No Sew

No sew is a fantastic technique to refashion or upcycle your clothing collection. Use the techniques in this category to fix, repair and even enhance your favorite garments.

Quickly mend a hole with a patch, or even adjust the hemline of your favorite pair of pants. No sew can provide a quick fix to even the most challenging task.

Furthermore, use this the instructions and tutorials to make clothes from scratch. After you understand the principles of clothing construction, you are able to make DIY fashion that you will want to wear.


No Sew Projects

There are many fun projects for us to cover in this section. We will share how to make a no sew dress and skirt. In addition, we cover no sew buttons, bags, scarf and scrunchie.


No Sew Instructions

The no sew projects contain clearly formatted instructions that are easy for you to follow along. The goal is for you to easily make each project at home on your own.

The project levels range from beginner to advanced. However, if you have any questions about the videos and tutorials provided, then feel free to reach out and we will help as best as possible.

Once you understand the basic principles of the techniques discussed, you will be able to complete more advanced no sew projects.


No Sew T-shirt Reconstruction

This could be one of my favorite projects in the series of tutorials. We share a variety of t shirt alterations and fun ways to cut a shirt.

The DIY t shirt cutting ideas and instructions result in fun no sew projects for beginners. From refashion clothing to upcycled bags, we cover a variety of t-shirt reconstruction projects in this section. Enjoy the tutorials and have fun making something new from old clothes.


No Sew Adhesive

These projects require specific adhesives to attach the fabric and materials together. We thoroughly discuss the specific adhesives used for each project.

I have had tremendous results using no sew fabric glue. The product is always successful, and the fabric holds in place every time. The glue is easy to work with, and the final outcome speaks for itself.

In addition, we complete projects with no sew tape to test the quality of the adhesive. The taping method is a much cleaner process because you generally don’t conclude with product all over your fingers. The materials hold in place and the finished look is always well received.