Best Spring Outfits From Your Capsule Wardrobe

What is the first thing that you are wearing after the long harsh winter is over? From heavy wool coats to cashmere sweaters, its time to lighten up and change into the best spring outfits from your capsule wardrobe.

With a well-organized closet, it is much easier to maintain and build a spring capsule wardrobe. As a result, it is the perfect opportunity to start assembling together unique and personalized spring outfits for every occasion.

From floaty sheer silk blouses to beautiful floral dresses, there are so many classic wardrobe pieces that are exciting to wear during spring season.


When to wear spring clothes?

In order to wear spring clothes, you don’t need to wait until the temperature rises. Depending on the region you live, or whether you are looking for the perfect spring travel outfits, every circumstance is a bit different.

Most people consider March 1st to be the beginning of the spring season. However, spring actually begins March 20th. Furthermore, spring can start in late February or even the end of March.

Therefore, be aware and prepare yourself with a closet filled with spring capsule wardrobe essentials. As a result, you will be ready for the season transition when it arrives.


What to wear in spring weather?

Spring weather still requires layering with the best base layers for cold weather. Incorporate spring capsule wardrobe essentials to be prepared for warm temperature during the day and cooler evening. You may possibly encounter unexpected rain showers, so be sure to include the proper weather proof gear.

Here are practical styling tips to prepare for what to wear in spring weather:

  • Try to mix and match soft prints with edgy pieces. Whether you choose floral or a subtle gingham top, pair with a faux leather moto jacket to balance your look and also give the perfect day to night weather mix.
  • Layer with white denim jeans. If you wore lots of black jeans in the winter, then it’s time to switch up your look a little bit. Simply layer with a lighter and neutral tone sweater or blazer to make your outfit appear polished for any occasion.
  • Go with longer length outerwear. It’s easy to wear floral mini dresses or denim skirts for the day, but always add a white wrap coat or chic cardigan to keep you warm and stylish in the evening.
  • Utilize different textures of clothing. The key to successfully wearing the best spring outfits is to balance a variety of textures from head to toe. Wear a classy red sweater with leopard printed maxi slip dresses to give a fuzzy and sheen look. As a result, you will create a unique outfit for both day and night.
  • Don’t forget to go with pastel. Spring outfits without a pastel color palette just don’t sound right. Choose subtle floral prints or blush colored classic skinny jeans to create a warm tone look.
  • Stay with close-toe shoes. Pair your outfit by wearing ankle boots, flats, sneakers, and pump heels that are close-toes shoes. It will keep your feet warm while looking great for spring weather.

Whether the temperature is really warm or still cold at the end of March, don’t worry. Simply mix and match your capsule wardrobe essentials to create one-of-a-kind outfits for the day. No matter what, you will stay warm and look stylish during this spring season.


Best Spring Outfits From Your Capsule Wardrobe

Best Spring Outfits From Your Capsule Wardrobe

source: @allysoninwonderland

Right after the winter months are over, lighten up your wardrobe to create weather-friendly spring outfits every morning. As a result, you will dress appropriate for the weather as well as look chic in stylish clothing.

By maintaining spring capsule wardrobe essentials, it becomes much easier to create the cute spring looks to wear for any occasion. From date night looks to casual weekend styles and also spring office outfits, you will be dressed and ready for any situation.

In order to enjoy every outfit this season, make sure to take the time to organize and shop for each individual piece. Find items that look the best on your body type, and also go well with your personal fashion style.


Cute Spring Outfits

Cute Spring Outfits

source: @dressmelikethat

Pretty pink and ruffles are always perfect for springtime weather. Especially this versatile silk blouse will become the new wardrobe staple that you will love wearing with a pretty denim skirt.

In addition, don’t forget to add a stylish beaded bag to this look! This is the cutest spring outfits for a night out or a brunch date with the girls.


Casual Spring Outfits

Casual Spring Outfits

source: @nitsanraiter

Casual spring outfits are all about a white top and comfy jeans. Make sure to grab deep plunging V-neck blouse to create this look.

The styling formula goes like this, tuck your shirt into high waisted boyfriend jeans and then fold the hem a little bit. Finish this look with beige ankle boots and you’re all set to go.


School Spring Outfits

School Spring Outfits

source: @veroniquesophie

What are you wearing to school when it is chilly in the morning, but warms up during the afternoon?

Grab your favorite denim jacket and throw on a cozy oversized scarf that goes well with black leggings.

This look is more comfy if you wear with stylish sneakers. As a result, you will have literally recreated the everyday outfit that cool girls never get tired of wearing.


Cute Spring Outfits With Jeans

Cute Spring Outfits With Jeans

source: @holliewdwrd

Wearing jeans everyday tends to look very casual. So, how do you look cute with jeans?

It’s crucial to pair with the right top. To solve this problem, go with a lovely eyelet top that features ruffles and long bell sleeves.

For more comfort, add adorable mule shoes that have a feminine style.


Simple Spring Outfits

Simple Spring Outfits

source: @laurenkaysims

Ditch your jeans and tee with this trendy t-shirt dress. It will totally replace your pajamas.

But in order to not look like you have just rolled right out of bed, make sure to carry the best crossbody bag that every fashion girl loves.


Sporty Spring Outfits

Sporty Spring Outfits

source: @sweeti_e_lifestyle

Are you heading to the gym this morning?

Workout in your favorite sport spring outfits. In addition, carry a water bottle and essential toiletries in this practical backpack purses that is guaranteed to become your new go-to bag.


Dressy Spring Outfits

Dressy Spring Outfits

source: @lovelypape0715

Pretty blouse and a colorful skirt is how you start to create dressy spring outfits.

Tone down your look by wearing pastel color pretty denim skirt to compliment the bold colored sneakers and handbag. It’s an unexpected style, just like the spring weather tends to be.


Hipster Spring Outfits

Hipster Spring Outfits

source: @thesaltyblonde

Don’t you just love the warm spring weather when it doesn’t require a jacket?

Grab this cute button-front mini floral dress and fun straw tote bag to create hipster spring outfits for a perfect weather day.


Date Night Spring Outfits

Date Night Spring Outfits

source: @hellomolly

No need to layer with a wool coat or faux fur jacket for a springtime evening.

Instead, wear this beautiful lace top and dress up for a date night in all black from head to toe. Don’t forget to wear a black or skin-tone bra underneath rather than a camisole.


Boho Spring Outfits

Boho Spring Outfits

source: @karinastylediaries

Neutral color palette is the key to successfully recreating these boho spring outfits.

Instead of blue, go with a khaki or cream colored oversized classic poplin top. Style it by tying a knot in the front, and also wear with high waisted skinny jeans.


Edgy Spring Outfits

Edgy Spring Outfits

source: @lolariostyle

Feminine and edgy spring outfits are all you need for running errands this weekend.

Mix and match your style with a lace trimmed silk camisole and this essential utility jacket that you’ll end up wearing forever.


Rainy Day Spring Outfits

Rainy Day Spring Outfits

source: @daphnemoreau

It’s not fun to prepare for a rainy day.

Simply grab a lightweight rain jacket and stylish loafer shoes that’ll make your farmers market visit that much easier.

Don’t forget to grab the best tote bag for the day to carry all of your necessary items.


Trendy Spring Outfits

Trendy Spring Outfits

source: @straightastyle

This polka dot top is a trendy essential that everyone has in their spring capsule wardrobe.

Make sure to pair a sheer chiffon blouse with cute bottoms. If you end up wearing wide leg pants, then make sure to add classic pump heels to make you look taller.


Preppy Spring Outfits

Preppy Spring Outfits

source: @cristincooper

Denim on denim is the perfect outfit combination to wear during the spring season.

Wear preppy spring outfits from Monday to Friday by incorporating the best denim shirts. No matter if you wear the same color jeans or slightly dark washed denim jeans, you will look gorgeous.


It’s so exciting to finally utilize your spring capsule wardrobe after a long cold winter. Create the best spring outfits for every occasion by mixing and matching your favorite pieces.

With a seasonal capsule wardrobe, you can easily create over 1000 different outfits and styles from casual weekend looks, to workwear and also travel outfits. Dress up every morning with the best spring outfits and enjoy your active daily routine!

What do you wear in spring weather?

Share the best spring outfits and styles with us!


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Best Spring Outfits From Your Capsule Wardrobe

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