Block Heel Sandal Outfits That Are Easy To Style

Have you finally invested in block heel sandals, but can’t decide what’s next? Well, then its time to create block heel sandal outfits with the brand new footwear that you had an eye on. Here are the best styling tips to help you literally wear the trendy heeled sandals on every single day.

From springtime until the fall season, having a pair of comfortable block heel sandals undoubtably solves the issue of “what shoes should I wear today”. Not only they will they not cause blisters, but they’re also versatile a footwear to wear with any outfit from dressy to casual.

Fill your closet with exciting capsule wardrobe pieces so that you are able to create customized block heel sandal outfits for any occasion. Have fun every time you step out the door wear fashion forward looks that you feel confident wearing.


What do you wear with block heel sandals?

It’s surprising that there are a wide range of outfit ideas to pair with block heel sandals. Go over the basic classic wardrobe pieces in your closet and then finish up with accessories. That is the best way to start shopping for what to wear with block heel sandals. As a result, you will complete a stylish look from top to bottom. 

Here are outfit formulas to help you determine what to wear with block heel sandals:

From weekend to happy hour, block heel sandal outfits are versatile no matter what you wear with it. Always review your basic items beforehand in order to avoid spending on unnecessary clothing extras. Develop a habit of saving so that you maintain a closet full of wardrobe essentials that every woman must have. 


Block Heel Sandal Outfits

Block Heel Sandal Outfits source: @katelynmoshier

Pull out one of these fun floral dresses to pair with nude color block heel sandal to complete the outfits. Whether you wear mini or midi length, the neutral color helps to make your legs look longer than you expect.

Perfect for brunch date during the day to explore the city and smell the cherry blossom.



Block Heels With Skinny Jeans

Block Heels With Skinny Jeans

source: @maisondecing

The classic skinny jeans are a statement bottom to match with block heels at anytime. To simplify your casual and chic look, go with a medium-washed denim that looks good with a bell sleeve lace top to complement the soft and feminine style. 

If you don’t have a lacey blouse to wear, it’s totally acceptable to replace with a lovely cotton eyelet blouse of your choice. Make sure you select a white color to freshen up the spring summer look. 


Black Block Heel Outfits

Black Block Heel Outfitssource: @thefancypantsreport

Feel like wearing head to toe black today?

Create outfits with your favorite black block heel to start off. Pair a comfy striped t-shirt with a black dungaree, and then add a metallic silver backpack purse to create a cool girl fashion style for the day. 

Don’t be shy to add black tinted sunglasses that are perfect fit for your face shape. It will totally revamp the stylish look.


What To Wear With Block Heel Sandals

What To Wear With Block Heel Sandals source: @thebeckseffect

Not sure what to wear with block heel sandals?

Don’t worry! Whether it is fall or early spring season, it’s totally acceptable to dress up in all neutral cream cardigan and high waisted cropped jeans. That’s how fashion girls rock it all season long. 

Style tip: If you need to minimize your outfit for this look, replace the cardigan with white sweater outfits that everyone is wearing right now. 


Block Heel Sandals With Dress

Block Heel Sandals With Dress

source: @meagansmoda

Can you wear block heel sandals with a dress?

Of course, you can! Stay simple with a chambray dress for a casual weekend look. In addition, try a slip dress for a fancy dinner night with any heeled sandals. 

Style tip: Are you up for a challenge? Style your block heel sandal outfits with a cute straw hat and fashionable tote bag to upgrade your casual look. Fashion challenge is accepted!


Low Block Heel Sandals Outfit

Low Block Heel Sandals Outfitsource: @notjessfashion

Are you afraid of wearing low block heel sandals outfits?

We hear you! Unless you are tall, wearing low heels with a midi or maxi dress doesn’t work that well. As a result, it makes you look short and clumsy. 

However, this really depends on what type of dress you wear with it. Avoid big and loud print patterns by choosing a polka dot or ditzy print to wear with low block heel sandals. As a result, you will look tall, elegant, and classy all at the same time. 


Block Heel Sandals Style

Block Heel Sandals Stylesource: @theteacherdiva

Do you have cropped bootcut jeans?

If you do, this block heel sandals style is perfect for you because you will gain height! The striped poplin top is totally worth investing in.

Based on your personal style and preference, but we discovered that a 3/4 bell sleeve with peplum body silhouette works the best. 


Block Heel Gladiator Sandals Outfit

Block Heel Gladiator Sandals Outfit source: @everydaypursuits

Tired of wearing boho-chic all the time?

Block heel gladiator sandals are great for boho style outfit. However, we want to challenge you with a little twist.

Try a vintage graphic tee with an unexpected casual midi slip skirt. Accentuate your waist with a knot tie and create a leg-lengthening effect with heels. Try it out for yourself and tell us what you think!


Lace Up Block Heel Sandals Outfit

Lace Up Block Heel Sandals Outfitsource: @bondgirlglam

Lace-up block heel sandals go well with any style white linen dresses during the summer. Try halter style, slightly crinkled or even a pleated dress for a modern look.

Furthermore, it’s a perfect outfit to wear as chic beach cover-ups with a bikini underneath. 


How To Style Block Heel Sandals

How To Style Block Heel Sandals source: @alwaysmeliss

There are endless ways to solve how to style block heel sandals when you have a well-built personalized capsule wardrobe. Dress up in a trendy t-shirt maxi dress with cropped denim jacket when going to grab your favorite cup of coffee. 

You do need to finish this outfit with a fedora hat and matching color crossbody bag. You won’t regret having a hat on a bad hair day. 


Outfit With Block Heel Sandals

Outfit With Block Heel Sandalssource: @lifewithemilyblog

Warm weather is the right time to try this outfit with your block heel sandals. Pull out a printed camisole top and travel shorts to make you look chic, functional, and feel secure all day long. 

Style tip: If your acrylic earrings have been abandoned for a while, it’s time to put them into use! They will look great on you with this outfit.


There is a bit of magic when it comes to assembling an outfit with block heel sandals. Heeled sandals make you look effortlessly chic without much accessories or fancy make-up. No wonder every Fashion Girls has a pair in their capsule wardrobe collection.

Find a pair of block heel sandals in your favorite color and style. They are guaranteed to go well with your staple pieces and will also make your life so much easier.  Look taller and feel fashionable when wearing this stylish footwear option.

What do you wear with block heel sandals?

Share your cute block heel sandal outfits with us!


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Block Heel Sandal Outfits That Are Easy To Style

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