Best Floral Dresses For Every Season: From Mini To Maxi

Do you instantly feel pretty when wearing floral dresses? Floral print patterns with sheer and flow silhouettes make every woman look pretty on any occasion.

No wonder everyone owns at least one or two floral dresses in their capsule wardrobe collection. Whether it is a mini or maxi length dress, the right silhouette of floral print pattern can easily be worn all year long.


How to choose the right floral print for capsule wardrobe?

Not all floral print patterns look the same. The best way to choose the right floral print for a capsule wardrobe is to consider these 4 elements: scale, contrast, the density of print and color.

  • Scale: Scale relates to the size of the floral print pattern. Opposites attract, so its best to choose floral prints that balance out your body scale and features. If you have a medium scale body, go with a larger scale print. If larger prints are to overwhelming, then try smaller ditzy floral prints so you’re not overwhelmed by the pattern.
  • Contrast: Always remember to pick floral dresses with good contrast. Even though you are not comfortable with a high color contrast on top and bottom, the right floral dress will make you look good without any additional accessories.
  • The density of print: Depending on your body type, the density of the print is crucial. For example, if you are slim, a sparse print will look best on you.
  • Color: It is recommended to pick a floral print pattern that includes more than 10% of the background color. You want the negative space and print to be a similar shade as your hair color.

Evaluate the size and the density of the flowers in order to determine the perfect floral dresses that look good on you. As a result, you will add everlasting essentials to your capsule wardrobe that will last for many years to come.


Which one is better big floral or small floral prints?

It’s not always easy to find the perfect size floral print pattern that looks good on you. Its hard to try on every single item when shopping online. As a result, it is much more challenging to know if the floral print looks good on you without making a bunch of returns.

You may have the preconceived perception that a large floral dress makes you look bulky and heavy, while a ditzy floral dress decreases volume.

Even though you are wearing a black background dress that makes you look slim, the floral size makes a huge difference that changes the overall appearance.

Here are the best tips for what size floral prints look good on every body type:

  • Pear-shape: Go with a pastel color background and floral stencil pattern. In addition, a large floral with a tonal color palette will help to balance out a wide hip area.
  • Apple-shape: Choose a tiny or small floral dress to create an illusion around the top and bottom.
  • For tall: Pick larger prints in a maxi length dress to look good with your height. Ditzy floral can work, but its best in a bold color and a midi length dress.
  • For petite: Avoid large floral because it can overwhelm your proportions. Instead, stick with ditzy floral patterns that elongate your form.

Choosing between big or small floral size for your capsule wardrobe can be a difficult decision. As a result, it directly impacts the look of your outfit for the day.

Understand how the proportion of a floral print literally influences your appearance and style. Before shopping for the best floral dresses, know which size floral prints look better on your body type. Therefore, you will look good and feel good forever.


Best Floral Dresses For Every Season

Best Floral Dresses For Every Season

source: @charlottebridgeman

From flirty mini to elegant maxi length, there are a variety of floral dresses for all seasons. No wonder it is a timeless and seasonless print pattern that every woman must have in her closet.

Floral dresses are versatile, and also make you instantly look pretty. Go through these smart clothes shopping tips to make the right choices when you build a capsule wardrobe with strong and well-planned pieces.


Floral Dress With Sleeves

Floral Dress With Sleeves

This airy and light wrap mini dress with sheer sleeves is easy to wear as a casual dress or a fancy outfit. Adjust the fitting of the dress by using the wrap and tie.

You can totally use this as a year-round dress. Buy it here!


Long Floral Dress With Sleeves

Long Floral Dress With Sleeves

This black background long floral dress with sleeves has a good balance of medium-sized floral prints that work well for every body type.

It has a slightly high and low hemline that makes you look flattering by showing off your legs. Buy it here!


Long Floral Dress

Long Floral Dress

The flutter sleeves and wrap front with tie closure makes this a perfect summer vacation staple dress. Sky blue background with yellow floral takes you to a tropical island getaway. Buy it here!


Short Floral Dress

Short Floral Dress

The deep plunging V-neckline with tie detail is so adorable. The flutter sleeve and drop waistline are so feminine, and also go well with the red floral print.

Pair it with a nude color heeled sandals for a stunning date night look. Buy it here!


Knee Length Floral Dress

Knee Length Floral Dress

Knee length dress works for both office and casual setting without going too overboard.

The ruched waist accentuates the slim look for both regular and petite sizes. Its a flowy and lively dress that is covered with wildflowers. Buy it here!


Chiffon Floral Dress

Chiffon Floral Dress

Chiffon floral dresses are fun to wear all the time.

The lightly ruffled asymmetrical skirt bursts in romantic charm. From an engagement photo shoot to summer wedding guest, one dress fits all. Buy it here!


Strapless Floral Dress

Strapless Floral Dress

Strapless floral dresses are fun to wear on a date night or even layer with a cardigan for the weekend.

The structured bodice with ruched fabric around the bust and skirt adds cute flirty details that display a girlish charm. Buy it here!


Off The Shoulder Floral Dress

Off The Shoulder Floral Dress

This sheer off the shoulder floral dress is perfect for travel and special occasions.

The lining hits just above the knee and also features a front skirt slit that shows your legs when walking. It’s a gorgeous and affordable dress that works for any event. Buy it here!


Wrap Floral Dress

Wrap Floral Dress

Wrap dresses make every woman look pretty. It is a classic silhouette that never goes out of style.

Wrap dress and flower print is a perfect match to look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Buy it here!


Cute Floral Dress

Cute Floral Dress

Something about ditzy flowers that make this floral dress look really cute. Made with sheer seersucker, this V-neck dress with high waisted babydoll silhouette is so flattering.

The drawstring sleeve with cute tie detail makes you look like a princess for the day. Buy it here!


Casual Floral Dress

Casual Floral Dress

Skater dress silhouette with a round scoop neckline is the perfect combination for a casual floral dress to wear everyday.

The relaxed and cinched waist design makes you look cute while running errands at the weekend farmers market. Buy it here!


Boho Floral Dress

Boho Floral Dress

If you are tired of wearing a black background floral dress all the time, then go with a beige or neutral midi length vintage inspired look.

It’s a pretty boho floral dress that has smock details, mini ruffles and also a V-neckline. Buy it here!


Black Floral Maxi Dress

Black Floral Maxi Dress

More than 2,500 people love this black floral maxi dress.

It has a cute button front closure that you can wear as a dress. In addition, style as a light long summer jacket with a swimsuit and denim shorts underneath.

After trying this versatile dress, you will want to buy it in a different pattern as well. Buy it here!


Black Floral Dress Short

Black Floral Dress Short

This short black floral dress is so 70s chic. The mod silhouette dress with a wallpaper like flower pattern makes you instantly look elegant.

The peek-a-boo keyhole neck in the front and the slight balloon shape sleeves are both feminine touches. Buy it here!


Navy Floral Dress

Navy Floral Dress

Drop waist silhouette is a classic shift dress cut with a modern floral print pattern. It has a fun flouncy hemline that looks extra cute with a denim jacket and sneakers for a daytime look. Buy it here!


Pink Floral Dress

Pink Floral Dress

Is it mini or midi?

That really doesn’t matter if you are wearing this pink floral dress.

It’s a mini in front and midi length behind. Therefore, when you walk around you look so pretty.

It’s so comfy, and the bed is calling. Say good night! Buy it here!


Yellow Floral Dress

Yellow Floral Dress

When it comes to choosing the right yellow tone, it is not easy.

Ditch the muted mustard or pastel yellow, and go with a lively and vibrant yellow floral dress. It will brighten up your day, guaranteed. Buy it here!


Red Floral Dress

Red Floral Dress

If you already have enough wrap dresses in your closet, then go with a timeless shift silhouette like this red floral dress.

The crew-neck and 3/4 sleeve length is a great modern mini dress that is just an easy look to wear for every occasion. Buy it here!


White Floral Dress

White Floral Dress

White chiffon and ruffles. It goes so well with this white floral dress.

Perfect dress for lunch with the girls or even a date night outfit.

Its sheer, but no need to worry about finding the right slip dress. It comes with a partial lining. Buy it here!


Spring Floral Dress

Spring Floral Dress

The best spring floral dresses are all about pastel and chiffon.

Whether you choose big or small scale flower prints, it doesn’t matter. Always make sure to choose soft and dreamy flowers to celebrate the warm spring season.

As a result, you’ll end up wearing it from Easter to Christmas. Buy it here!


Summer Floral Dress

Summer Floral Dress

Instead of going bold and vibrant with a colorful outfit, choose this muted slip dress silhouette to wear as a summer floral dress.

It is made with 100% viscose slinky fabric with a bustier-inspired top bodice that has a wire to create a flattering bust and neckline. Buy it here!


Fall Floral Dress

Fall Floral Dress

When it comes to looking for fall floral dresses, always go with burnout velvet.

It has flowy sleeve and short length that is perfect for day or night during the fall season. Buy it here!


Winter Floral Dress

Winter Floral Dress

Winter floral dresses are not only about chiffon and airy dresses.

This jacquard tapestry structured floral dress has a defined waist, and also features a cute A-line silhouette. The jewel neckline and removable belt totally make you look like a dream girl in a winter wonderland. Buy it here!


Understanding your body type and choosing floral dresses with the right size, color and pattern is crucial. Especially if you want to wear it for every season.

Whether you choose ruffled chiffon floral dresses or modern shift floral dresses, mix and match with different capsule wardrobe essentials. As a result, you will create new and fun outfits that’ll make your favorite floral dresses look more stunning than ever.

What are your favorite floral print designs and patterns?

Share the best floral dresses with us!


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Best Floral Dresses For Every Season: From Mini To Maxi

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