Festival Style Tips And Tricks That Will Save You Money

Festival season doesn’t have to leave you broke, check out these money saving festival style tips and tricks so that you can have fun and stay stylish for your next festival outing.

Attending Coachella, Lollapalooza and other festival gatherings can be super pricey. Just to attend and stay cheap at one of the most popular festivals, Coachella, can cost around $593 on top of the price of any flights, automobile or train travel.

Check out these cheap travel hacks, its important to save a few bucks where you can so you are able to enjoy all that the venue has to offer.


Festival Style Tips And Tricks

For major promotional venues, a basic individual one day ticket price could average around $399. In general, most collective gatherings and music festivals last around 2 to 3 days.

I always stay the entire festival. I have a hard time only going for one day. You must know packing and travel tips, but here are a few of my favorite hacks.

Make sure to follow these money saving festival style tips and tricks so that your outfits always stays fresh and on point! The key to success, is sticking to a budget and rotating your gear as much as possible!

I have a collection of accessories I tap into on a regular basis. These money saving festival style tips and tricks help keep my initial costs low so that I can go and have a great time!


Recycle Festival Fashions

It’s not worth spending top dollars on clothes from name brands, especially  when you intend on wearing them only one time. Perhaps you will store it in the closet till the next year, but who knows.

Try getting together with a group of friends or organize a Clothing Swap Facebook Group online; get everyone to bring their old festival outfits and accessories to an arranged clothing swap.


Shop Your Closet

It’s the perfect time to wear things from your closet that you don’t normally get  a chance to show off. You can skip the mall shopping and dig out those forgotten treasures and fun pieces from your closet instead!

You never know what you will come up with 😉


Sell Last Year Festival Outfits Through ThredUp

You can sell your festival outfits from last year and earn cash! ThredUp makes it easy to recycle and you can swap with festival lover brands like Free People for this festival season.

Simply order a pre-paid shipping bag, fill it with clothes and leave it on your doorstep.

Pro tip: takes couple of weeks to get it done, so give yourself plenty of time.


Pack An Extra Layer Of Clothing

Layers will be your best friend in a festival. No matter how cold it gets during the evening time; bring an extra hoodie or oversized jumper to provide relief as you stand and watch early morning shows.

In addition, pack a plentiful amount of plaid shirts and lightweight knits that you can tie around the waist or shoulder when the weather warms up.

A neckerchief and lightweight scarf will also be great to stay stylish and also have for the chilly nights!


Get A Timeless, Show Stopping Accessory

Instead of buying a whole new outfit, purchase show stopping accessories such as a hat, flower crown, or chainmail neckerchief and also pair it with your favorite lace kimono and denim shorts!

I personally recommend investing in quality pieces you will want to wear for the longterm. Well made ethical accessories last longer than outfits from fast fashion, I promise!


Hit Local Thrift Stores

Are you a big vintage thrift shopper like I am? Actually, going through local thrift stores you can find cool vintage denim shorts, sheer maxi dresses, and lace crop tops for a cheap price.

Have fun searching through history and find trendy festival fashions at your local vintage store.


Look For Coupons and Sales

You can also flip through coupons and shop the sales to score better deals on clothing. The extra searching will be a worthwhile boost to your wardrobe.

My favorite discount coupon money saving festival style tips and tricks can be found at Nordstroms Rack. I also always manage to score incredible finds and sweet accessories at Target to finish off my festival outfit styles.


Pick The Best Festival Shoes

Walking, dancing, standing, and stomping the ground with long lasting shoes that won’t cause blisters, is an essential must have. I want to have fun, not go home with sore and cut up feet.

Fashion is important, but so is comfort. The most popular shoes for Instagrammable fashionistas are booties, lace-up gladiators, slides, sneakers, and flatforms.


Invest In A Fannypack

Want to be hands free at the festival? You’ll want to carry drinks or throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Invest in a stylish and compact fannypack so that you don’t look like a tourists.

Ironically, a fannypack is one of the best safe and secure travel items for busy destinations. When in a foreign countries or even a crowded festival venue, a backpack is behind you and could be opened without you really nothing.

Often times you may be distracted or purely enjoying the moment. The last thing you want to worry about is the contents of your backpack or purse.

By wearing a fannypack, you keep your belongings in front of you and secure. Items are easily reached and you can grab at anytime. When I don’t have much to carry except a handful of essentials, I prefer this method much more to anything else.


Tights Will Become Your Best Friends

Showing off your sexy legs seems to be most common festival style look. When it rains and the temperature drops, we all need tights. They are easy to wash, quick to dry, small to pack and surprisingly warm.

Pack woolly or opaque tights to wear under shorts and summer dresses on cooler days. Even in the evening time when the sun goes down, this is the first extra layer I reach for. Keeps me warn into the night.


I hope you enjoyed these money saving festival style tips and tricks. If you’re looking for more fun inspiration, view some of my favorite items I feature in this classic capsule wardrobe.

In addition, I collect many DIY clothing hacks and inspirational outfit styles through a wide range of outside influences. Check them out yourself and you may find some tips to save you money along the way.

What’s your money saving festival style tips and tricks?

Share your budget friendly hacks with us!


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10 money saving festival style tips and tricks that will save your life

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