10 Classic Wardrobe Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style

Every time I go through my closet, I feel like there is always nothing to wear; thats why I maintain a variety of classic wardrobe pieces.

I have always had that feeling! Even more so since I narrowed down my wardrobe and downsized my closet when I moved into a tiny house.

In April of ’16, my husband and I purchased an RV home and now live a full time travel lifestyle.

I needed to minimize my clothing and only take my favorite classic wardrobe pieces and timeless styles.

There are couple of favorite items that I wear over and over again. These classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of trend.


Classic Wardrobe Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style

The most common classic wardrobe pieces that I grab from my closet are from Everlane. Everlane has become my favorite for modern essentials that I simply cannot live without.

Being in the fashion industry for over 10 years, I learned the unpleasant nature of the business behind the curtain. No one talks about The Markups.

I do believe sharing the story with customers is important!

For this reason, Everlane has become one of my goto suppliers for ethical and fashion clothing!

The exceptional quality, ethical factories and radical transparency can make a huge difference in fashion industry.

Who made your clothes, where the fabrics are coming from and how much it really costs will educate people from making smart and right choices.

These are my favorite classic wardrobe pieces that everyone must have in their closet:


1. Cocoon Coat

Cocoon Coatsource: @fashionlandscape

Must have item for business casual outfits when it’s chilly outside. Luxurious double-faced cocoon wool coat that you can wear for all occasions from workdays to date night.

This is the winter coat you’ll wear for years to come!


2. Market Tote Bag

Market Tote Bag

source: @sarapopepourri

Made of premium Italian leather tote that you will want to carry all day from morning commute to an evening nightcap.

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3. Silk Shirt

Silk Shirt

source: @nlussey

Effortless meets timeless sophistication. This relaxed button-down pastel pink shirt is 100% silk.

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4. White T-shirt

White T-shirt

source: @handledconcierge

Boyish crewneck with pocket detail white t-shirt is the best item to wear on weekend and still look modern.

It’s 100% cotton and made in Los Angeles, California. Bonus, the t-shirt gets softer over time!


5. The Relaxed Poplin Shirt

The Relaxed Poplin Shirt

source: @brigadeirochoc

Poplin has been very trendy this year from off the should top to dress. But this classic relaxed poplin shirt is crisp, clean and subtly slouched style that never goes out of fast trend.

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6. Cashmere Crew Sweater

Cashmere Crew Sweater

source: @nettiweber

Winter season is all about sweaters to stay warm, soft to the touch and lightweight with a slightly relaxed fit for an easy, timeless look. Bonus, its grade A Mongolian cashmere!

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7. Trench Coat

Trench Coat

source: @coco_lottie

Trench Coat is timeless classic wardrobe piece for great for early spring and fall season. The cut has little swing to it and playful silhouette. The fabric is a premium water resistant cotton that will be great for rainy season!


8. Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan

Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan

source: @girlmeetsgold

Don’t borrow your boyfriends cardigan anymore. This item has classic touches from neckline to patch pockets. It’s great for layering for fall and winter weather.


9. Heels


source: @shylebrandi

All day long you can wear and walk and you don’t need to cry at the end of the day because of hurting feet. Rounded editor inspired day heels to look modern that you can wear with your workwear.


10. Jeans


source: @yinxbear

Ethically made and has perfect fit on all denim pants that uses premium Japanese denim that has touch of stretch. You can wear weekdays to casual friday and from spring to winter season year round!


All these pieces are not big on trends, but instead you want to wear for years or even decades.

What are your favorite classic wardrobe pieces that you can’t live without?


These 10 classic wardrobe pieces that NEVER go out of style is the BEST! I'm so glad to find these TIMELESS pieces for me! Definitely pinning! #classicstyle #everlane #styleoftheday #wardrobeessentials #closetideas #fashionessentials #StyleTips

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