DIY Macramé Bags That Satisfy Your Stylish Cravings

Need help understanding how to make macramé bag so you can wear it with your cute outfits? Here are the best DIY macramé bags to satisfy your stylish cravings this summer. 

From bucket bag to tote bag, there are so many macramé bag silhouettes for you to choose from. Review your capsule wardrobe collection so that you can determine which macramé bag goes best with your classic pieces. 

If you are new to DIY fashion, master these beginner macramé projects to get a grasp of the hobby. As you progress, you will continue to improve your skills with more complex patterns. Eventually you will also be creating projects from scratch.

I have really grown fond of making my own bags and purses. If you enjoy these DIY macramé bags, then consider attempting the bag making projects that I have successfully completed. 


How To Make Macramé Bag

Before we start to learn how to make a macramé bag, thoroughly review the materials lists to determine what specific tools you need for each tutorial. The individual materials and stitching requirements are slightly different from one project to another. 

DIY Macramé bags material list:


Macramé Bag DIY

It’s important to figure out what kind of bag you want to make. Determine if you will modify the bag pattern, and also the type of handle you want to finish with. From there, you’ll have a clear idea which tools you need to complete each project.

Macramé bag making is a fun hobby to do. The materials are relatively inexpensive and the results are admirable. You are guaranteed to receive lots of great compliments on the finished product.


DIY Macramé Bag

DIY Macramé Bags

source: @___iris150

Prepare the basic tools and grab the macramé design you want to accomplish. Then, turn on your favorite music and light a soothing candle light. Grab a cup of tea and start your favorite DIY macramé bags.

Enjoy the process and have fun making macramé bags to carry around all summer long! And when you’re finished, share your cute macrame bag and outfit ideas with us!


Macramé Tote Bag

DIY Macramé Tote Bag

source: @fallfordiy

Adding this macramé tote bag to summer wardrobe is a great way to satisfy your stylish craving. No need to spending extra money on a new handbag when you can simply make it yourself.

All you need is a thick jute rope and wood bag handles. The slight frayed fringe detail gives this bag a casual-boho chic look that is cute with a white linen dress and flat sandals for a stylish summer outfit.

From shopping to an outdoor wedding venue, you are covered with this bag. If you have less than an hour of time to kill, whip up this bag up to enjoy your day!


Macramé Market Bag DIY

Macramé Market Bag DIY

source: @sayyes

From Farmer’s Market to grocery shopping at the local store, shop sustainable and ethically when you avoid using a plastic bag. Instead, make your own macramé market bag. Using a natural macrame cord makes an earth-friendly bag that you feel good about using every time. 

DIY tip: Don’t make the bag holes too big by staying within less than 1 inch. In addition, pull all the knots very tight. As a result, you won’t lose any produce while carrying it home. 


Rope Bag DIY

Rope Bag DIY

source: @apairandasparediy

Don’t have a go-to bag this summer? It’s the perfect size that you can easily carry as a purse with sundress or even while wearing denim shorts and a tank top to the beach.

This rope bag DIY is easy to accomplish with only 43 yards of rope and 2 clear round bag handles. Because it’s a small size bag, keep in mind to have consistent spaces between the knots.

In order to make it right, start the first row 3” down from the handle and the following rows 2” apart. By doing so, it has slight variation design that makes a huge difference in the end. 

DIY tip: You have the option to cut the end tails to make clean finish, or leave the tails for a boho look. We’ll leave it up to you!


DIY Net Bag

DIY Net Bag

source: @wearekittygang

From small to large size, this DIY net bag is an adorable piece to carry with a denim jacket. Prepare different length of cords already cut, so it is easy to start this macrame bag project.

Adding colored cords at the ends provide more support and strength to the handles and also on the bottom of the bag. Turn on your favorite show and make your own bag to carry all summer long. 


Macramé School Bag

DIY Macramé School Bag

source: @blueicrafts

Why buy a backpack bag when you can make your own macramé bag for school, work, and travel?

This DIY macramé bag is slightly more challenging to make. However, if you are looking for a weekend project to work on, here it is.

Grab your favorite color in about 650 feet of cord. Upgrade your back to school outfit with a casual style and this handmade backpack purse.

DIY tip: Before jumping into this tutorial, start by mastering the larks head knot, square knot, double half hitch knot, berry knot, and Josephine knot. Practicing these macramé knots will really help you to finish this bag. 


Macramé Yoga Mat Bag

DIY Macramé Yoga Mat Bag

source: @myfrenchtwist

If you have been putting yoga mat into a stuffy bag after practice, it’s actually not best for storing the yoga mat even though you wipe and clean it well.

The great news is that to make this macramé yoga mat bag, all you need to know is the square knot. It’s easy to tie and untie as you place your mat in or take it out. 


Macramé Bag Handles

DIY Macramé Bag Handles

source: @fabricadeimaginacion

Tired of carrying a bucket bag by itself? This is a fun refashion macramé bag project that uses metal handles for a chic and elegant look.

If you have had an eye on a Staud bag for a while, this is a great bag alternative. Save your budget and satisfy your stylish cravings this summer. 


Macramé Purse

In 35 minutes, you’ll master this macramé purse to use all summer long. There is lining inside the clutch and a zipper closure. As a result, you don’t need to worry about losing your daily essentials.

The additional tassel keychain helps to easily zip up when needed. Cotton cord is highly recommended instead of acrylic or thick ropes when making this macramé bag. 


DIY Macramé Produce Bag

DIY Macramé Produce Bag

source: @helloglow

Looking for an easy no sew project that you can create in less than an hour?

This DIY macramé produce bag is perfect for a summer Farmer’s Market trip or to pair with a pretty summer skirt and dresses. 

DIY tip: For extra points, challenge your skills by dip-dyeing the cord for an ombre effect. Start at the end of the bag once you have completed the pattern. 


Macramé Bucket Bag

DIY Macramé Bucket Bag

source: @honestlywtf

How can you not like this macramé bucket bag combination? It’s all over the street style scene and every Fashion Girl has it in her collection.

Out of all the DIY macramé bags, this one requires a bit more materials to make it happen. From the fine cane webbing to leather pieces and bag handles, it has a luxurious high-end vibe that’ll make everyone stop and stare your bag. Follow the step by step tutorial to make your summer outfit more stylish than ever. 


Macramé Crossbody Bag

DIY Macramé Crossbody Bag

source: @joandjudy

Are you a big fan of crossbody bags?

Carrying this kind of bag for all seasons can make you look tiresome. However, creating a macramé crossbody bag won’t make you give up your favorite style handbag.

For this macramé bag tutorial, all you need to know is the diagonal double half hitch, Lark’s head knot, gathering knot, and square knot.

Make your own to carry a book or bullet journal anywhere you go.

DIY tip: This bag silhouette features a shoulder strap. If you are lucky, use it as a camera strap or replace your old bag strap with this one!


From square knot to fancy Lark’s head knot, making these DIY macramé bags doesn’t require much. The basic knot techniques are all you need in order to accomplish each project. Have fun making these bags to brighten up your capsule wardrobe collection this season.

Which macrame bag do you like the most?

Share your favorite DIY macrame bags with us!


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DIY Macramé Bags That Satisfy Your Stylish Cravings

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