DIY No Sew T-shirt Refashion (Easy 5 Minute Ideas)

Are you about to throw away your old t-shirts? Keep your capsule wardrobe updated and trendy with these easy 5 minute DIY no sew t-shirt refashion ideas.

If you are looking for more inspiration to complete your capsule wardrobe with DIY no sew t-shirt refashion, you’re in the right place! Check out all the DIY clothes ideas in these stylish upcycled clothing projects.

It’s not too late to keep your old t-shirt and transform them into an up-to-date-trend. From no sew to sewing for beginners, there are endless t-shirt upcycle to explore.  

Upcycle old clothes so that you can create new outfits to wear for work, travel and also on the weekends. Recycle old clothes into new clothes to showcase your unique personality and stylish taste.


5 Minute No Sew T-shirt Refashion Projects

Are looking for easy tops to wear to a summer music festival, for work, or to simply recycle old t-shirts into new clothes? We have the best no sew project ideas for you to try next.

Do you have a favorite striped t-shirt that you would like to upcycle into new clothes instead of throwing it away? Here are no sew refashion ideas for you to recycle old striped t-shirts into new clothes.

Create fashionable t-shirt outfits by upcycling your old shirts today! Keep your wardrobe trendy and up-to-date with the easy DIY no sew t-shirt refashion projects.

This no sew project is so easy to make. You just need to recycle old t-shirts into new clothes, so don’t throw away your old clothes.

Turn your old clothes into new styles! Follow along with our refashion journey to be inspired with more fun sewing projects for beginners.

Hope you enjoy these fun ways to cut a shirt and simple 5 minute DIY no sew t-shirt refashion techniques! Subscribe for more videos if you love my tutorial on no sew alterations, and also want to see more essential DIY fashion tips and hacks!

How do you recycle old t-shirts into new clothes? Share your favorite refashion project with us!

Can you use fabric glue instead of sewing?

I would say that the two best ways to attach fabric without sewing are fabric glue like Dritz Liquid Stitch or fusible bonding tape like Dritz Stitch Witchery. A sewing machine is still the fastest and most reliable method for many textile materials, but fabric glue or fabric bonding tape are alternative methods.

I used fabric glue for each of the tutorials in this diy no sew t-shirt refashion. The adhesive is easy to apply, bonds together well, and is also resilient over time.

I have experimented with adhesive tape in a few diy fashion projects. In the no sew vintage hair scrunchies, I used fabric bonding tape to successfully make the hair accessories without glue.

You can simply wash and dry clothes with very little concern for the glue. However, if the adhesive begins to fail, then reapply a bit more and use a hot iron to quicken the bond.


What is sewing glue?

Fabric glue and liquid stitch are useful alternatives to sewing. While some fabric glues are designed to form a temporary bond, other fabric adhesives result is a very permanent bond.

Temporary sewing glue is great for piecing together quilts, applique patterns, or even temporarily converting clothes into festive holiday outfits. The adornments are easily removed with hot water and the glue simply washes away.

Permanent fabric glue bonds more securely and is durable for an extended period of time. The materials will be both washable and dryable. As a result, we will be using permanent sewing glue for these diy no sew t-shirt refashion ideas.


What’s the best fabric glue?

I have tried a few brands of fabric glue, and have found that Dritz Liquid Stitch works well for me. The adhesive has a strong bond, is durable to wear and is also machine washable.


How do you glue fabric?

Merely apply a small amount of glue along the edge of the fabric, and then bond together to form a seam. Measure, cut and then reattach according to the no sew reconstruction you are following.

The diy no sew t-shirt refashion designs are thoroughly detailed with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Use the video tutorials and the how-to cards for exact measurements along the way.


Does fabric glue hold up in the wash?

Short answer: Yes, but it really depends on which type of glue you select.

As previously mentioned, some temporary glues will easily wash off a fabric, while permanent glues form a much stronger bond. As a result, it is important to select the appropriate glue for the desired result.

It’s important to note that all fabric glues will hold up to washing, but how long is also determined by a few considerations. Factors that affect the adhesive properties are washing duration, amount of friction applied and water temperature


Does fabric glue come off?

Fabric glue begins to harden when the adhesive comes in contact with air and starts to lose water.

To remove glue from most fabrics, begin by scraping off as much as possible. Then, use a pre-wash stain remover and soak the fabric in hot water.

As a result, the glue should moisten due to the water and loosen from the temperature. Furthermore, use a hot iron to apply heat and help weaken the bond.

Easy No Sew T-shirt Reconstruction

Recycle a plain t-shirt in only 5 minutes with these DIY no sew reconstruction ideas. On the other hand, striped tees require a little bit more creativity. Its important to cut it the right way so you don’t completely ruin your favorite shirt.

For these 5 minute DIY no sew t-shirt refashion projects, we’re going to start with a few of your old t-shirts. For this no sew reconstruction project, I used old tees from the local thrift store that I got for $3 each.  

You can always change it up by using a variety of different materials, necklines and colors. Step up to the challenge with me! Let’s get started with these easy and fun ways to cut a shirt!

DIY Lace Peplum Top

DIY Lace Peplum Top

Create your own unique no sew alterations using fun ways to cut a shirt. It’s easy to do, just follow the simple steps below and also use the video as reference.

You can always play around with the length of this DIY no sew t-shirt refashion. Make it little bit longer or shorter if you wish.

And of course, you can choose different lace tape trim and patterns to create a variety of different styles and looks.

When washing your garment, use these lace cleaning tips to keep your lace looking like new!

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Tie Sleeve Shirt

Tie Sleeve Shirt

This is an easy no sew DIY fashion upgrade. Follow along for a no sew t-shirt reconstruction that is simple and enjoyable to do!

The tutorial demonstrates fun ways to cut a shirt in order to add a stylish new look to your capsule wardrobe collection! This is a cute top and the bow tie sleeves adds a fun touch to the silhouette.

The video tutorial and step by step pictures are so that even you can make this fun no sew t-shirt reconstruction project for yourself.

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How To Cut Off The Shoulder T-shirt

How To Cut Off The Shoulder T-shirt

Off shoulder is a super trendy style and definitely part of my essential wardrobe collection.

You might have already realized this, but this particular DIY no sew t-shirt refashion is actually not difficult to do. Cutting your favorite t-shirt only requires a pair of scissors.

DIY fashion hacks provide fun ways to cut a shirt in order to create your own personal unique style! Have fun and enjoy the no sew t-shirt alteration process; it’s only a t-shirt!

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DIY Off The Shoulder T-shirt

DIY Off The Shoulder T-shirt

Summer season is all about showing your shoulders in an elegant way. It’s easy to make this no sew off the shoulder top from an old t-shirt that you no longer wear anymore.

For this tutorial, I used a tunic style t-shirt because you will need extra fabric to make the sleeves. A regular t-shirt length will be a bit more challenging to source the required fabric for this refashion.

However, its fun to play around with stripe widths and color to make a casual or dressy tee of your choice. And of course, you can pick different width of elastic band. Tighten or loosen the gathering around the shoulder to create a personalized style.

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DIY Knit Woven Mix Top

DIY Knit Woven Mix Top

Recycle old t-shirts into new clothes with this easy project. It's exciting because the no sew t-shirt upcycle combines two different fabrics and patterns together.

I used a long sleeve striped t-shirt as the base, and added a woven shirt with a grid pattern. This no sew top is very unique because the front of the top looks completely different from the backside.

I attached a smaller portion of the woven shirt to the front bottom, and a larger amount of woven material to the back. As a result, the top features a tremendous amount of contrast and looks extremely fashion forward.

The most important factor to consider when combining these two tops is to find a similar color palette. As you will notice, I combine different shades of blue tones that blend very well together.

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DIY Crop Top From T-shirt

DIY Crop Top From T-shirt

This was an interesting way to recycle old clothes into new clothes project because there were two separate phases.

First, I took a regular length shirt and cut it to make a crop top silhouette. Then, I attached a D-ring to the bottom center of the cropped t-shirt. Using the excess fabric from the original length, I refashioned a tie to knot around the D-ring embellishment.

The step by step instructions are simple to follow for this t-shirt upcycle, so don't hesitate even if you are a beginner.

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T-shirt to Twist Shoulder Tank Top

T-shirt to Twist Shoulder Tank Top

This refashion project is a fun way to cut clothes. For this tutorial, I simply converted the shoulder strap to upcycle a cropped t-shirt and give a more fashionable look . 

The slight variation adds depth and contrast to the visual appearance. As a result, the no sew twist shoulder top is both trendy and unique.

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T-shirt to Back Slit Tank Top

T-shirt to Back Slit Tank Top

I love yoga and going hiking. It is my number one favorite thing to do . That’s why I needed to make this no sew t-shirt to tank top inspired by Anthropologie.

I wanted to transform an oversized t-shirt into a yoga, workout friendly tank top. This DIY no sew t-shirt reconstruction is a thing every woman must have in her closet.

This style is super simple to recreate on your own. Follow along with the step by step tutorial and you will also have a fun new styles to wear.

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What is your favorite DIY no sew t-shirt refashion project?

Share your cute t-shirt refashions with me at #MakeWithFashionWanderer.


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  1. All of these look great! Its definitely some alternations that I never would have thought of. Thank you for sharing and making it look so easy 🙂

    1. Yay I am glad you like these no sew shirt alterations. I love refashion projects and these no sew shirts are really simple to make.

    1. Thank you! We love refashion because it allows you to reuse an old shirt that you might have otherwise thrown away. Ya for recycling old clothes 😉

  2. So many great no sew ideas ! I’m a sucker for re-purposing old stuff, so this is exactly the inspiration I needed !

    1. I love to refashion old clothes to upgrade my essential wardrobe. So happy that you found inspiration from these easy no sew shirt ideas 🙂

  3. Super cool diy! it’s very simple yet the result is very stylish and chic. I am charmed! will definitely try to do these no sew t-shirts myself!

    1. Thank you Lyosha, I really had fun making these no sew t-shirts! I’m glad that you like them enough to give this refashion project a try 🙂

  4. these are so cool! i personally love the pink one. will be searching my closet for old t-shirts to try some of these no sew projects! thanks!

  5. This is so great! I have a few shirts I want to try this on. I love all these looks, but especially love the sleeve bow tie.

    1. Ya I think the bow tie sleeve shirt is really cute and feminine. It looks store bought even though it was an easy no sew t-shirt refashion project.

  6. I absolutely love the one with the bows in the sleeves! I am not good with a sewing machine, but feel like I could pull off these no sew shirts!

    1. Yay I like the bow sleeve design also! I love wearing all of these no sew shirts because I get a lot of compliments and people want to know wear I got them from 😉

  7. Great way to recycle tshirts and get creative! I love the black one with the lace, and it looks so easy to make!

    1. Thank you very much! Each of the no sew shirts was really easy to make. I love to recycle old clothes into something new and unique 🙂

  8. I absolutely love this idea. I do think we all need to stop buying so many new clothes, especially when we can use these refashion ideas and place no sew bows onto our old t-shirts.

    1. It’s a really great way to alter clothing and make new styles for very cheap. happy that you enjoyed these no sew refashion ideas.

  9. Those are super cute and so creative! I don’t know how to sew so these refashion projects are perfect for someone like me. I especially love that lace peplum look.

    1. That you so much Melanie! I really enjoyed making these no sew shirts, especially the peplum lace! It definitely is one of my favorite refashion projects 🙂

  10. These are fantastic ways to update a tee! I love the ribbon sleeve shirt and the tied back tank top!

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