Flats Outfit Ideas To Wear The Fashion Girl Way

Do you have any fun flats outfit ideas that go well with your favorite capsule wardrobe essentials? It’s easy to dress up in jeans and a simple t-shirt with your flats to create a casual look for the day. But is that the only way to wear your flat shoes?

From basic tops and bottoms to special occasion dresses, there are numerous pieces that actually go well with simple classic flats.


What do you wear with flats?

It’s overwhelming to find clothes to wear with flats when you don’t have a capsule wardrobe filled with year round outfit options.

The best place to start is to get comfortable flats shoes. Make sure the size, color, style and design go well with your personality and wardrobe collection.

It is important to know what goes well with flats from your classic wardrobe pieces. This will help you create flats outfit ideas that never go out of style.

Here are the basic items that pair really well with flats:

Make sure to either wear no show socks for spring and summer seasons or thermal tights and leggings during the fall and winter. No matter what, classic flats are versatile and go with every piece from best base layers all season.


How to look taller with flats?

Because flats don’t have heels, unfortunately they make you look short with every outfit.

The great news is that there are expert ways to look taller with flats. Use these styling tips everyday when you are planning to wear flats for the day. We promise that you won’t regret it.

  • Go with nude flats. It gives the illusion that your legs are longer when matching closely to your skin tone shade. Actually, this trick works for all shoes including flats and heels.
  • Pair your outfit ideas with low-cut flats. The more you show your feet, the taller you look visually. This styling tip helps make you look longer and slimmer.
  • Avoid flimsy shape flats. Instead, choose solid and structured flats to add weight to your leg. These types of flat shoes help to create a streamlined silhouette for your legs.
  • Choose pointy flats and not round-toe shoes. Ironically, pointed shoes help to give your feet and legs length. If you have long feet, skip this tip because it may make your feet look absurdly long.
  • Ditch ankle straps. Flats with straps tend to cut the legs visually and also add weight to the ankles, which is something that you want to avoid.
  • When wearing a skirt or dress, make sure the hemlines are above the knees. It is the perfect length to expose your legs for a professional setting.
  • Show off your ankles. Whether you are wearing jeans or pants, make sure to expose the smallest and skinniest part of the body to draw attention to them.

It’s not flattering to wear flats outfit ideas and look extra short. Always remember to wear flats in a way that upgrades your look with your everyday capsule wardrobe essentials.


Flats Outfit Ideas

Flats Outfit

source: @kathleen_barnes

It’s super easy to create casual outfit ideas with flats that you can wear on repeat. However, it requires more creativity and personality to put together flats outfit ideas to wear the fashion girl way.

Take time to choose the perfect size and style of flat shoes. As a result, it will go well with your lifestyle and the best base layers so that your flats outfit ideas last for decades to come.


How To Wear Flat Shoes With A Dress

How To Wear Flat Shoes With A Dress

source: @rachelschwartzmann

If you are wearing a maxi dress and don’t know how to wear flat shoes with a dress, simply match the color of your dress.

The key to this outfit is wearing a maxi dress that hits just above your ankle bone, this is the proper dress length to pair with flat shoes.


How To Wear Flat Shoes On A Night Out

How To Wear Flat Shoes On A Night Out

source: @heynasreen

Other than heels, it seems like ballet shoes are boring to wear on a night out.

Choose flats that have a sexy leopard print and are a pointy toe style. Even though you are wearing skinny jeans, wear a lace camisole on top to have fun.


How To Wear Flats To Work

How To Wear Flats To Work

source: @carly

If you have casual flats for work, it’s easy to come up with how to wear flats to work. Simply grab your cute poplin eyelet top with jeans, and then add the crossbody bag that every fashion girl owns.


How To Wear Flats With A Formal Dress

How To Wear Flats With A Formal Dress

source: @thelenparentstyle

Ditch the pump heels for a special occasion.

To make your formal dress perfect for any occasion, choose flats that are the same color as your dress and tote bag that are work and travel friendly.


How To Wear Ballet Flats With Jeans

How To Wear Ballet Flats With Jeans

source: @sydnesummer

If you have been wearing ballet flats only with a skirt, here is how to wear flat shoes with jeans. Layer a white poplin shirt with this chic boyfriend blazer to wear for work and also on the weekend.


Outfits With Flats And Jeans

Outfits With Flats And Jeans

source: @viktoria.dahlberg

Other than a white t-shirt, what else are good outfits with flats and jeans?

White, red, or green sweaters all work really well. Grab your favorite colored seriously soft and warm sweaters that you don’t want to take off.


Knee Length Dress With Flats

Knee Length Dress With Flats

source: @rachelschwartzmann

Whether for spring or summer, a knee length dress with flats is the way to go. Don’t forget to pair with nude color flats to make you look taller.

In addition, include the season appropriate straw tote bag that every fashionista pinned the most.


Black Flats Outfit Ideas

Black Flats Outfit

source: @thelizdee

Black flats are the easiest color to wear with literally anything.

Accessorize your look with cozy blanket scarves that make your outfit look stylish. Plaid or oversized scarf, it’s up to you!


White Flats Outfit Ideas

White Flats Outfit

source: @yaelsteren

Modern and crisp white flats are not easy to wear if your concerned about looking short. Just remember to choose a pretty denim skirt that is way above the knee to draw attention to the length of the leg.


Pointed Toe Flats Outfits

Pointed Toe Flats Outfits

source: @everydaypursuits

Do you know that pointed toe flats make you look longer?

Even though you are wearing a maxi skirt, it’s totally fine if you tie a knot on your plain white t-shirt to look chic and stylish.


Cute Outfits With Flats

Cute Outfits With Flats

source: @rachelschwartzmann

To make outfits look way cuter with flats, all you need is this cool girl denim jacket and a floral dress. You will end up wearing this outfit 7 day a week.


Spring Outfit Idea With Flats

Spring Outfit Idea With Flats

source: @alifedotowsky

Create a spring outfit idea with flats and classic skinny jeans.

This style never looses its shape and thats why every fashion girl wears this look on repeat for every occasion.


Summer Outfits With Flats

Summer Outfits With Flats

source: @alizeymirza

Summer outfits with flats are best in a monochrome color palette.

Simple black turtleneck top and white pants is a perfect style to make you look taller. Make sure to tuck-in your top for extra length.


How To Wear Flats In The Fall

How To Wear Flats In The Fall

source: @chantellepaige

Before you start wearing boots, utilize this tip for how to wear flats in the fall. Simply wear a cool graphic tee and a chic faux leather moto jacket to look edgy all season long.


How To Wear Flats In Winter

How To Wear Flats In Winter

source: @kule

Stay warm with a sweatshirt and wool coat so that you can wear flats in winter. This look is definitely street style casual when you want to run an errand for the day.


From ballet shoes to loafer flats, there are many different flat shoes that doesn’t have heels. It’s important to choose perfectly fitted flats for your feet in order to prevent any foot, hip or back pain.

Furthermore, look for a color palette that goes well with your wardrobe. With these flats outfit ideas, you will get to enjoy comfortable shoes with every capsule wardrobe essentials all year long.

How do you wear flat shoes?

Share your cute flats outfit ideas with us!


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Flats Outfit Ideas To Wear The Fashion Girl Way

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