Edgy Blazer Outfit Ideas To Elevate Your Wardrobe

Do you need help with chic blazer outfit ideas? Even though your closet is full of clothing, it seems like there is still nothing to wear with your favorite outerwear essentials.

Do you have a wardrobe that goes well with your boyfriend blazers for work and the weekend? Don’t have a headache when trying to come up with fun new blazer outfit ideas.

Build a capsule wardrobe that is filled with basic items that every woman must have. As a result, you will be able to create over 1000 unique outfits with a limited quantity of pieces.

From fitted to oversized, there are a variety of silhouettes and looks that suit your body type, and also go well with your capsule wardrobe essentials. It is crucial to find the perfect boyfriend blazer. Add at least 2~3 different jacket colors and styles to your wardrobe in order to create unique and personalized outfits everyday.


How to wear boyfriend blazers?

Depending on the occasion, boyfriend blazers can make your outfit casual or workwear ready. Here are a few helpful styling tips for how to wear boyfriend blazers.

  • For the casual weekend: Simply wear a blazer with a vintage graphic tee or tank top underneath that goes well with either black leggings or comfy boyfriend jeans.
  • For date night look: Throw a boyfriend blazer on over a mini or maxi length casual t-shirt dress or pretty floral dress. In addition, pair it with classy pump heels. Furthermore, adding a compact bag that matches your outfit is always a great idea.
  • For office look: Choose a stylish blouse or sophisticated classic silk button-down blouse from the 10 classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style. Ditch the heels and instead go with modern loafers that are stylish and comfy for a long work day.

Boyfriend blazer outfit ideas are not only for a serious office look. With the help of your capsule wardrobe essentials, easily create versatile looks for any occasion.


What to wear under a blazer?

Regardless of a specific occasion, the best items to wear under a blazer are basic and minimal pieces. During the spring and summer seasons, go with a white or striped t-shirt to stay stylish and look cool.

For the fall season, simply wear a turtleneck top underneath a black or dark navy blazer to keep you warm and look cool all season long. For the winter season, layer with seriously soft and warm sweaters.

With a few basic items, you are able to create stylish looks for each season and every occasion. Continue to build a capsule wardrobe with quality essentials that represent your personal style. As a result, you will have stylish looks to wear everyday.


Chic Blazer Outfits To Wear

Blazer Outfit

source: @lornaluxe

From casual to date night, the right boyfriend blazer instantly elevates your outfit for the day without any flashy jewelry or accessories. Take your wardrobe to the next level by adding the best boyfriend blazer to your closet today.

In order to create a modern and edgy blazer outfit ideas, always begin with finding the right silhouette and color. Then, dive into preparing stylish looks for you to apply a personal touch.


Outfits With Blazer And Jeans

Outfits With Blazer And Jeans

source: @christinabiluca

A menswear-inspired boyfriend blazer goes well with any pair of denim jeans. Distressed or frayed hem slim fitted cropped jeans are an ideal match that goes well with a simple mock neck top.

Add chic ankle boots and you can wear this look anytime for a date night or a workwear outfit.


How To Wear A Blazer With Jeans And Heels

How To Wear A Blazer With Jeans And Heels

source: @lucyflorals

How to wear a blazer with jeans and heels to look edgy? Stay with the black and white color palette.

Try a black blazer with matching color classy pump heels and a tucked in white blouse. Adding any third color is unnecessary for this outfit. The simple and monochrome color never goes wrong.


Dress And Blazer Outfit

Dress And Blazer Outfit

source: @debbs_bjuku

Go minimal with your dress choice. Midi silk slip dress that has high slit detail is so feminine and sleek.

Choose a blazer that has ruched three quarter sleeves so your dress and blazer outfit is fashion girl approved.


Skirt And Blazer Outfit

Skirt And Blazer Outfit

source: @alina2189

Skirt and blazer outfits are perfect to dress down and make a fun look. Ditch the boring button-down shirt, instead go with a plain white t-shirt.

Don’t forget to pair it with sleek white ankle boots that make you look tall and lean in this outfit.


Leggings And Blazer Outfit

Skinny Jeans And Blazer Outfit

source: @nicolette.saenz

Who doesn’t love to wear skinny jeans everyday? Mix it up with faux leather leggings and a cool vintage tees to rock all year long.

Instead of heels, sneakers are the perfect answer.


Casual Blazer Outfit

Casual Blazer Outfit

source: @christinabiluca

Casual blazer outfits are all about pairing with your favorite denim jeans. Whether you go with bootcut jeans or classic skinny jeans, the choice is up to you.

Make sure to add the cute crossbody bag that every fashion girl is carrying this season.


Cute Blazer Outfit

Cute Blazer Outfit

source: @thesisterstudioig

Have fun with color mixing and matching to create cute blazer outfits. Grab a white blazer and roll up the sleeves. Pair with a red blouse and black skinny jeans.

A bold red and black outfit color palette brightens up your skin and makes you look cute without trying very hard.


Date Night Blazer Outfit

Date Night Blazer Outfit

source: @marybethahmadi

How do you look edgy on a date night? Go with all black from head-to-toe.

Layer with a fun black skirt that goes well with your elongated black blazer.  This is exactly what to wear with a black skirt for a fun date night outfit.


Office Outfit With Blazer

Office Outfit With Blazer

source: @inspadesblog

Office outfit ideas with a blazer are a no brainer. Either go with black pants or matching set pants of your choice.

However, dress down with low-cut loafers and a cool graphic tee for a casual Friday look.


Sporty Blazer Outfit

Sporty Blazer Outfit

source: @dawnealiza

Have your ever tried biker shorts yet? It’s the new basic essential that will be replacing leggings.

Everyone is pairing biker shorts with a black blazer for a new style. It’s the only way to dress sporty in an edgy blazer outfit. You need to copy this look today.


White Blazer Outfit

White Blazer Outfit

source: @taghridhodroj

Other than a bold color, is there a way to dress up a white blazer outfit to look more relaxed and casual?

If you have a cream colored white blazer, pair it with winter skinny jeans such as corduroy or velvet fabrications. Adding texture to your outfit is the way to take the look to the next level.


Black Blazer Outfit

Black Blazer Outfit

source: @useless_dk

Black goes well with every basic essential you have. From simple tees to boyfriend jeans, adding the best tote bag for work and travel that every fashion girl owns is an excellent idea.


Grey Blazer Outfit

Grey Blazer Outfit

source: @fbdindandon

In order to complete grey blazer outfits, all you need is a white tee, boyfriend jeans and a classic high heels. Adding a cute belt and hair accessories help to make the look feel more casual.


Blue Blazer Outfit

Blue Blazer Outfit

source: @theallyedit

Pastel blue with pretty chiffon floral dress is perfect for a look to wear as a spring wedding guest. Accentuate your waist with a skinny belt, and also wear cute ankle boots instead of heels for the special occasion.


Pink Blazer Outfit

Pink Blazer Outfit

source: @nadiaanya_

Spring is all about pink blazer outfits. It brightens up your skin and instantly lightens up your wardrobe.

Cool boots and plain white t-shirts are a must. This is how to dress up classic white t-shirt outfits to wear all year round.


Red Blazer Outfit

Red Blazer Outfit

source: @mgsimplestyle

There is something about a chic red blazer. It makes you look edgy and feminine at the same time.

Matching with a white tank top underneath helps to neutralize the bright red color. Adding basic items such as heels or market tote bag from your classic wardrobe pieces ensures that this look will never go out of style.


Brown Blazer Outfit

Brown Blazer Outfit

source: @melisekrem

Brown blazer outfits are perfect for early fall. Easily dress down or dress up with your cropped wide leg pants that go well with fashionable loafers. This look is so cute that you won’t want to take it off.


Spring Blazer Outfit Ideas

Spring Blazer Outfit

source: @sahityajagannathan

Ditch your bottoms! Instead, go with a long boyfriend blazer and wear it as a dress for the day. The longer the better for this look.

Make sure to grab cute ankle boots that go well with your personal style for the day.


Summer Blazer Outfit Ideas

Summer Blazer Outfit

source: @instamelyy

Summer blazer outfit ideas are all about the two-piece set. Go with matching shorts and crop top to create this look.

Blazer co-ord styles are everywhere this year.


Fall Blazer Outfit Ideas

Fall Blazer Outfit

source: @rosaandthecity

Sweater weather time! Swap your sweater this season and instead go with pretty sweater dresses to layer over your favorite boyfriend jeans.

Don’t forget to pair the look with knee high boots to stay warm and look stylish throughout the season.


Winter Blazer Outfit Ideas

Winter Blazer Outfit

source: @stylemocca

Stay cozy and dress chic with an oversized blanket scarf that goes well with your plaid wool boyfriend blazer. Roll up your jeans and you are set to go.


From classic plaid to high-quality wool boyfriend blazers, there are so many cool blazers that go well with your style and every capsule wardrobe essentials. Find your perfect match and create edgy blazer outfits for the day. Get inspiration from these styling tips to help elevate your wardrobe so you know what to wear every season for every occasion.

What do you wear with your favorite boyfriend blazers?

Share your edgy blazer outfit ideas with us!


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Edgy Blazer Outfit Ideas To Elevate Your Wardrobe

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