Upcycled Clothing

I enjoy the process of taking old clothes and turning them into something new. Here are a wide variety of refashion and upcycled clothing projects. Not only do you get to recycle old clothes, but you also get to make something that is up to date and useable.

Here are projects that are full of fun ways to cut clothing and make improvements to refresh your old clothes. Follow these refashion and upcycled clothing tutorials to make enhancements that upgrade your wardrobe collection.

Learn to make clothes, bags and accessories by following the instructions and tutorials. Pull out your old clothes and lets get start on these fun project ideas.

Refashion Clothing

The refashion clothing tutorials cover step-by-step instructions for how to refashion old clothes. The refashion clothes ideas are endless and we try to cover as many projects as possible.

Refashion a men’s dress shirt into women’s blouse and also perform t-shirt alterations. In addition, we demonstrate how to refashion t shirt into a bag and a vintage scarf into a hair scrunchie.

Upcycled Clothing

Learn the skills that are necessary to make upcycled clothing that is exciting to wear. Recycle old clothing and successfully turn it into something new that you will enjoy wearing.

The projects are filled with unique upcycled ideas that are fun the copy. Furthermore, we include upcycled patterns so that you can easily follow along at home. Gather together the materials, and make your own upcycled diy to showoff and share with friends or family.