: Avoid a baggy look. Instead, choose straight leg boyfriend jeans with a dark wash color and a good amount of stretch. For a slimming effect, go with a short cuff that ends above the ankle.
  • For apple, pear, or hourglass body type: Tapered or skinny leg boyfriend jeans with a slightly relaxed fit work the best. Avoid extra fabric or roomy hip silhouette jeans if you have an apple, pear, or hourglass body type.
  • For plus size body type: Choose relaxed fit jeans that are made with soft and sturdy denim fabric. In addition, jeans with a high rise in the back are a great feature to look for.
  • For petite size body type: To look long and slim, choose skinny boyfriend jeans with a dark wash color that are tapered towards the bottom of the legs. Avoid any long length boyfriend jeans. Ankle or cropped length is perfect for petite size body type.

In general, loose fit jeans are flattering for every body type. But if you want a more flattering look, go with fitted and slim structured jeans. On the other hand, for an authentic style go one size up and pick a baggier jeans cut.


Best Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

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Having perfect fitted boyfriend jeans for your body type really helps to put together an outfit much easier. Jeans are a classic wardrobe piece that never goes out of style. As a result, having a variety of jeans types helps you to create different looks everyday.

This style is the most comfortable and loose fit. From street style to fashion icons, spot chic boyfriend jeans outfits during every season throughout the year. They are so comfortable, no wonder relaxed fit jeans are a capsule wardrobe essential that helps you effortlessly dress stylish everyday.


Boyfriend Jeans Ripped

Boyfriend Jeans Ripped

These lightly bleached and ripped boyfriend jeans are perfect for the spring and summer season with a simple feminine blouse on top. These relaxed jeans feature a low-rise silhouette that’ll make your torso leaner and longer. Buy it here! 


Boyfriend Jeans High Waist

Boyfriend Jeans High Waist

If you need a bit more coverage that is crop top friendly, go with this high waisted boyfriend jeans. It’s a perfect pair of weekend jeans.

They are made with 94% cotton, 5% polyester, and 1% elastane to give a bit more stretch so they are comfortable to wear anytime. Just make sure to order a size down if you want more fitted look because they are very stretchy. Buy it here! 


High Waisted Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

High Waisted Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Slightly ripped with patches inside so these high waisted jeans don’t show any skin. In addition, the patches help to strengthen the material so you are able to wear these jeans without them continuously tearing apart.

Made with sustainable cotton and elastane, these relaxed jeans are breathable and comfortable to wear with your favorite top. Don’t forget to order one size down because these jeans run large. Buy it here!


Baggy Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Baggy Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

The 90s are back! These baggy distressed boyfriend jeans are lightweight washed, slightly high waisted and also made with 100% cotton.

Be aware there is no stretch to the material. In addition, the length if these jeans is regular. As a result, fold the cuff to style them in order to avoid showing your ankles. Buy it here!


Levi’s Boyfriend Jeans

Levis Boyfriend Jeans

This cropped length Levi’s boyfriend jeans are relaxed fit with a tapered leg to make your legs look longer and skinnier. The denim fabric has elastane, which make them comfortable and stretchy when in motion. If you are not into high or low waisted jeans, this is the perfect mid-rise fit for you. Buy it here!

Insider tip: The fabric is super lightweight which is great for summer and spring season, but not for wintertime.


H&M Boyfriend Jeans

H&M Boyfriend Jeans

Low-rise and light-color washed denim with a heavily distressed feature. These H&M relaxed jeans are perfect for the casual lazy day. Roll up the cuff and wear with ankle boots or sandals, it’s up to you. Buy it here! 


Everlane Boyfriend Jeans

Everlane Boyfriend Jeans

From modern to relaxed style, Everlane boyfriend jeans are tapered at the ankle and sit comfortably on the hips. Made with 100% non-stretch cotton from Japan, they look worn-in without trying very hard.

If you are new to relaxed fit jeans, this pair is #1 hands down. These jeans feature high-quality denim and are well-made to last long. Not only do they fit perfectly, but they are also easy to style. Buy it here! 


Madewell Boyfriend Jeans

Madewell Boyfriend Jeans

These Madewell boyfriend jeans are slouchy and slightly oversized compared to many other brands. They fit well in the hip and thigh like a glove, with an irreplaceable straight leg look.

If you are tired of stretchy skinny jeans, this is rigid denim that won’t downgrade your expectation. These are sure to become your go-to jeans for a casual day. Buy it here! 


Urban Outfitters Boyfriend Jeans

Urban Outfitters Boyfriend Jeans

This vintage style boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters sits low on the hips. It will become your staple essentials for everyday use.

Its ankle length, so you don’t need to cuff the bottom hem. If you are petite body type, these are the perfect jeans to make you look taller and leaner. For other body types, be aware they do run large, so order one size down. Buy it here! 


ASOS Boyfriend Jeans

Asos Boyfriend Jeans

Finding any pair of jeans under $50 is not easy. But these ASOS boyfriend jeans have a slight mid-rise waist, slim fit and also fit the budget.

In addition, the dark blue wash helps you to easily dress up with any of your capsule wardrobe essentials. Be aware that these jeans do not stretch, and the material is thick which is perfect for the spring and fall season. Buy it here! 


Amazon Boyfriend Jeans

Amazon Boyfriend Jeans

It seems impossible to find relaxed fit jeans that are not too baggy, and are also within the budget. These $30 Amazon boyfriend jeans have a high mid rise style that makes your waist look slimmer and elongated.

If you are curvy or hourglass body type, this is your best bet. They are very comfortable with a good amount of stretch. As a result, they work well for every season. Buy it here! 


From distressed features to tapered styles and relaxed fit, there are many options to choose from when it comes to shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. Important to recognize that not all boyfriend jeans outfits are the same. Make sure to choose the best boyfriend jeans that go well with your body type and capsule wardrobe essentials.

What are your favorite boyfriend jeans brands?

Share your jeans outfit ideas with us!


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