Cool Girl Denim Jackets For Everyday Style

From casual weekend to 9-5 workweek, denim jackets are an essential clothing piece to wear day or night. Jean jackets are a classic and timeless item that every woman must have in her closet.

When building a capsule wardrobe, it is crucial to find the perfect fitted garments that enhance your body contours and brighten up your skin complexion. Denim jackets go well with your classic wardrobe pieces, therefore it will never go out of style.

Wear the coolest denim jackets outfits using basic items such as boyfriend jeans, classic skinny jeans and also denim skirtsFind the best denim jackets for your body type and personal style. But first, its important to learn how a denim jacket should fit.


How should a denim jacket fit?

Nowadays, only finding the perfect jean jacket for your body type doesn’t solve the problem. Make sure you know the right ways to size a denim jacket so that it fits properly.

Here is a basic checklist to help you determine how a denim jacket should properly fit:

  • Shoulders: If you are looking for a regular denim jacket style, make sure the fit of the shoulder matches your own shoulders. This will help determine the rest of the jacket shape and how it sits on the body. Unless you are going for a drop shoulder or oversized style, a proper fit should sit about 2”~3” down from the shoulder line.
  • Length: In general, denim jackets should hit a few inches below the waistline, which is the widest part of the hips. But for cropped or long length is really depends on your height and proportion of your body type.
  • Body: Even though most of us love to wear denim jackets without buttoning or zipping up, always make sure that you are able to fasten the front buttons and have slight wiggle room for layering purposes.
  • Sleeve: Length and width of sleeves is a very important factor to consider for a proper fit. Look for a high armhole and sleeve length that hits just past the wrist. In addition, the layers of a long sleeve shirt cuff shouldn’t show beyond the denim jacket cuff.

Finding the right denim jacket that suits your body type and fits properly is not easy. Allow the best clothes shopping tips to help you. However, different color and silhouette denim jackets makes your outfits so much more stylish. As a result, you will want to wear cool girl jean jackets everyday.


How to find the perfect jean jacket for your body type?

With all the different washes, styles, and brands out there, finding the perfect jean jacket for your body type is challenging. Use these styling tips to help you avoid wasting time and money while shopping for the best denim jackets.

  • For petite: It’s important to know the perfect length that looks good for your body and outfit. Always go with a slightly shorter length so that the jacket hits above the hips. Make sure to choose a body style that is tightly fitted to focus on small proportions.
  • For hourglass: Go with a dark wash and look for seaming details in the front and back of the jacket to help create a flattering hourglass shape. Furthermore, the material should include at least 1~2% elastane for stretch and comfort.
  • For pear shape: Choose denim jackets that are more fluid and longer rather than a perfectly fitted silhouette. Look for a draped front collar to help draw focus towards your face, and keep attention away from the back and hips.
  • For boyish body type: Whether you choose a rigid or long denim jacket, make sure it has waist-defining seams. It helps when the length is slightly longer than your actual waist and sits just above the hips.
  • For apple shape: Pick denim jackets that either have a belt, tie detail or feature a curved seam to create the illusion of a waistline on your body.

No single denim jacket looks flattering on everyone or fits all body types. Keep these styling tips in mind when choosing the perfect fitted jean jacket for you. Wear the classic piece with other essentials so that you look flattering and confident everyday.


Best Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets

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Fashion trends come and go quickly. But the best denim jackets are timeless wardrobe pieces that have lasted decades. As a result, jean jackets are a classic favorite item that you need for your capsule wardrobe essentials.

From oversized to fun leopard prints, there are many styles of denim jackets that go well with all of your basic essentials. Jean jackets look cool and stylish all the time. Make sure to go over the helpful sizing and styling tips before pressing the order button, that way you don’t end up with wrong pieces.


Denim Jacket With Fur

Denim Jacket With Fur

From street style to runway, it’s easy to dress up in a gorgeous weather-friendly denim jacket for the cold season. Does that mean you can’t wear denim jeans?

This patched-up detail denim jacket is lined with plush faux shearling. Its hard to resist wearing this look and stay warm all winter long. It fits true to size, but if you plan on layering then order one size up. Buy it here!


Sherpa Jean Jacket

Sherpa Jean Jacket

Sherpa jean jackets are everywhere! It is like a fur-lined denim jacket, but in reverse. As a result, it is a classic meets modern look.

The longline silhouette is perfect to wear with a cute dress or shorts underneath. The full zip-front and snap button double closure keeps you extra warm and cozy. Buy it here!


Jean Jacket With Hoodie

Jean Jacket With Hoodie

Cheat your layering skill by wearing this jean jacket with detachable hoodie. The 100% cotton and merino wool makes the overall look luxurious and not cheap casual.

There is an extra layered sweatshirt cuff to make you look like you really are wearing a hoodie underneath. Buy it here!


Trucker Jacket

Trucker Jacket

Boyfriend or ex-boyfriend? It doesn’t matter with this trucker jacket. It has a lightly faded wash that looks worn out with a relaxed loose style.

If you have been looking for a solid denim jacket made with good quality that is not overpriced, this is your go-to jacket to wear with everything. Buy it here! 


Peplum Denim Jacket

Peplum Denim Jacket

Accentuate your skinny waistline with this peplum denim jacket. The extra darts in the front and slight puff sleeve are all you need to create a feminine look for the day.

The dark indigo wash is perfect to wear for work or on a date night. Buy it here!


Oversized Denim Jacket

Oversized Denim Jacket

This casual oversized denim jacket is roomy with 2 extra pockets inside and 4 on the outside. In addition, the length of this jacket is perfect for every body type.

More than 100 fashion girls gave this oversized jacket 4.5 stars. So grab yours and join the group. Buy it here!


Extra Long Denim Jacket

Extra Long Denim Jacket

If you are looking for more coverage to make you look taller, choose this extra long denim jacket. It is the iconic trucker jacket with relaxed shoulders and a frayed hem.

No matter what you wear with it, you look leaner and taller. Buy it here!


Cropped Denim Jackets

Cropped Denim Jackets

It’s not easy to find the proper crop length jean jacket if you are petite, but these cropped denim jackets are a lifesaver.

Made with structured denim, it fits perfect along the skinniest part of the waist. As a result, it is a safe crop length for a petite and regular body type. Buy it here! 


Distressed Denim Jackets

Distressed Denim Jackets

With a slightly distressed look and oversized silhouette, this denim jacket has everything you are looking for. If you are tall, this will replace all of your denim jackets with no need to look back. Buy it here!


Black Denim Jacket

Black Denim Jacket

It’s not easy to find a jet black denim jacket that fits you well and is constructed with high-quality material. This black denim jacket from Everlane is designed with a modern and relaxed fit to create the one of a kind look that you desire.

The fabric is not too stiff or rigid, so it won’t make you look bulky at all. Buy it here!


Khaki Denim Jacket

Khaki Denim Jacket

If you are looking for a perfect stylish jacket to handle the transitional seasons, this khaki denim jacket is exactly what you are looking for.

It has a cool detachable lining to insert for cold weather and remove when it is warm outside. Made with non-stretch denim and thick cotton, it is the perfect cropped cut style. Buy it here!


White Denim Jacket

White Denim Jacket

This classic fit white denim jacket provides all-day comfort. No wonder it is the #1 bestseller in the denim jackets category.

It has spandex and blended with polyester to give more comfort for everyday wear. Its lightweight and perfect thickness for A/C cooled rooms or chilly evenings during the summer time. Buy it here!


Pink Denim Jacket

Pink Denim Jacket

Pastel is the color of spring that you need to also add into your capsule wardrobe. Pink denim jackets tend to look too cheap or too bold.

This tonal and dull pink jean jacket looks luxurious with your casual outfits. The relaxed silhouette and slight oversized look makes it easy to layer with. Buy it here!


Red Denim Jacket

Red Denim Jacket

This cute red denim jacket looks stylish with matching jeans and a simple white t-shirt. The frayed hem, cropped length and worn-out effects make it look casual without trying. Buy it here!


Leopard Print Denim Jacket

Leopard Print Denim Jacket

Have you seen these prints everywhere?

The classic leopard print adds a flattering touch to a denim jacket. It is an oversized cut that you want to wear with a matching skirt and cute black top for going out tonight. Buy it here!


Embellished Denim Jacket

Embellished Denim Jacket

Unless you are refashioning your old denim jacket with fun pearls or crystals, this embellished denim jacket is a one-of-a-kind style. The high-quality flat pearl stones with gold and rose gold rimmed detail makes this jacket look expensive and will also last a lifetime. Buy it here!


Embroidered Denim Jacket

Embroidered Denim Jacket

Floral embroidery is so outdated. This unique embroidered denim jacket is a cool girl favorite piece to wear with a mini skirt and graphic tee. The drop shoulder makes this jacket look oversized, but it is still true to size. Buy it here!


Finding the perfect denim jackets that accentuates your personal style and also fits you well is a headache. Especially since there are so many styles and silhouettes to choose from.

When it comes to building a capsule wardrobe, make sure to begin with a shopping list of basic essentials you must have. Be sure to add different colors to brighten up your looks. In addition, unique detailed denim jackets will make fun and personalized outfits for your everyday style.

What are your favorite brands of denim jackets?

Share your cool-girl jean jackets outfits with us!


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Cool Girl Denim Jackets For Everyday Style

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