Best Winter Gloves of 2019


Do you always have cold hands? Even when you are wearing gloves, do your hands feel cold? Whether you are outdoors hiking or simply grabbing a cup of coffee while running errands on a snowy day, these are the best winter gloves that every woman must have in her winter capsule wardrobe.

The common reason for cold hands is actually poor fitted gloves. We might think that gloves are one size fits all. But the sizes for gloves are important, just like for clothing.

To keep warm from head to toe with the best base layers for cold weather. Your body heat needs to insulate the air to keep your body warm. For example, on cold days your body heat can’t keep up with the passive heat loss specifically towards the finger tips. That is the reason you always have cold fingertips.

If you size gloves and mittens properly, you reduce the amount of heat loss through your fingertips. We will discuss how to properly size gloves and mittens so that you won’t encounter this issue anymore.


Do Gloves Or Mittens Keep Your Hands Warmer?

Even though gloves and mittens are made with similar fabrics, thickness and insulation, mittens are much warmer than gloves. Mittens trap the body heat by keeping your fingers together, and also reduce the heat loss through individual appendages.

Having the right size insulated glove is the key to complete your winter capsule wardrobe. There are a variety of aspects to consider, but with these tips you will easily find the best winter gloves.


How To Size Gloves And Mittens

If you need gloves or mittens for your capsule wardrobe, always know your measurement before you begin shopping online or walking through the mall. By knowing your true glove size, your hands will be much warmer all winter long.

On cold days, your body can’t keep up with heat loss from the gloves, especially towards the fingertips. As a result, you always have cold fingertips. But when your gloves are properly sized, this helps to reduce the amount of heat loss, therefore keeping your hands and fingers much warmer.


What Is The Best Material For Winter Gloves?

When it comes to finding the best winter gloves, first thing you need to consider is the type of insulation, rather than the outer appearance. There are two types of insulation materials that are commonly used in gloves and mittens, down and synthetic.

  • Down: If you are snowboarding or skiing in cold and dry climate, down gloves and mittens are the best choice because they insulate well even if they become wet.
  • Synthetic insulation: Much less expensive than down, synthetic insulation is a little less warm and bulky than down.


Best Winter Gloves To Keep You Warm

The Best Winter Gloves of 2019

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Whether you are living in a cold weather city or traveling to chilly resort destination, it is important to bring along the best winter gloves as a basic essential accessories.

Carry the best winter gloves with you to keep you extra warm when you need it most. Since outfit coordination is important, they are guaranteed to go well with your winter capsule wardrobe.

There are a few factors that you need to know before purchasing the best winter gloves. You might think simple black gloves or mittens will do, but you will be surprised by these additional tips and tricks for picking the best winter gloves.


Women’s Warm Winter Gloves

Women’s Warm Winter Gloves

Don’t you hate when you have to take off your gloves to take an Instagram worthy picture? You don’t need to take off these women’s warm winter gloves. The fingertips are touch screen friendly and they also have a buckle closure to trap all the body heat inside.

Insider tip: If you are living in a place with brutal winter weather, these are the best winter gloves for driving.


Faux Leather Gloves

Faux Leather Gloves

Faux leather gloves with rabbit fur trim around the wrist are waterproof and windproof. The perfect accessory that you can wear with your wool coat for work or even a puffy jacket for casual daytime outfit.


Fleece Winter Gloves

Fleece Winter Gloves

Stay warm with fleece winter gloves made with 280g Omni-Heat Thermarator fleece fabric. This highly functional pair of gloves comes with an abrasion-resistant palm, elastic around the wrist and also a finger tip touchscreen feature.

Insider tip: In order to keep your hands warm with these fleece winter gloves, you need to start out warm to reflect the heat inside the gloves. That maximizes the full function of the Omni-Heat thermal reflective inner lining.


Cable Knit Sweater Gloves

Cable Knit Sweater Gloves

Pretty cable knitted sweater gloves go well with any outfit from casual to workwear. The 3 touchscreen sensitive fingers allow you to use a smartphone without taking your gloves off.


Winter Gloves For Women and Men

Winter Gloves For Women and Men

Heatlock is a high-tech system that traps air and keeps the warmth inside the gloves. These winter gloves for women and men have polar fleece lining that is cold weather approved for -20°F to 0°F temperatures.

Inside tip: One thing about these winter gloves is that they are not water resistant and tend to absorb the water. So, if you accidentally touch melted snow, quickly shake it off.


Touch Screen Winter Gloves

Touch Screen Winter Gloves

Three buttons on the wrist make these winter gloves so elegant and chic. If you are wearing a dress and a coat, grab these best winter gloves to match your feminine style outfit for the day. With a fleece lining and touch screen design, you are ready for the winter.

Insider tip: When you are ordering these gloves, make sure you order one size up. They tend to run smaller than regular gloves.


Hair Sheep Leather Gloves

Hairsheep Leather Gloves

Super soft hair sheep leather gloves with cashmere blended cuffs really help to trap the heat. Its perfect for pairing with your faux leather moto biker jacket and jeans.

Insider tip: Feminine, classy and sporty. These gloves have everything that you need to upgrade your winter capsule wardrobe.


Wool Knit Winter Mittens

Wool Knit Winter Mittens

Made with 70% wool and 30% acrylic, they are the perfect winter weather mittens that can go well with your oversized sweater. Extra plush lining inside helps these mittens to keep your hands warmer than any other pair of gloves.

Insider tip: These mittens are not made for working outdoors such as shoveling or scraping off the window. Order these if you are looking for cute mittens that will keep you extra warm.


Finding the best winter gloves every year is a headache. When shopping for your next pair of winter gloves, make sure you look for insulation first instead of outer appearance or design. It doesn’t matter how pretty gloves are, if they don’t keep your hands warm, they are not worth a penny.

Which one do you vote to be the best winter gloves of 2019?

Share your pick with us!


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The Best Winter Gloves of 2019

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