Everlane Shopping Tips To Buy Quality Clothes On A Budget

If you’re looking to splurge on trendy and stylish clothes, then Everlane should be your go-to option. I shopped from the Everlane online store the first time based on the suggestion of a friend, and I have absolutely no regrets about it. Here are the best Everlane shopping tips to get you started with buying quality clothes on a budget.

The clothes from their line are basic, casual and yet incredibly stylish. In case you’re planning to shop from the brand for the first time, here are some Everlane shopping tips that you should be using to save money on must have quality clothing essentials.


What Is Everlane Clothing?

What Is Everlane Clothing? source: @mademoisellejaime

Everlane is a US based clothing retailer that sells trendy and stylish clothes online. The company has its headquarters on Valencia Street in San Francisco, California. Quite recently, they also recently opened a small store in New York City.


Who started Everlane?

Everlane was established in 2010 by Michael Preysman and Jesse Farmer. The store initially started out as a menswear brand. However, after a couple of years, they decided to manufacture clothing for women as well.

Within just five years of their inception, the company managed to garner $1.1 million in seed funding. Everlane is not a public company, and currently Everlane Inc. is privately owned.


Is Everlane a good brand?

I first stumbled on Everlane when a friend recommended their online store to me. My personal experience was amazing to say the least.

Interestingly, there are several others like me who have equally good things to say about the brand. Everlane is a globally recognized brand. You can count on them for a variety of different kind of clothes to add to your capsule wardrobe collection.


Everlane Store

Everlane offers free shipping within the US. If you live in the US, your first order from Everlane will be shipped free of cost. Free shipping is also applicable on all US based orders that have two or more items.


Does Everlane ship internationally? 

Everlane currently ships to 74 countries located in North and South America, Asia Pacific, African, European and Middle Eastern regions.

In case you live outside the US or have ordered a single item, you can choose from the Economy, Express or a Next Day mode of shipping. The price will range from $4.95 to $25 depending on your preferred method, your location and the weight of the item being shipped.


Does Nordstorm sell Everlane?

Yes, you can find a wide range of products from the Everlane Collection at Nordstorm. The retail department store currently sells both men’s and women’s apparel from the brand.


Where to buy Everlane Shoes?

Everlane recently launched their shoe collection beginning with one high quality style in multiple colors. They display the footwear in their company owned storefront called Tread, located in Downtown Los Angeles.

If you’re looking to buy Everlane shoes elsewhere, you can also head directly to the platform’s online portal. You will find the newest shoes in the trendiest styles here. Alternatively, you can also visit department stores like Nordstorm to make your purchase.


Everlane Size Comparison

Clothing sizes vary between the different retailers in the marketplace. This is because all companies and brands have set a different standard for how clothing fits. The companies all have various customer ranges and target markets, so therefore the customer base has significant differences.

When sizing clothing, the retailers use a range of standards to fit. Individual attention is focused on areas that other vendors might not concern themselves with. As a result, there is a variance between sizing and its rare that retailers adhere to the same standards across the board.


Does Everlane size run small?

When buying expensive high quality clothing, you want make sure that it fits you properly. In my experience, Everlane clothes are completely true to their size. This is particularly relevant for tank tops, tees, long sleeves and sweaters.

For blouses and dresses, you can size down a little if you’re looking to avoid boxiness. The same thing applies for denims and tapered fit pants and similar trouser styles.

Shoes and undergarments have also been true to their size for me. However, it can always vary depending on your fit and body structure.


Are Everlane shoes true to size?

Since Everlane shoes are available in a wide range of variants, I am particularly fond of wearing them. And in my experience, they have been completely true to size.

However, I have stumbled on a few reviewers that suggest Everlane shoes have a narrow fit. So, my suggestion here would be to go through some comments and finally make your own judgment depending on your shoe size.


Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later source: @kjpinc

When shopping for quality clothing, it may be in your best interest to purchase an expensive garment that you will own for a long time, rather than multiple cheaper products. Therefore, Everlane came up with a purchasing plan that allows customers to own the goods, and slowly pay off the purchasing price.

Everlane runs a sales program called “Buy Now, Pay Later.” This allows you to purchase items on credit, and pay them off over time. These are practical Everlane shopping tips that allow you to build a capsule wardrobe with quality garments that you are excited to wear regularly.


Does Everlane have sales?

Everlane is very transparent with the ethical production process they use, and also the cost of manufacturing. As a result, they’re pricing margins run fairly tight. Therefore, their promotions and sales strategy is a bit different from the traditional approach to markdown prices.

While Everlane does have sales, they are not the conventional kind. The next Everlane shopping tips we will talk about include the ‘Choose What you Pay’ sale. This is where you get to choose from three staggered price points and select the price that you want to pay for each item.


What is Everlane ‘Choose What you Pay’?

Sometimes the designers at Everlane are so particularly fond of a design that they produce plenty of units in that specific design. The items are then put on sale, and you are given the discretion to choose the price from three available price ranges.

As you hover your mouse over each price range, you are informed about where exactly your money is going. At the end of the day, you get to keep track of every penny spent on the item. As of now, this event is held twice a year by Everlane.


Everlane Black Friday

Everlane follows a different kind of Black Friday model. Last year (2018), they came up with a campaign where they claimed to donate $13 to the Surfrider Foundation for every order you placed on their portal. This deal was specifically aimed at Everlane Black Friday customers.


Everlane Cyber Monday

Everlane’s Cyber Monday sale follows a similar pattern as their Black Friday strategy. Therefore, a part of the sales are donated for an environmental cause that helps offset global waste and pollution.


Everlane Essentials

As I previously mentioned, I love the collection of Everlane essentials. They are high quality, durable and therefore last a long time.

In addition, the items are all classic capsule wardrobe staples. Therefore, I find myself mixing and matching the pieces with everything in my closet. As a result, I am constantly utilizing these must have essentials when deciding what to wear today.


What to buy from Everlane?

What To Buy From Everlane: Spring linen shirt / kick crop jeans / tote / loafers

For spring, you can pick the kick crop jeans from Everlane and team it up with a saddle colored tote. You can also pair with the classy day loafers to complete your look.

What To Buy From Everlane: Summer tanks /  denim skirt / wedge sandals / baseball cap

For summer, keep it cool and relaxed with tanks, tees, and wide legged crop pants. Try the denim skirt for a classy 90s vibe.

What To Buy From Everlane: Fall trench coat / boots / cardigan / wrap dress

For fall, you can wear the classic drape trench coat and team it up with a pair of day boots.

What To Buy From Everlane: Winter parka / sweater / skinny jeans / sneakers

You’ll find plenty of winter wear at Everlane, For winter, we would recommend you to choose the suave Unisex Winter Parka for a stylish look that feels warm.


Everlane Return Policy

The Everlane return policy is quite simple to follow. There are a few specific requirements to follow, but simply put the clothing cannot be washed, worn or damaged. In addition, the items should be in the original packaging. Everlane has a free returns policy if you follow the explicit instructions.


Everlane Free Returns

You are eligible for a free return, if you return the item within 60 days of its purchase. Do note that you will not be eligible for the free return if you wear, wash or damage the item in any way. The items should also be unaltered and kept in their original packaging.


Everlane Happy Returns

Happy Returns is the option where customers can physically visit an Everlane store and return the item in-person. In this case, the amount will be refunded immediately. However, in order to qualify for this refund, you need to ensure that the item is unwashed, unworn and completely damage free.


How do I return Everlane?

In order to initiate a refund, you need to click the ‘Orders and Refunds’ option and tick the checkboxes against the items you want to refund.

Next, you need to choose the mode of return (in-person or online). Once you do this, you will get a shipping label with the relevant return instructions.

This shipping label will be prepaid and it will require you to key in your return authorization number. Any return without this number will be rejected.


Everlane Coupons and Discounts

Everlane Coupons and Discounts source: @rohinielyse

Everyone searches for Everlane shopping tips that include coupons and discounts. We have a few options for you to consider during your next clothing shopping spree. Save money by shopping smart with these money saving tips.


Everlane Student Discount

Its fantastic that Everlane offers a student discount of 20%. You can claim this discount with the code STU20.


Everlane 20% off

Everlane launches discounts from time to time. You can use unique coupon codes to activate their 20% off offer.


Everlane 10% off on first order

You can use the code 84B48D to enjoy up to 10% discount on your first order from Everlane.


$40 Credit

While Everlane doesn’t offer a $40 credit, you will be eligible for a $25 credit the first time your friend/referral makes a purchase from the online store.


Ebates Everlane

As of now, Ebates doesn’t offer any coupons for Everlane.


Everlane is easily one of my favorite brands. They cover the core capsule wardrobe essentials, and make high quality clothing with a transparent manufacturing process. Furthermore, here a few of the best clothing shopping tips that I continue to use on a  regular basis.

Use these Everlane shopping tips to help you find the best quality clothing that fits within you budget. Save money while you build a capsule wardrobe collection filled with must have essential things that every woman needs in her closet.


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Everlane Shopping Tips To Buy Quality Clothes On A Budget

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