Chic Boyfriend Blazers To Wear For Work And Weekend

Have you seen these chic boyfriend blazers before? Boyfriend blazers are a stylish outerwear piece that looks great with your sleek office outfits and casual weekend wardrobe.

If you only have a denim jacket or utility jacket in your capsule wardrobe, it’s not too late to add a stylish boyfriend blazer to the mix. Easily wear blazer outfit ideas for work and on the weekends. The outfit combinations are endless from edgy to cute and casual.

From boyfriend jeans to boyfriend shirts, there are many women’s garments inspired by a unisex look. The relaxed fit is stylish and also works well with regularly fitted essentials.


What is a boyfriend blazer?

The main difference between a boyfriend blazer and a regular blazer is the fit. Boyfriend blazers are cut slightly larger than a traditional blazer. In addition, they are tailored in a way that is extremely flattering even though they aren’t a body contour silhouette.

The trend started with a 2010 spring runway collection by Cynthia Rowley, and Elie Tahari. As a result, it has continued to grow year after year.

There are two primary components to traditional boyfriend blazer outfits, oversized silhouettes and rolled sleeves. Both styles are casual, yet have a modern polished look.


How to find the best blazer for your body type?

Not all boyfriend blazers need to be big and oversized to look good on every body type. Make sure to check out the best clothes shopping tips when building your personalized capsule wardrobe.

If you need guidelines for how to find the best blazer for your body type, we have a few suggestions.

  • For hourglass body shape: All types of boyfriend blazers will look good on the hourglass body type. However, a slightly nipped waist looks the best to give subtle shape to the waistline.
  • For pear body shape: Short boyfriend blazers provide the perfect proportion for a pear body shape. Choose a blazer that hits just above the hip area.
  • For inverted triangle body shape: Always go with a long length boyfriend blazer. It complements the inverted triangle body shape. In addition, avoid pockets on the bust area. As a result, look for pockets on the bottom to draw the focus downward.
  • For apple body shape: The color choice is very important for apple body shape. Stay with a black color blazer and add a waist belt or tie on a dress that cinches at the mid-section.
  • For rectangle body shape: Classic boyfriend blazers are your best bet. As long as you style with ruched sleeves and minimal pockets, you’ll look gorgeous.

Identifying the best boyfriend blazer for your body type is crucial before going shopping for your everlasting capsule wardrobe. It helps to create proportional outfit silhouettes by balancing out essential tops and bottoms.


How should a boyfriend blazer fit?

After figuring out the right style that goes well with your body shape, its important to make sure the boyfriend blazer fits you properly.

Here is a checklist to make sure your new boyfriend blazers fit you like a glove:

  • Unless it is a drop shoulder, the blazer shoulder must be fitted or dropped naturally. It should not be tight across the shoulders or the back.
  • The blazer hem should sit slightly on your hipbone.
  • The sleeve needs to hit mid-thumb when you put your arms down at your sides.
  • It is common to wear a blazer open most of the time. For the perfect fit, you should be able to button it closed without pulling. In addition, it must keep its shape when closed and not look bunched or constricted.


Best Boyfriend Blazers

Boyfriend Blazers

source: @cocobeautea

A boyfriend blazer is a timeless garment that goes well with your classic wardrobe pieces. Fill your closet with things that every woman should own. As a result, you will be able to create over 1000 outfits with a limited wardrobe.

Now that you know the perfect silhouette and how to properly fit a boyfriend blazer, it’s time to shop for the real thing. Find the best boyfriend blazers to wear for work and on the weekend so that you look cute and chic everyday.


Black Boyfriend Blazer

Black Boyfriend BlazerIf you are a newbie to the boyfriend world, simply try a black boyfriend blazer. This slim fit style has a skinny lapel detail that covers the hips, and also gives you a leaner and taller look.

Made with 100% polyester, this jacket is completely machine washable. What else can you ask for? Buy it here!


White Boyfriend Blazer

White Boyfriend Blazer

Crisp white boyfriend blazer is perfect for the summer season. You can easily wear with a crop top or matching color high waisted paper bag shorts. As a result, you will create your own stylish two-piece set. Buy it here!


Camel Boyfriend Blazer

Camel Boyfriend Blazer

Perfect slim fitted boyfriend blazer that has a hint of stretch for comfort. With a striped lining and interior contrast piping detail, the outstanding touches make this camel boyfriend blazer look expensive.

Made with flannel wool, you can easily wear to work with a blouse, or even a hoodie on the weekends to look classy. It’s the perfect versatile blazer that you have been looking for. Buy it here!


Red Boyfriend Blazer

Red Boyfriend Blazer

Don’t know how to roll up sleeves to look natural and cool? This red boyfriend blazer is the answer.

This classic boyfriend blazer has a modern update with a shawl collar and rolled up sleeve feature that doesn’t require much effort from you. Simply try it on because the fit is very elegant. Buy it here!


Pink Boyfriend Blazer

Pink Boyfriend BlazerSomething about pink color and also the double-breasted detail makes this pink boyfriend blazer look so unique. It’s a perfect long length to cover the hip area and go well with any mini length dress for a special occasion. Buy it here!


Check Boyfriend Blazer

Check Boyfriend Blazer

Black and white check boyfriend blazer is a modern and vintage piece that is  fun to dress up with your capsule wardrobe essentials.

Not only the print pattern, but this smooth woven fabric is perfect for fall and winter. Layer with a casual sweater or turtleneck top to complete the modern look. Buy it here!


Plaid Boyfriend Blazer

Plaid Boyfriend Blazer

This checkered plaid boyfriend blazer is a sophisticated and modern style that fits perfect for a day at work and also going out look.

Thanks to fashion influencer Ariella Charnas for creating this unique essential for every women’s wardrobe. Make sure to order one size down because it runs slightly large. Buy it here!


Striped Boyfriend Blazer

Striped Boyfriend Blazer

Other than the solid or plaid pattern, the striped boyfriend blazer upgrades your modern and edgy look for work.

With a classic collar, straight long sleeve and a single button closure, this style tends to look like a serious piece to wear. But the 4% elastane and 20% viscose materials make this blazer comfortable to wear all day long. Buy it here!


Herringbone Boyfriend Blazer

Herringbone Boyfriend BlazerHerringbone is a perfect fabrication for the winter and early spring seasons.

This boyfriend blazer is made with a wool blend and also has a full lining to give extra insulation. There is plenty of room so you can layer up like a girl boss. Buy it here!


Knit Boyfriend Blazer

Knit Boyfriend Blazer

This rayon spandex knit boyfriend blazer makes you look elegant and sophisticated. The relaxed drop shoulder and long length helps to layer well with your favorite dress for a casual date night look. Buy it here!


Linen Boyfriend Blazer

Linen Boyfriend BlazerLinen and stripe are the perfect combination for the summer season. This jacket is chic and keeps you cool throughout the season, even though you are wearing long sleeves.

Make sure to add lightweight outerwear to your summer capsule wardrobe essentials. Buy it here!


Wool Boyfriend Blazer

Wool Boyfriend Blazer

Well-made Italian wool boyfriend blazer is inspired by modern menswear with an oversized and relaxed silhouette.

This blazer is warm and a polished look, so it is perfect for an interview. Grab the black one if you have an important meeting coming up. Buy it here!


Oversized Boyfriend Blazer

Oversized Boyfriend Blazer

Classic micro herringbone with a touch of black contrast lapel makes this jacket everyones’ favorite. No wonder it is voted best seller this season.

Its perfect for anyone with a narrow shoulder or even a petite body type. The thin padded shoulders keep the shape edgy and clean throughout the day. Buy it here!


Long Boyfriend Blazer

Long Boyfriend Blazer

Is it true that one size long boyfriend blazer fit all? This is a true boyfriend blazer outfit that works for every body type.

The slit pocket detail allows this blazer to go well with an hourglass or even a pear body shape. Simply add a waist tie or even a belt to accentuate your skinny waistline when wearing this blazer. Buy it here!


Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer

Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer

This menswear inspired fluid and slouchy boyfriend blazer has sleek elongated lapels that are perfect to create a professional office look.

In addition, it doesn’t wrinkle easily and the color doesn’t fade after multiple wears. Buy it here!


Ruched Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer

Ruched Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer

Cute ruched 3/4 length sleeve features are a unique detail that you will want to wear on your own. This easy-fitting ruched sleeve boyfriend blazer has a classic tailored look that is perfect for a business meeting and also for going out.

More than 90% of the happy customers recommend this blazer. Buy it here!


From work to casual going out on the weekend, it seems like there are no cute outerwear pieces to pair with your favorite outfits. As a result, chic boyfriend blazers are a must-have essential to add to your capsule wardrobe.

Boyfriend blazers outfits make you instantly look modern and classy. Go with a style and silhouette that suits your body shape, and also fits your style and personality.

What are your favorite boyfriend blazer brands?

Share your cute boyfriend blazer styles with us!


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Chic Boyfriend Blazers To Wear For Work And Weekend

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