Best Camping Kitchen For Cooking Outdoors

We are extremely passionate about our camping kitchen. We have been living in an RV for years, and absolutely love this camping kitchen setup! Living in our mini mobile RV mansion has been a dream come true!

We absolutely love this life! We gave up our city life in Los Angeles, CA in April ‘16 and we haven’t looked back since. As a former executive chef, cooking is most definitely a passion for my husband.

The food we eat at home on a regular basis, would be considered restaurant quality by most peoples standards.

I feel extremely blessed to have food be such a priority. We eat clean, healthy, whole organic foods and consume very little processed foods in our house. Were able to cook so well because we’re using our favorite camping kitchen gear!


Next, lets cover some of our favorite items for camping kitchen cooking! Hope you find them useful as well!


Camping Kitchen Gear You Must Have

Hosting fun filled outdoor gatherings has become commonplace for us. We have met many exciting new friends on the road, and love to share campfire tales in remote, wild locations.

Family and friends have ventured out to visit us to see what the great outdoors has to offer. When they visit, our tiny home is usually to small for everyone to fit comfortably; so we always bring the party outside to our outdoor camping kitchen.


Outdoor Kitchen Station and Prep Table

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With a lot of guests and company around, we find it much more convenient to bring our kitchen and cooking equipment outdoors.

When properly setup, it’s actually quite easy for us. Our coach has adequate underneath compartment storage and this gear actually simplifies our outdoor kitchen life in a modern way.

For ease of preparation and convenient food compartment storage we really like to use portable outdoor tabletop surfaces.

Not every campground has a picnic table and we often find ourselves boon docking or wild camping.

We love using this collapsible kitchen. It also comes with a hang hook for our favorite lantern, and windshield for a stove and storage below. This in a key component of our RV campfire outdoor kitchen gear.

In addition, we also find ourselves using the convenient prep table for keep foods off the ground, and in a usable location.

These tabletops are luxury, but have become extremely useful in our mobile outdoor kitchen lifestyle!


Charcoal BBQ

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Natural wood and coal burning stoves are our absolute favorite! The smoky aroma and flavors are infused into the food giving it delicious subtle taste.

I love when we fire up the best charcoal BBQ. This is our favorite because it is high quality, extremely durable and long lasting.



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When were cooking for more then just a few of us, we pull out our favorite propane grill.

This grill handles the bigger groups with a much larger cooking surface. There are flat plates to cook on and can easily be connected to a propane tank or camping canisters.

The matching portable cart will be perfect fit! This cart keeps the grill off the ground and in a user-friendly place for the grill master.


Burner Stove

Top Coleman stove for your camping kitchen essential checklist. Perfect to cook and make coffee for outdoor and RV glamping road trips! #RVing #campinggear #cookwear #cookingtools #outdoorcooking #RVglamping

Our go-to outdoor stove has been this long lasting camping veteran. We have owned ours for years and it has traveled with us on many road trip.

This is an integral piece to our camping kitchen set. Love this life!


Cast Iron Cooking

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When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing holds the heat compared to cast iron.

They may take longer to heat up, but in the end, nothing else can stand up to the true tough nature of outdoor cooking with these pots and pans.

This complete cast iron set comes with an assortment of different pots and pans and also a neat wooden box carrying case.

When outdoor cooking I often enjoy cooking directly over hot coals with my cast iron pots. When doing so, I really enjoy using this heavy duty cast iron grill to keep the pots off the cold ground.



Best camping kitchen tips and tricks using Yeti cooler. This is portable and on an RV glamping budget that you can take it to road trips and on the beach! Must have essential organization gear on your camping packing checklist! #RVing #campinggear #cookwear #RVglamping

On the road and away from electricity, it’s often important for us to keep our food cold.

For that reason, we use a variety of coolers but we have some clear stand out favorites. This perfect road trip cooler is a useful size for those smaller chilly tasty treats.

When setting up camp, we find our larger coolers to be more adequate for the situation. It has a great locking ability and is very well insulated to keep everything very cold.

We also love the matching beverage cozies that keep the coldest drink temperatures.


Picnic Table and Folding Chairs

Must Have camping kitchen hacks and ideas that you want for summer outdoor camping. These equipment and gadgets are portable and on a budget that you can take to road trips and to the beach. #RVing #campinggear #cookwear Must Have RV campfire outdoor kitchen gear hacks and ideas that you want for summer outdoor camping. These RV glamping equipment and gadgets are portable and on a budget that you can take to road trips and to the beach. #RVing #campinggear #cookwear Must Have RV campfire outdoor kitchen gear hacks and ideas that you want for summer outdoor camping. These equipment and gadgets are portable and on a budget that you can take to road trips and to the beach. #RVing #campinggear #cookwear #CampingHacks #Campers #RVglamping

When our other tabletops are covered in cooking gear, we find that having a simple picnic table setup is quite a luxury. We also accompany our table with these folding chairs.

This make our RV campfire outdoor kitchen gear much more comfortable to enjoy!


Fire Pit

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With our family and friends gathered around, nothing screams camping more so than a hot bonfire and gooey melted smores!

Not every campground or campsite has a safe place to build a fire.

We have found this collapsible fireplace to be an essential piece of for our RV campfire outdoor kitchen gear. Its sturdy and even allows for open pit cooking!

We also enjoy pulling out this fancy gadget.


Screen Tent

Genius tent camping kitchen hacks. It is cheap and portable that you have to have on your essential camping gear checklist! Perfect for family road trips! #RVing #campinggear #cookwear #Campers #rvglamping

Sometimes you need shade and other times the bugs are unbearable.

For those occasions, we also carry around this handy popup screen tent.

We also don’t like those nauseous bug repellant sprays and odors and choose to make our own DIY bug repellents to keep mosquitoes and ticks away.

This tent helps keep those pesky bugs away and allows us to enjoy a peaceful experience with our RV campfire outdoor kitchen gear.


First Aid

Brilliant camping kitchen gear tips and tricks. Love this RV glamping organization list that is perfect for storage and road trips. Great ideas! #RVing #campinggear #cookwear #rvglamping

As a former chef, my husband can attest to many injuries in a professional kitchen, let alone in an a cooking environment which you are not familiar with.

In such situation, it is also extremely important to cook with caution and care. Knives are sharp and fire is hot! Wherever you are in life it is recommended that you have a first aid kit.

In addition, we have a first aid kit in our car, in our backpacking equipment and always at our campsite. Best to be prepared because you never wish for something bad to happen.

These are some of our camping kitchen favorites.

Please share any tips and tricks you recommend us to try out!


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Must Have Camping Kitchen Gear! - Use these best RV glamping budget friendly essential camping cooking gadget list to hit the road and enjoy the meal with ease! From Coachella Camping to Camping at the lake best tools ever! Definitely pinning! #RVing #campinggear #cookwear #RVglamping

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  11. We just got back from tent camping. I swear by my cast iron cooking ware. As long as it is properly seasoned, it is pretty simple to cook with.

    1. We live in our RV mini mobile mansion and only cook in cast iron. Its heavy but sure is the best for cooking and easy to maintain.

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