BPA Free Campsite Cooking Utensils That Keep Campers Healthy and Happy

Our lives in Los Angeles, CA became exhausting and overwhelming to maintain. Unhappy with the challenging future ahead, we decided to take a gigantic leap of faith and follow our heart! Adventure called us towards an outdoor lifestyle; and we have been living fulltime in our RV since April ’16, with no plan on looking back anytime soon. As a result, bpa free campsite cooking utensils have become a necessity!

As a former chef, my husband loves to cook. He really takes pride in his Must Have RV Campfire Outdoors Kitchen Gear. The food we eat at home rivals most professional food service establishments. I feel extremely blessed that food is such a priority for our household! We always eat clean, natural, organic, non-gmo food and allow very little pre-processed products into the house.

BPA Free Campsite Cooking Utensils That Keep Campers Healthy and Happy

Family and friends often enjoy when we host outdoor campfire cookouts. They frequently visit when we are camping in national parks and historic monuments, but its always a fun time when we get together! When entertaining a larger group outdoors, it’s important to be prepared! Check out this complete list of Essential Campfire Kitchen Gear before your next camping cookout.

These are some of our favorite items for outdoor kitchen campfire cooking! Hope these are all helpful in your outdoor adventures! Check out these related articles for some more of our favorite ways to save money; we currently save over $1,200 every month using a few simple tips!


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An outdoors lifestyle provides numerous opportunities for campfire cooking. Over the past few years, we have challenged ourselves with countless camping cookouts. Choosing reusable, non-plastic, rubber or silicone free equipment has always been important for us., especially for high temperature cooking surfaces. The results are in, and these are hands down our favorite campsite cooking utensils and tools.



BPA Free Campsite Cooking Utensils That Keep Campers Healthy and Happy

When it comes to outdoors cooking, nothing else can stand up to the true grit of weather quite like cast iron. We love our cast irons cookware so much, that’s all we cook with even at home, everyday! This all-in-one bundle contains everything needed to cook to perfection including a handy wooden storage box.

Nothing screams campfire cooking quite like some heavy-duty cast iron cookware cooking over an open flame! When using the Dutch oven glowing hot coals, we always use this heavy-duty grill. Keeps the pots and pans elevated off the cold ground; great for cooking and keeping things warm. When cooking over an open flame, I find that heat resistant gloves help me feel more safe and comfortable.


A luxury item that we have been having fun with most recently is this camping outdoor field oven. I have seen numerous camping recipes for Dutch oven pizza. Sounds like a gigantic challenge! With this nifty camping field oven, pizza is no long just a fantasy!


Another essential piece of outdoor campsite cooking utensils would be our titanium pots and pans. As avid backpackers, this was one of the first campsite cooking items we purchased. It has been one of our favorites and has lasted over 250 miles backpacking; we have cooked many hearty meals with this extremely lightweight gear.


Cooking Tools and Accessories

BPA Free Campsite Cooking Utensils That Keep Campers Healthy and Happy

There is always a need for a good kitchen knife and wood cutting board. We found this set to be durable and practical. For larger groups and more extravagant cookouts, I fall back to this camp cookware kitchen utensils all-in-one kit. It comes in really handy; stocked with all the various tools needed for a gourmet meal! Because we believe the quality is better, we swapped out the tongs and spatula and always bring along wooden spoons for mixing and stirring.


Flat metal skewers are the best for even cooking over the grill; and we always bring along a can opener and measuring cups just incase.

Camping tip: bring a mesh strainer to collect particles from grey water when you’re cleaning up after dinner. This prevents wild visitors after hours in the dark.



BPA Free Campsite Cooking Utensils That Keep Campers Healthy and Happy

Titanium plates, bowls and flatware were our initial camping and backpacking gear purchases. Reusable plates and flatware are fantastic for reducing waste; we often see people camping with paper plates and plastic forks so that it is easier for them to clean up after. That is sad to see because we camp in nature to enjoy its beauty, not to add more waste to mother earth.

These necessities have lasted us years and countless outdoor adventure cookouts! We never backpack without them, and find them just as useful around the RV and when tent camping. A dunk bag can also be very useful for cleaning, drying and storing your tableware.


Beverage Station

BPA Free Campsite Cooking Utensils That Keep Campers Healthy and Happy

When it comes to beverages, we have a few must have items that we never camp or backpack without. A hot cup of coffee is essential on a cold morning when bundled up next to a small fire. We found a lightweight French press to be the best for that situation. Double insulated coffee cups work really well for maintaining the coffee temperature in chilly weather.


Hot beverages are a priority, but we also always travel with drinks to liven up the party! Were huge craft beer fans and love to fill our GrowlerWerks beer growler at local breweries; makes a great travel companion! When the party gets real wild, we bring out the insulated shaker and mix up a few cocktails. We also love Moscow Mules and use the inspirational quotes on these copper shot glasses to fuel our next adventure.


Got Water?

BPA Free Campsite Cooking Utensils That Keep Campers Healthy and Happy

Unfortunately when it comes to traveling with large amounts of water, we have been unsuccessful finding natural solutions. Glass jars are far too heavy and definitely not travel friendly. For large amounts of water storage when RV camping, we use a handful of bpa-free, 3-gallon water containers; we find them to be easier to manage and store away.

A collapsible water jug also comes in handy for many camping situations and most definitely for a smaller number of campers. When backpacking, we also bring along a number of Nalgene bottles as well.

Final thoughts

BPA Free Campsite Cooking Utensils That Keep Campers Healthy and HappyOur campfire cooking gear has become extremely important to us. Our initial investment has definitely saved us a lot of money by reducing waste and allowing us to cook the best meals possible! If you haven’t already, check out this post about our Favorite RV Campfire Outdoors Kitchen Gear. Were happy to share our favorite campsite cooking utensils and hope that others find these accessories useful as well!


Please share your favorite outdoor campsite cooking utensils.                                                         We love to hear your favorite tools and gear essentials!


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