Best Selling Belt Bags That Will Replace Your Fanny Pack

Do you own any stylish belt bags? If you only have a fanny pack and are limited to wearing it as a casual outfit, we’ve got fashionable solutions for you.

The reason why, is that  belt bags are high quality and well made with genuine leather. They are a much better choice for a capsule wardrobe than a traditional fanny pack.

As a result, easily create a belt bag outfit for a date night or office look. As opposed to a fanny pack, which you are only able to wear in a casual way.

Furthermore, the combination of belt and compact bag around your waist helps you to be hands-free while traveling. Another great alternative are the best crossbody bags, which are also a worthwhile consideration.


What is a belt bag?

The belt bag is originated from the 90s fashion trend. They are elegantly designed and made with more luxurious material than a fanny pack. A belt bag is generally worn close to your waist, either high or low.

The major difference between the belt bag and fanny pack is in the details and materials. The zipper and functionality are slightly different between the two. Fanny packs are more roomy with lots of utility pockets, while belt bags are much smaller with fewer pockets to only carry a few items such as lipstick, phone, and wallet.


Which belt bag goes well with body type?

While shopping for a belt bag, always check your body type for the perfect fit. This is because not every best selling belt bags are one size fits all. There are two features that you need to consider when shopping, the belt width and bag size.

  • For hourglass: Avoid choosing any big sized bag with a thin belt width that makes the bag stick out. In addition, you don’t want to create an unbalanced silhouette by cinching the waist too tight.
  • For apple shape: Choose stretchy wide belts with a small-sized bag. This will help to cinch the waist and extend the comfort. Always locate the belt bag over the hips or high waist for a nice natural curve line.
  • For pear shape: A slim belt with any small to the mid-sized bag is recommended for women with pear body shape. In addition, it looks the best when worn at the natural waistline to accentuate your figure.
  • For athletic shape: Avoid any angular or narrow bag silhouette with a loose belt style. Instead, go with rounded and plump bags with unique embellishments. A regular width belt will also help to draw the focus to the waistline.

There are various style belt bags from designer brands to affordable price points. Stay away from cool designs, and instead find bags that look fabulous on you and go well with every capsule wardrobe essential in your closet.


Best Belt Bags

Best Belt Bags

source: @theversastyle

The best belt bags do not always work for everyone. Depending on your personal style and body silhouette, they may or may not work well for you.

Before shopping online, make sure to go over your capsule wardrobe checklist to decide what specific designs and color you are looking for. In addition, you will find the best shopping tips to be helpful in your search. As a result, you won’t waste your time and money while creating a unique, personalized and everlasting capsule wardrobe.


Leather Belt Bag

Leather Belt Bag

This cool chain detail leather belt bag has two pocket compartments with plenty of room to carry essential items. With the adjustable belt feature, it comfortably fits every waist. Buy it here!


Suede Belt Bag

Suede Belt Bag

Finding a high quality, inexpensive and also colorful suede belt bag is not easy. Made with 100% smooth calf leather and inside cotton lining, this one one-of-a-kind item is perfect for you. Buy it here!


Quilted Belt Bag

Quilted Belt Bag

Something about quilting detail makes this bag sporty and fun. This quilted belt bag has dainty dome studs all over to look fashion-forward. Wear it as a belt, or even as a crossbody bag. Buy it here!


Black Belt Bag

Black Belt Bag

The tassel and studd charm detail on this black belt bag is adorable. It is fully lined, has a zipper exterior pocket and also features adjustable straps.

In addition, it comes with a dust bag. Therefore, you can store it when not using to prevent any damage. Buy it here!


Red Belt Bag

Red Belt Bag

This handmade distressed red belt bag has seatbelt style buckle to adjust the waist. As a result, the bag looks both sporty and casual.

The O-ring chain attached to the zipper pull feature helps to protect from pickpocketing. Highly recommended to be safe and stylish while traveling abroad. Buy it here!


White Belt Bag

White Belt Bag

The tasseled zip pulls and signature clip-lock is a unique design on this white belt bag. The exterior zip pocket has a cool magnetic snap-flap pocket for easy access.

In addition, the interior zip pocket has two card slots. As a result, it is a perfect roomy belt bag for any touristy adventures. Buy it here!


Brown Belt Bag

Brown Belt Bag

If you are new to wearing belt bags, always pick a classic and simple design with a removable strap. As a result, it is easy to carry separately as a clutch or wear as a belt bag or crossbody bag.

This bag is a must purchase for traveling to help you be hands-free all day long. Buy it here!


Utility Belt Bag

Utility Belt Bag

Look for a good quality utility belt bag made of nylon fabrication. This bag has interior and exterior zip pockets with an adjustable belt clip closure.

Perfect for outdoor activities, and also works well on a rainy day. Buy it here!


Michael Kors Belt Bag

Michael Kors Belt Bag

Inspired by Art Deco, this Michael Kors belt bag has unique stitching and also a chic chain detail. The magnetic snap-flap closure is a classic detail that will become your new favorite bag. Buy it here!


Kate Spade Belt Bag

Kate Spade Belt Bag

This Kate Spade belt bag is made with a touch of calfskin and gold zipper trim that incorporates technical weave fabrication.

Unlike the traditional Kate Spade style, this bag is definitely classic meets athleisure. As a result, it will go well with your everyday outfit ideas. Buy it here!


Tory Burch Belt Bag

Tory Burch Belt Bag

The unique diamond-shaped quilt stitching detail has a luxury touch with the gold-tone hardware. This Tory Burch belt bag has 1/4” thin belt width, which is perfect for an hourglass or pear body shape. Buy it here!


Rebecca Minkoff Belt Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Belt Bag

The quality of this Rebecca Minkoff belt bag is outstanding for the price tag under $100 . The circle shape is a unique bag style that you won’t find in any other designer brand.

It has plenty of compartments inside and outside that work for every occasion. The quality of the leather definitely makes it a winner! Buy it here!


Alexander Wang Belt Bag

Alexander Wang Belt Bag

This lambskin Alexander Wang belt bag is totally a 90s style with a modern touch. It features triple zippers with roomy pockets that won’t disappoint.

Tired of a belt bag? Simply detach the belt and make it a shoulder strap to carry as a crossbody bag. Buy it here!


Coach Belt Bag

Coach Belt Bag

Attention Coach fans! This Coach belt bag is a street-style design with a touch of signature detail.

Crafted with polished high-quality pebble leather that includes a leather hangtag on the side. It’s lightweight and simple belt bag that you will enjoy wearing. Buy it here!


Replace your old fanny pack with these best selling belt bags. They are versatile compact bag designs that are handy and stylish at the same time. Add at least one belt bag to your capsule wardrobe, and have fun dressing it up with your favorite outfits everyday.

What are your favorite belt bag brands?

Share your cute belt bags with us!


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Best Selling Belt Bags That Will Replace Your Fanny Pack

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