DIY Hair Clips (12 Easy Hair Accessories Ideas!)

Are you in search of stylish new hair accessories ideas? Today we are going to make DIY hair clips that will become your new go-to adornment.

Hairstyles embody a primary focus of the daily routine and are also a statement to a person’s uniqueness. With that in mind, we are going to make DIY hair clips that will further develop your personalized lifestyle.

Simply initiate a customized approach to your daily style. Homemade hair clips are a simple way to display hairstyle individuality.

Below is a list of DIY hair clips for you to try next time your looking for fun craft project ideas. But before we gather supplies, lets determine which types of hair clips you really need most.


What are the different types of clips?

What are those hair clips called? Ya, I understand the feeling. There are so many hairstyle accessories that the terms occasionally slip my mind too.

Hair clips are a great tool to help hold a hairstyle together, but sometimes you’re looking for another alternative. To change things up a little bit, try no sew DIY vintage hair scrunchies or even learning how to make headbands may do the trick. Keep the options open by having a variety of diy hair accessories at your disposal.

Before we get started with making DIY hair clips, lets cover the different types of hair clips available. As a result, we will be on the same page, and be able to make the perfect homemade hair clips to fulfill your basic hairstyle requirements.

Here are the basic hair clips that are commonly used for many hairstyles.

  • Alligator clip
  • Banana clips
  • Barrettes
  • Bobby pins
  • Bumpit
  • Claw clips
  • Double prong curl
  • Duckbill clip
  • Hinged barrette
  • Snap clip
  • Straight stick
  • Tiaras


What is difference between bobby pins and hairpins?

Bobby pins have a bumpy shaft on one side that closes securely at the tip. Hairpins have an elongated “V” that has a rounded bend.

While bobby pins and hairpins are generally 2–3″ long, the primary difference is that hairpins do not close and remain ½” apart at the tip.


What metal are bobby pins made of?

Bobby pins are made of steel, which is iron that has been alloyed with about 1% carbon. This improves the overall hardness and toughness of the metal.

Bobby pins are heat treated to set the shape and structure of the metal. As a result, the bobby pin holds its profile over the course of many uses.


Easy DIY Hair Clips That You Must Try

Now that we have introduced the hair clip basics, its now time to add a bit of personal flavor. From boho to pearls and beads, there are a multiple options to choose from.

Each tutorial features the materials and steps required to execute the fabulous homemade hair clips designs. These DIY hair clips are guaranteed to enhance your hairdo and bring attention to the skillful display of creativity.

Gather your supplies, and lets get started with these fun hair accessories ideas.


Homemade Hair Clips

homemade hair clips using clay and acrylic paint. Super cute diy hair clips!

source: @thehousethatlarsbuilt

The sculpted clay is fun material to play with, and also a great way to make homemade hair clips. Simply mold the clay and attach it to alligator clips.

Create squares, tubes, or rectangular shapes of your choice. Apply some acrylic paint for a final touch and the results are a cute diy hair clip.

To finish this hair accessory, read the instructions carefully to see how long to bake the clay and glue on top of the clip. Furthermore, be sure to let the clip dry for 24 hours so that it fully hardens. 


DIY Hair Clips For Adults

diy hair clips for adults are the perfect way to level up your hairstyle!

source: @lovemaegan

You’ll need oversized barrettes with pearls to make this DIY hair clips for adults. The designs are totally 90s style, and really don’t take much time to make on your own.

Flat barrettes are much easier to work with and attach the embellishment than using curved clips, however both took only 5 minutes to make. You will look pretty with these hair clips, even on a bad hair day.


Hair Clip Design Ideas

Looking for fun hair clip design ideas? Then you are in the right spot!

source: @ctlrcurate

Do you have at least one accessory that is made out of seashells? From necklaces to anklets, the seashell trend is everywhere!

This mermaid inspired hair clip design ideas is a great way to spice up your basic hairstyle for a day at the beach. If you already have an oversized hair clip to upcycle, then grab some cane webbing and seashells to get started!


How To Decorate Hair Clips

This is a super cute way to decorate hair clips and make fun accessories to wear!

source: @abeautifulmess

Decorating hair clips is super easy and a fun project for craft beginners. Hair clips come in different shapes, styles and sizes, which gives you many decorative routes to pursue.

From pearls to raffia ribbons, attach statement decorations to your patch pins. Get a pack of hair clips and make a personalized accessory collection that you can have handy when having a bad hair day.


DIY Boho Crystal Hair Pins

These diy boho crystal hair pins are add such a delicate touch to your hairdo. Perfect way to add a subtle decorations

source: @jojotastic

Need a reminder to maintain your peace of mind? Bring your boring bobby pins to life with crystals like floret and quartz.

If you are into small crystals, then they are the perfect size to fit on bobby pins. Add a few pea-sized crystals in a row with super glue to recreate this dazzling look. These crystal hairpins are great handmade gift for holidays and great wearable piece with messy bun.


Hair Clip Craft Ideas

Upcycle your hair clips with fun craft ideas. Use seashells to add earthiness to the look.

source: @popshopamerica

Are you going to the beach this weekend? We’ve got a fun and easy DIY hair clip craft ideas for you to try next.

Gather a few small seashells that are about 2 inches or less across. Bring along some super glue, and quickly assemble this DIY hair clip for an Instagram worthy hairstyle!


DIY Flower Hair Clips

Try these diy flower hair clips because shoe doesn't love to see beautiful flowers all around.

source: @erinphraner

These DIY flower hair clips are an adorable accessory for date night look or even a wedding day hairstyle. Find flower shape buttons to glue on bobby pins and you are set to go.

Use your imagination, and add this homemade hairclip to your ponytail, low bun, and braided hairstyle at anytime!


Pearl Hair Clip DIY

Assemble this pearl hair clip for a different type of diy hair accessory

source: @makeandfable

Are you looking for alternative way to attach pearls onto the clip other than using glue? Check out this pearl hair clip DIY to make legit trendy piece by using clear thread.

After mastering this beading method, you will be ready to try and make a DIY beaded bag? Imagine matching the two handmade accessories together with a bold statement color.


Word Hair Clips DIY

Create a playful statement with these fun word hair clip diy. The possibilities are endless!

source: @keikolynn

Alphabet noodles are not only for your soup. Make your own word hair clips by simply attaching letters to bobby pins and spray painting them to finish.

They are super fun and easy to make. Come up with creative words to add to your personalized hairstyle. 


DIY Beaded Barrettes

DIY beaded barrettes are a great way to learn beading. Start with a small project to see if its something you enjoy.

source: @honestlywtf

For a DIY project that doesn’t look too cheap or crafty, try making beaded barrettes with Swarovski crystals. Use high quality Padparadscha beads with gold metallic thread to secure onto a gold bobby pin.

I recommend either 6mm or 8mm size beads to make the embellishments stand out!


Zodiac Hair Pin DIY

Share your zodiac sign with other by making a custom hair pin diy!

source: @lulus

What’s your astrological symbol? These zodiac hair pins are a perfect bridesmaids gift or girl night craft project to do with wine and cheese.

Get yourself gold or silver letter charms to add to oversized flat bobby pins. Put zodiac signs together and glue to the pins. To give a final touch, use spray paint to cover the letters and bobby pins. 


How To Make Hair Pins

Learn to make hair pins using birch plywood. The designs are simple, and don't look too crafty.

source: @themerrythought

If you’re looking for a distinctive approach to make hair pins, try these DIY wooden triangle designs. Birch plywood is all you need to create positive shapes.

Afterwards, paint the designs with your favorite colors. This homemade hair clip is so easy to try when you get bored with the same old plain hairpins. 

Which are your favorite DIY hair clips?

Share your homemade hair accessories with me at



12 DIY hair clips that you need to know about. Learn how to make cute hair accessories that everyone will enjoy!

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