Cozy Blanket Scarves That’ll Make Your Winter Outfit Stylish: From Plaid to Oversized


Everything from plaid to oversized, cozy blanket scarves come in a variety of different sizes, colors and patterns. Scarves are a perfect accessory for everyday outfits, but come in especially handy when its cold and wet outside. It’s no wonder that almost all cozy blanket scarves will make your winter capsule wardrobe outfits look more stylish.

Cozy blanket scarves are a functional base layer for cold weather that will quickly upgrade your decisions for what to wear today. If you are wearing a mostly black or even a mono color outfit, simple and cozy blanket scarves can make a big difference to brighten up your look. Grab a winter color palette plaid or even a single color scarf to make this happen and your outfit will pop.

Is it spelled scarfs or scarves, ill leave that to the professionals to decide. We’re here to find the best cozy blanket scarves so that you can be stylish and stay warm when its cold outside. Search through the list and add a couple cozy blanket scarves to your winter basic essentials.


How To Wear A Blanket Scarf?

Did you see the various options for wearing a blanket scarf? I had no idea that you can easily create that many totally different looks with one accessory. A scarf is a very versatile item that allows you to easily accessorize with a variety of different looks.

With these 12 ways to wear a blanket scarf, you can wear any outfit and quickly look stylish. Dress up in just 5 minutes and be ready for work or even accessorize a casual date night outfit in a flash! It’s no wonder that scarves are basic wardrobe essentials and things every woman should have in her closet.

Take a look at these cozy blanket scarves that’ll make your winter outfit stylish. The different looks are guaranteed to keep you warm and looking chic. Be on trend this winter with a few different scarf options so that you can mix and match with any style outfit.


Cozy Blanket Scarves That Warm You Up

A plaid oversized blanket scarf is must have essential item for your capsule wardrobe. Scarves are part of the many things every woman should have in her closet. You can simply throw your favorite cozy blanket scarves around your neck, and then your winter outfit will instantly look chic and stylish.

But there are a few little secret tricks for how to wear a blanket scarf. Finish off your outfit for the day with these handy styling tips. You will enjoy the variety of options that one basic wardrobe item can pull off. So grab your favorite cozy blanket scarp, and lets try out these different looks!


Brushed Plaid Wool Blanket Scarf

Brushed Plaid Wool Blanket Scarf

The statement fringe on both ends of this brushed plaid wool blanket scarf will take cold weather comfort to the next level. Maximize the look of your outfit with this basic essential item.


Classic Tartan Blanket Scarf

Classic Tartan Blanket Scarf

This irresistibly soft cashmere-like scarf is very warm and cozy. The colors are so right on for both fall and winter. This classic tartan blanket scarf is lightweight and not bulky at all. As a result, you can enjoy different looks by wearing this scarf a variety of ways.

Insider tip: If you work in an ice cold office, simply unwrapped this scarf and use it as blanket throughout the day!


Oversized Tassel Blanket Scarf

Oversized Tassel Blanket Scarf

On a cold day, an extremely soft and warm oversized cashmere tassel blanket scarf is perfect to wrap around any outfit. This oversized scarf will help to keep you warm all day long.

Insider tip: One of the recommended tips is to wash the scarf once before wearing it.This will help you to avoid having lint all over your clothes on the first day.


Ribbed Fringe Blanket Scarf

Ribbed Fringe Blanket Scarf

Super soft and ultra cozy, this ribbed blanket scarf is perfect for a long flight or even a business meeting during the week. You can easily wear this scarf with multiple looks anytime anywhere.

Insider tip: Don’t forget to hand wash this scarf because it is extremely delicate. You want to maintain the ripped texture of the fabric, so be gentle.


Big Grid Blanket Scarf

Big Grid Blanket Scarf

Blended with cotton and cashmere, this big grid blanket scarf is lot softer than you may expect. It is guaranteed to keep your neck warm in high 30 degree temperatures.

Insider tip: Because of the cashmere blend, this blanket scarf material frays a bit easily. So be careful how you style it with your outfit and wash with care!


Cozy Plaid Checked Blanket Scarf

Cozy Plaid Checked Blanket Scarf

From tartan pattern to classic plaid print pattern, there are so many color options and styles to choose from. This cozy plaid checked blanket scarf is easy to wear and pairs well with a majority of outfit selections.

Insider tip: You can wear this blanket scarf in 20 different ways. In addition, simply throw it in the washer and dryer and you won’t believe it, but the scarf will survive.


Chunky Cape Blanket Scarf

Chunky Cape Blanket Scarf

Oversized blanket scarves are a fashion staple  and a basic wardrobe essential. You can easily style a scarf in many ways to fit your outfit, keep warm and looking stylish.

Insider tip: Don’t ask for extra blanket on the airplane. Simply bring this chunky cape blanket scarf with you. You will stay warm and cozy on any long haul flight.


There are a variety of options when it comes to cozy blanket scarves. In addition, you can style a scarf in multiple ways to coordinate with your outfit. Scarves are a thing every woman should have in her closet, so when you build your essential wardrobe, be sure to include a few options to accessorize with.

With these plaid oversized cozy blanket scarfs, you can make your winter outfit more stylish this year than ever. Scarves are a classic essential item that you must have. Easily style your winter look by upgrading your capsule wardrobe for work, play and travel. Try the different ways to wear your cozy blanket scarves and let us know!

What’s your favorite cozy blanket scarves?

Share your blanket scarfs tips with us!


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Cozy Blanket Scarfs That’ll Make Your Winter Outfit Stylish: From Plaid to Oversized

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