Bag Making

When it comes to DIY fashion, a bag is one of the best statement pieces that you can add to an outfit. We are going to apply craft skills and do some hand bag making at home.

Nothing like completing a DIY project that you are proud of. Whether you choose to make a bag with leather, bag making with cloth or make a beaded bag from scratch, we have ideas and tutorials that provide step by step video instruction.

Follow the guides and you will be able to complete these hand bags from scratch. These projects are really fun to do, and you will be able to make a bag to add to your capsule wardrobe collection.


Bag Making Materials

Each project is broken down into individual steps. The process and techniques are easy to follow because the video clearly walk you through each of the phases.

Each of the project ideas include a complete list of bag making supplies. Once you have gathered the materials, then begin the tutorial that takes you through the entire process from start to finish.


Bag Making Tutorial

Each tutorial take you through the entire process. The videos and step by step images, include specific bag making techniques to help you through the project.

The goal of each tutorial is that anyone is able to complete a bag from scratch. We share patterns, designs, techniques, instructions, and materials list.


Bag Making for Beginners

Follow along through each step of the process in the bag making videos. The beginner projects are challenging, but with patience and practice you are able to complete your own hand bag from scratch.

As a beginner, feel free to ask me any questions. Leave a comment below or send me an email. I will be sure to respond promptly in order to help you out. My goal is to see you successfully complete a bag of your own.


Bag Making Patterns

For each of the bag making designs, I include patterns and instructions for you to successfully complete the project. The steps feature detailed images that walk you through the process, and the video discussed each step along the way.

Make your own hand bag at home so that you can show off your crafty side. The project ideas are fun to do and result in a bag that you can use when wearing your favorite outfits.