DIY Crop Top From T-shirt (With Tie Front Detail!)


There are many easy ways to transform a tee into a new outfit. Today, we are going to learn how to make a DIY crop top from a t-shirt. This no sew tutorial demonstrates a simple t-shirt reconstruction without using a needle and thread.

diy crop top from t-shirt before and after

T-shirt cutting projects are the easiest way to begin up cycling old clothes into something new. By learning fun ways to cut a shirt, you instantly modify a tee into a new design. 

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For this top, I selected a striped t-shirt to alter. However, t-shirt reconstructions can be done successfully with white t-shirt and also graphic t-shirt too.

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This no sew project is perfect for beginners. Follow along with this step by step tutorial in order to make your very own DIY crop top from t-shirt without sewing.


DIY fashion for every occasion

When it comes to clothing, most pieces are mass produced by large manufacturers. As a result, there is very little personality in the garment.

DIY fashion allows a great opportunity to design unique items that are just for you. Upcycled clothing changes the way we look at old clothes. Turn them into something else and give the pieces a new life.

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For this project, I felt like no sew was a possibility, which then allowed more people the chance to pursue the project. Check out the other no sew t-shirt refashion inspirations. There is truly nothing like saying, “I made it myself!”

Searching around, I realized how many t-shirt upcycle ideas are available. From beginners sewing projects to no sew hacks, we have you covered with a wide range of DIY fashion tutorials.

DIY Crop Top From T-shirt

DIY Crop Top From T-shirt

Its fun to wear a skin tight t-shirt that is cropped length. Perfect for a festival or outdoor concert. Wear this crop top with a high waisted skirt or denim jeans for a hipster style. 

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Beginner



  • Fabric Chalk
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


  1. To make a crop top from a t-shirt, measure 17” down from the neckband and mark.
    diy crop top from t shirt step 2
    Cut along the line. 
    diy crop top from t shirt step 3
  2. Next, fold the t-shirt in half. Measure 1 ¼” up from the center front and then cut open. After, measure 1 ¼” away from the center front and chalk mark. Draw a quarter circle and cut.
    diy crop top from t shirt step 4
  3. To attach the D-ring, lay the t-shirt flat. Glue about ⅛” width of the t-shirt half circle in order to cover the D-ring.
    diy crop top from t shirt step 5
    No sew tip: Let it dry completely, and then cover the other half of the D-ring.
  4. To make the tie front detail, use the remaining fabric. Measure 2 ½” down and cut along the stripe.
    diy crop top from t shirt step 7
  5. Open the seam. Glue along the wrong side of the fabric about ¼” and fold in half to create 1” width strap. diy crop top from t shirt step 8
  6. Fold the fabric inside and close the ends with glue.
    diy crop top from t shirt step 9
    Pro tip: For a street style look, make the strap long to tie completely around the waist. For a casual look, make the same length as this no sew video tutorial.
    diy crop top from t shirt step 10
  7. Insert the strap inside the D-ring and finish the tie front detail.
    diy crop top from t shirt step 11


These step by step photos show hot to turn a t-shirt into a crop top. It’s no sew project that is easy and fun to do.

I used a slim fitted t-shirt that was 100% cotton . The cotton material is easy to work with when you recycle old striped t-shirts into new clothes.

Cotton is soft, flowy and responds well to the no sew techniques. I recommend using a similar material when performing this no sew refashion.

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This diy crop top from t-shirt is THE BEST no sew refashion project ever. It's a perfect ways to recycle and upcycle your old tees. Cool and hipster style wardrobe to try for this season!

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