Bluff Lake In Big Bear

Bluff Lake in Big Bear offers an easy kid friendly hiking trail, bird watching and picnicking for the entire family. Stroll along the lakeside trails and enjoy the ecological reserve. From the Champion Lodgepole Pine to observing the wildlife in and around the preserve; there are plenty of photograph opportunities at Bluff Lake in Big Bear.


Visit Bluff Lake in Big Bear

Visit Bluff Lake in Big Bear

Visit Bluff Lake in Big Bear to see a truly unique and vibrant natural wildlife reserve. You will most likely find yourself all alone on the 1-mile loop hiking trail, because the area doesn’t see that much traffic.

Bluff Lake in Big Bear also has a small visitor’s center that will answer any questions about the preserve, historic structures and the conservation efforts. You will find a ranger located onsite from April 1st to October 31st.


Kid Friendly Hiking Trail

Dog Friendly Hiking Trail around Bluff Lake in Big Bear

There are excellent kid friendly hiking trail options at Bluff Lake in Big Bear. Locate the Champion Lodgepole Pine tree trail at the west end of the Bluff Lake Reserve, or take a casual stroll around the lake with the entire family.

This kid friendly hiking trail is a great place to share hiking tips for beginners and the importance of “Leave No Trace Principles” with your children. We want to develop long lasting habits so that we all can continue to share and visit natural wildlife locations.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check out the remnants of the historic cabin on the north shore of the lake.


Dog Friendly Hiking Trail

Kid Friendly Hiking Trail around Bluff Lake in Big Bear

Bluff Lake in Big Bear is a beautiful natural wildlife preserve. There have been long lasting conservation efforts in the area. Therefore, it is mandatory to use a leash on the dog friendly hiking trail and also pickup after your dog.

Note: There is a ranger living onsite that will enforce the rules.


Bluff Lake Trailhead Parking

Bluff Lake Trailhead Parking in Big Bear

Access the Bluff Lake Reserve off Big Bear Blvd on Mill Creek Road. Turn south on Forest Service Road 2N10 and follow the maintained dirt road for about 3 miles until you reach the Bluff Lake trailhead parking.

Near the lake, you will come to a major fork in the road with a large map of the off road trails in the area. Stay on 2N10 if you want to go towards the south side of the lake to locate the visitor’s center, restrooms and the Champion Lodgepole Pine. Continue to follow the signs towards Bluff Lake.

Take 2N86 if you want to go towards to the north side of the lake to see the historic cabin site. The loop trail is only 1-mile so you can easily walk around the entire lake.


There are many possibilities for backcountry camping, mountain biking and hiking trails to choose from. Bluff Lake in Big Bear is a worthwhile destination to visit when vacationing in the Big Bear area. Be sure to check out all of the fun things to do in this four seasons resort town.

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Bluff Lake in Big Bear that is kid friendly and dog friendly.

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