How to Shrink Clothes

Are your favorite clothing pieces starting to feel a bit oversized? Learn how to effectively shrink clothes with a few simple steps. Whether you want to shrink a specific area, or the entire garment, we share the best shrinkage methods for you to use on clothing.

Dive into these each individual tutorial to understand shrinkage methods that you can quickly do at home. Each tutorial applied straightforward techniques that you can apply to shrink clothing quickly.

From t-shirts to jeans and denim jackets, we cover specific ways to shrink your favorite clothing pieces. learn how to shrink cotton clothing, along with wool, polyester and spandex. We have in depth guides that walk you through each item in your capsule wardrobe collection.


How To Shrink Clothes In The Wash

The quickest and most effective method to shrink clothes is by using high heat in the wash. This method is extremely effective at tightening up loose fitting clothes.

To shrink clothes in the washer machine, turn the water temperature setting to high heat. Once the washer machine is full of hot water, load the garment that requires shrinkage. Run a complete cycle, and then remove the item from the wash and dry completely.

It is important to remember not to hang a wet garment. This will stretch the material, and result in the need to shrink again. Lay flat unless you want to further shrink by using the clothes dryer.


How To Shrink Clothes In Dryer

After shrinking clothing in the washer machine, you have the option to further shrinkage in the dryer. The combination moister and high heat will further accelerate the shrinking process.

To shrink clothes in dryer, turn the heat setting on high. Place damp clothing into the dryer and run a complete cycle. Wetter the clothing results in more shrinkage.

However, its important to recognize that there is a limit to how much shrink you can achieve with heat. Eventually the percentage of shrinkage will reduce and you will reach a limit.


How To Shrink Clothes Without Dryer

Heat from a dryer does damage many types of clothing fabrics and materials. If you want to shrink clothing without a dryer, then you have come to the right place. We discuss shrinkage methods that use boiling water, iron and alterations that can provide the final adjustments needed to make your clothes fit the right way.

Discover how to shrink clothes permanently so that you don’t have to continuously repeat the process. Shrink clothing the right way the first time, and then have garments that properly fit you every time.