Best Skinny Jeans Under $100 That Never Lose Their Shape

Have you ever seen the best skinny jeans under $100? Fashion girls can’t live without a perfect pair of classic skinny jeans. This basic essential piece works well on every occasion and for every season.

From winter skinny jeans to classic skinny jeans, we have all your denim needs covered! No matter what type of jeans you are buying, from boyfriend jeans to cropped jeans or bootcut jeans, always consider the price point, body type, silhouette shape, material quality, wash color and leg opening.

Classic skinny jeans are a capsule wardrobe essential that every woman must have in her closet. With these suggestions in mind, lets evaluate the fundamental differences that set the classic skinny jeans style apart from the others.


How should skinny jeans fit?

Skin tight is not the way skinny jeans are supposed to fit. When looking for the proper fit for your classic skinny jeans, you need to watch where the jeans fall.

As a result, they should hit right above the ankle bone so that they look great with both heels and sneakers. Having extra fabric at the hem looks sloppy, and also makes your legs stumpy or thicker than they actually are.

Furthermore, if you are not able to easily pull the skinny jeans over your calves or thighs, order one size up. Skinny jeans need to snug comfortably on your skin, not necessarily be extra skin-tight.

Another factor to consider, check the back pocket positions. They need to sit flush without pulling or showing the pocket lining.

For a curvy illusion, make sure to have pockets that are high and close together. Big pockets that are wide apart makes your hips look wider and butt look flatter.


What are super skinny jeans?

The difference between skinny and super skinny jeans depends on how snug the leg of the jeans really fits. Most of the denim brands add additional elastane to make super skinny jeans feel more comfortable.

When it comes to the leg opening, super skinny jeans tend to have more taper to the legs, which creates less wiggle room than classic skinny jeans. In general, the leg opening for the super skinny jeans is 6 1/2” in diameter for small size, which means the leg will fit snug all the way to your ankle and top of the foot.

As far as the waist, thighs, and butt is concerned, there is no extreme difference between classic and super skinny jeans. However, every denim company has a slightly different look and minor size adjustments you need to be aware of.


Best Classic Skinny Jeans Under $100

Best Classic Skinny Jeans Under $100

source: @nicholeciotti

From $50 to over $200, there is a wide range of jeans prices to shop for. Unless you use the best clothes shopping tips, it is not easy to find the best high-quality classic skinny jeans under $100. From online to retail stores, we have accepted the challenge and are out to find classic skinny jeans every woman must have in their closet.

From super skinny to frayed hem and high/low rise styles, it’s obvious that not all skinny jeans are created equal. If you are on mission to build a capsule wardrobe with strong and well-organized basic essentials, then we are here to help.


Super Skinny Jeans

Super Skinny Jeans

This low-rise super skinny jeans is worth your investment. It is super stretchy and skin tight all the way to your ankle, which makes your legs look leaner.

It’s an affordable price point. As a result, you will end up getting a black one as well to replace your classic skinny jeans. Buy it here!


Ripped Skinny Jeans

Ripped Skinny Jeans

Minimal ripped skinny jeans are more preferable and easy to wear. Wear without worrying about the distressed feature increasing over time.

Perfect mid-rise and weekend-ready jeans. This pair keeps its form, but is also stretchy enough to be very comfortable for a long road trip. Buy it here!


Frayed Hem Skinny Jeans

Frayed Hem Skinny Jeans

Cute frayed hem skinny jeans with release backs fits true to size. Not only is it the classic Levi brand, but also uses 50% less water which saves more than 1.8 billion liters of water every year. Feel good and look fabulous with this pair of classic skinny jeans. Buy it here! 


Low Rise Skinny Jeans

Low Rise Skinny Jeans

Low rise and mid-blue wash skinny jeans are a great casual essential.

Compared to other skinny jeans, this one has a slightly cropped length that rests above the ankle and hits on the narrowest part of your leg. As a result, this makes you look so chic with classic heels. Buy it here!


Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

If you are not into low or high-rise, this mid-rise skinny jeans is perfect for your body silhouette. It sits at the natural waistline and also won’t have saggy knees after hours of wearing them.

Be aware that these jeans don’t come all the way down to your ankle. So for fall or winter, you might need low socks or ankle boots to stay warm and look stylish. Buy it here!


High Waisted Skinny Jeans

High Waisted Skinny Jeans

Need more coverage around your tummy? This high waisted skinny jeans are the solution for your problem.

Compared to other skinny jeans, this pair is comfortable but might not have much stretch. However, after many wears you will notice that they still hold their shape and that the slim-fit is worth it. Buy it here!


White Skinny Jeans

White Skinny Jeans

Not all white denim is the same. From off-white to cheap white fabrics, there is lots of variety on the market.

But these white skinny jeans from Clavin Klein are a classic and rich white color palette that goes well with all neutral colors. If you are looking for great spring and summer white skinny jeans, these are the perfect ankle length that you wished for. Buy it here! 


Black Skinny Jeans

Black Skinny Jeans

More than 1,000 happy customers voted these signature modern black skinny jeans for everyday wear. The jeans hit on the ankle, which is the perfect length for high heels on a date night outfit, and sneakers for a casual look. These are quality skinny jeans that will replace your black leggings. Buy it here!


Grey Skinny Jeans

Grey Skinny Jeans

White, black, or true denim color tend to get boring with your capsule wardrobe essentials. Switch to grey skinny jeans on a few occasions.

The gradual light washed effect is great for both fall and spring seasons. If you are a pear body type, this is the perfect pair of skinny jeans and is definitely worth the $40 investment. Buy it here! 


Olive Green Skinny Jeans

Olive Green Skinny Jeans

These olive green skinny jeans have 60% tercel lyocell, which is an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric that feels soft with a brushed sateen feel. It is comfortable to wear from day to night with casual basic items.

If you are having a hard time to find the best classic skinny jeans, you won’t regret spending $30 because these will end up becoming your go-to jeans. Buy it here!


Light Pink Skinny Jeans

Light Pink Skinny Jeans

There is something about light colored jeans. These light pink skinny jeans are especially perfect for the spring season. The subtle color doesn’t look too cheap or too bright, and won’t overwhelm your overall look. It also has a hidden elastic waist for extra comfort.  Buy it here!


Fashion girls can’t live without skinny jeans. From black to white, denim blue and also lavender, classic skinny jeans are almost a requirement in order to build a capsule wardrobe filled with quality basic essentials.

Enjoy your date night and casual look with the best classic skinny jeans under $100. We promise they are worth every penny.

What are your favorite classic skinny jeans brands?

Share the best skinny jeans under $100 with us!


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Best Classic Skinny Jeans Under $100 That Never Lose Their Shape

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