Clothing Care

Are you looking for the best washing instructions to properly maintain your capsule wardrobe collection? Then you are in the right place!

When you purchase quality garments and accessories, its important to learn how to clean and care for the specific materials. As a result, the items will remain in good condition and withstand the test of time by lasting much longer.

From silk blouses and cotton shirt to white shoes and leather bags, we cover all the best washing instructions. Learn specific techniques and washing instructions to properly care for each material within your capsule wardrobe.

Clothing Cleaning

The clothing cleaning tips found in this category will demonstrate the best ways to wash clothes at home. Whether you choose to hand wash clothes, or use a washing machine and dryer, we demonstrate the methods that help preserve the condition of your favorite clothing pieces.

Here are exact washing instructions for each type of fabric and clothing material. From silk to cotton and faux fur to faux leather, we cover the best clothing cleaning instructions for your favorite capsule wardrobe pieces.

How To Shrink Clothes

Do you need to shrink clothes because the sizing is off and no longer fits properly? Learn how to shrink clothes the right way by following the washing instructions provided in this category.

Shrink clothes to fit you properly in just a few minutes. Follow the simple steps provided for each garment and material type. Whether you choose to shrink the entire garment, or shorten a particular area, we provide the best solutions for you to quickly apply.

Give these techniques a try, and you will have clothes the fit you properly in just a few minutes. Shrink clothes the right way without damaging the fabric or materials.

Shoe Cleaning

Shoes are a fashion statement piece that everyone loves to own. Most people have a shoe collection buried in the closet.

Due to excessive wear and tear, shoes become dirty very easily. Use the shoe cleaning methods described in the category to help you polish up your favorite footwear.

The washing instructions feature shoe cleaning tutorials that are specific to the shoe type. From suede and velvet to leather and white sneakers. Follow along with the shoe cleaning guides and you will have spotless footwear for every occasion.