Fall Hiking Outfits That Look Cute And Are Functional In Cold Weather


The mountains are changing colors, temperatures dropping, and we are finally bug-free from flies and mosquitoes. That’s why fall is everyone’s favorite season for hiking and outdoors adventure. Dress to impress with these fall hiking outfits. This guide shows you how to look cute when fall hiking in cold weather.

When the seasons change and the weather cools, I always make sure to adjust my hiking gear to give more warmth and protection on cool days. Planning is essential when deciding how to look cute when wearing fall hiking outfits. There are a variety of weather conditions to prepare for whether you are traveling in snow country or even visiting the desert to hike.


Fall Hiking Outfits That Are Cute And Functional

Even though there generally aren’t any major changing weather conditions in the Southern California mountain ranges, its best to have backpack full of hiking gear kit for you to be safe. Being prepared is an essential part of fall hiking outfits.

Always have this checklist with you before begin the trail:

  • Always check the weather that day and dress according the temperature.
  • Make sure your fall hiking outfits are adequate based on the length and difficulty of the hike.
  • For longer day hikes, wear layers so you can easily discard as you warm up.
  • If you are going for short and easy hikes, wear sneakers and for more challenging longer trails wear hiking boots and bring trekking poles.
  • It’s always a great idea to wear a bright colored hat or vest for personal safety when fall hiking in hunting areas.


What To Wear On A Hike And Still Look Cute

What To Wear On A Hike And Still Look Cute is perfect fall hiking outfit ideas on how to look cute when fall hiking in 55 degree weather. With this mountain sporty jackets and sweatshirts! So stylish! #fallhiking #hikingoutfit #hiking #outfitideas #outdoor #capsule #capsulewardrobe #wardrobes #fall #outfits #plaid

When it comes to hiking outfits, during summer time, it is so much easier to grab your favorite thermal leggings and simple boxy oversized shirt to look cute. But 55 degree weather is definitely cooler fall hiking conditions and in order to keep warm on the trail, you need to stay moving.

With this in mind, let’s review these essential items for fall hiking outfits. Here area list of fall capsule wardrobe essentials.


Base Layer And Warm Layer

Base Layer And Warm Layer is perfect idea on how to look cute when fall hiking in 55 degree weather. Cute coats with jeans! #fallhiking #hikingoutfit #hiking #outfitideas #outdoor #capsule #capsulewardrobe #wardrobes #fall #outfits #plaid #jeans #jackets

Especially in cool fall weather, it is important to have layered hiking clothes. When you are looking what to wear for a base layer, I highly recommend wearing merino wool fabric long sleeve top. And not cotton fabric clothing.

For a warm layer, its best to wear a 100-weight thin fleece with this insulated jacket to keep you warm from strong winds and wet weather.


Fall Hiking Pants

Fall hiking pants and leggings is perfect wardrobe ides on how to look cute when fall hiking in 55 degree weather! Love this puffy jacket and sweatshirts! #fallhiking #hikingoutfit #hiking #outfitideas #outdoor #capsule #capsulewardrobe #wardrobes #fall #outfits #plaid #leggings #sweatshirts

Getting wet pants while fall hiking can easily happen from heavy rain and wind. This pair of waterproof storm surge pants has a thicker fabric that will prevent the risk of hypothermia.


Cute Fall Hiking Boots

These Cute Fall Hiking Boots is awesome idea on how to look cute when fall hiking in 55 degree weather. Perfect shoes with the north face socks for camping. #fallhiking #hikingoutfit #hiking #outfitideas #outdoor #capsule #capsulewardrobe #wardrobes #fall #outfits #plaid #hikingboots #socks

In the fall, the trail is wetter and rougher. Not only that, but your backpack might be bit heavier with more gear and snacks than during summer time. Always pick lightweight hiking boots that provide ankle support and have extra liner to give waterproof support for crossing a muddy trail.


Rain Hiking Outfits

Stylish Rain Hiking Outfits is best how to look cute when fall hiking in 55 degree weather. Love this north face jackets with black leggings. Perfect for exploring autumn and camping. #fallhiking #hikingoutfit #hiking #outfitideas #outdoor #capsule #capsulewardrobe #wardrobes #fall #outfits #plaid #puffjacket #leggings

Fall hiking is all about preparing for weather changes in the mountains. Rain is something that we cannot avoid. When preparing for how to look cute when fall hiking in 55 degree weather, make sure to pack a stylish waterproof jacket and hiking boots that are puddle-friendly.

In addition, add a layer of light rain protection to your shoes with a waterproof spray.


Fall Hiking Accessories

Fall Hiking Accessories is the best way to look cute when fall hiking in 55 degree weather. Love this beanie with rain jacket! Perfect for outdoors camping in the mountain. #fallhiking #hikingoutfit #hiking #outfitideas #outdoor #capsule #capsulewardrobe #wardrobes #fall #outfits #plaid #beanie #camping

To keep you extra warm during cold day, wear a simple beanie or a buff. Bring a pair of thin runner’s gloves which is perfect when using trekking poles in the cold mountain air.


When it is colder and wetter, it is especially challenging to get out of comfy and cozy home to go for a hike. But with the best clothes shopping tips and cold weather layering hacks, you will understand how to look cute when wearing fall hiking outfits for cold weather.

As a result, you look stylish and keep warm throughout the hike. Grab your favorite coffee in an insulated hot drink flash and enjoy the beautiful foliage changes.

What do you wear to look cute when fall hiking?

Share your favorite styling tips with us!


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These how to look cute when fall hiking in 55 degree weather ideas are THE BEST! Love these outdoors camping and travel essentials! From sporty leggings, jeans, the north face jackets, puffy vest, sweatshirts and plaid shirts and sweaters for wardrobes. Travel and explore nature with these packlist! #fallhiking #hikingoutfit #hiking #outfitideas #outdoor #capsule #capsulewardrobe #wardrobes #fall #outfits #plaid #packinglist #whattowear

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