20+ Must Have Food Apps For The Worldwide Traveler

We travelers LOVE local food apps while on the road. Whether you’re checking for directions, a restaurant review, or how to live like a local, apps can assist you in reaching your final destination. These high-tech food apps will be ready to help you whenever you need them to save time, money and your sanity next time you travel! Before your next adventure, give these food apps a download and let us know what you think!

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The Fork


TripAdvisor’s new food apps TheFork, allows travelers to discover the top rated restaurants around the world.  The app also features great deals and discounts, and each listing has photos, menu items, and a map.


Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals is an app, which handpicks locals to write about their favorite spots in their own city.  These city guides offer the ultimate insider tips! The best thing about this app is that is always up-to-date, and only local favorites are highlighted and not just the usual tourist traps. Users get offline maps and tips and are able to save favorites to the map.


Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is a crowd-sourced guide for restaurants and attractions worldwide. Browse through millions of reviews, images and videos. You can also access contact details, search for nearby establishments, explore restaurants by food type, and price range or rating,. Additionally, you can provide insight by posting your own reviews, images and entries for the places you visit. There are multiple features contained in offline mode making it a useful app for many situations.



Restaurant.com is an international restaurant review app to help you catch some of those hidden gems you may want to add to your list.  Discounts are often available which is an added plus.



I have to admit I’m partial to Yelp. I’ve attempted many similar food apps and can say that Yelp provides superior local crowdsourcing. From a street corner use your GPS to find where those delicious food smells are coming from. Check out user reviews to see which restaurants and local amenities are the best, and to see what tips and photos people have shared before you decide where to go.


Google Translate

When abroad, it’s really helpful to have a couple language apps handy.  Google Translate has saved me more than once, especially when I need to find a bathroom! Not only can you translate text by manually typing it in, it can instantly translate a conversation, or translated text from your cameras picture. Google recently switched to translations based on machine learning, improving results for difficult translations.


XE Currency

The best way to avoid getting overcharged and making costly mistakes while traveling is to be aware of the exchange rate all the time. XE Currency works offline, helps calculate conversions and downloads live exchange rates when requested.


North America



Locavore helps you locate local and in-season produce. It offers in easy to follow recipes, which are fantastic for doing your own cooking on the road.




Paris Pastry

paris pastry

If you’ll be in Paris, this is the go to food and Pastry apps to guide you to all things sweet.


The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris

the food lover's guide to paris

If you’ll be in Paris, this is the go to food apps to guide and tailor your city foodie tour.


South America




In South America, most restaurants aren’t on Yelp and a lot aren’t on TripAdvisor, but already in over a dozen major Latin American cities, nearly all are on Restorando. If you book a table through the Resorando app, a good discount 20-40% off may be available.


NearMe Comer & Beber 

NearMe Comer & Beber is designed to find restaurants and bars in Spanish speaking countries. By using the desktop version on a CPU you can easily translate into English.



Kekanto is like the Brazilian equivalent of Yelp. Recently they have begun adding content in major cities of the neighboring countries.




Open Rice

OpenRice originated in Hong Kong but is available throughout Asia. The food apps is a local alternative for finding restaurant reviews and making reservations. The desktop version translates, which can help us travelers.



For finding the best ramen, sushi, and curries throughout Japan, Teriyaki is an excellent gourmet guide food apps.



Chope! for restaurant reservations in Singapore



Burrple and let it lead you to the newest and hottest restaurants in Singapore.



Wongai is a useful app and resource for finding the best restaurants and spas in Thailand.


Middle East



Burrp helps you find restaurants and discounts like happy hours, across all major Indian cities.



Zomato gives you restaurant reviews and currently supports India, UAE and Lebanon.



Timescity, in addition to finding and booking restaurants, also has an app for films (and obviously, you’ll want to catch a Bollywood film while in India!)


Do you seek out local food when traveling? I want to know your tips for success!


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  1. What a truly amazing list this is! Booking this for sure…just a great resource for when travelling. Enjoying different dining and cuisines is just a major part of experiencing different destinations and these are such wonderful tools to help do that.

  2. I have used spotted by locals and it has led me to some authentic food in Seoul. So cant thank it enough. Nice compilation. Will check them out!

    1. These apps would benefit many travelers. Hope others share their experiences using these different travel apps so that their network grows stronger.

  3. Oh wow, some of these I’ve never even heard of! Thank you for this list! I want to add OpenTable, another fav food app I have.

  4. Thanks for collating information about these food apps. I would be so much easier to find great places to dine in if we have these apps on our devices. I will have to keep this in mind and recommend it to my friends too.

    1. Thank you so much we really enjoy that! We are glad that others find the informations useful and the tips worthy of sharing with their friends. 🙂

  5. Wow!…This is an impressive list of food apps. I have used Yelp before and thought it was very good. I haven’t heard of many you have listed here and now will check them out. Great informative post. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Kathryn! Oh yeah we do love yelp as well. There are plenty of other apps and our favorite was spotted by locals that we found and it worked super well when we were traveling full-time.

    2. Thank you! I was impressed with the number of high level services available worldwide today. Hope you share this with friends too 😉

  6. These are great apps for finding food places. I just am not sure how they would be at finding good out of the way places. That you kind of have to talk to people about.

    1. You always have to talk to people. There is no way to get around that. Of course that is how we get the best info while traveling!

  7. I’m familiar with most of the apps you listed. Some are not really food apps but, I suppose every app has an important purpose and adds value. Nice job!

    1. Hope you find the international variety of food apps to be useful in your travels. Their networks are growing stronger and will be useful traveling abroad.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this information! Will sure needs these apps when I go road tripping with my boyfriend this Spring!

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