27 Free Things At Disneyland That Make Your Wallet Happy

From the World of Color to Toy Story Midway Mania, and Guardians of the Galaxy, the most important mission of the day is to enjoy all of the fun rides when you visit the Disneyland theme parks. Ticket prices are higher than ever, so it’s equally important to find legit free things you can get at Disneyland.

With its slogan, “The happiest place on earth,” Disneyland attracts over 18 million visitors per year. As a result, the price and crowds increase higher and higher each year.

If you are planning to skip breathtaking beach destinations or beautiful hiking trails this summer and want to go the happiest place on earth, I don’t blame you.

Let me recommend the best legit free things you can get at Disneyland.

Disneyland Admission Prices Worldwide

Disney features 11 theme parks worldwide, including water parks, clubs and resort destinations.

Only 6 theme parks are actually Disneyland, and they each have a different cost of admission for a family of 4 that includes 2 adults, 1 teen and 1 under age of 10:

  • Orlando Walt Disney World Resort: $382
  • Anaheim Disneyland: $374
  • Hong Kong Disneyland: $260
  • Tokyo Disneyland: $245
  • Shanghai Disneyland: $198
  • Paris Disneyland: $153


Best Free Things At Disneyland

It’s definitely not a cheap vacation. And the last thing you want to do is spend more money on delicious food and memorable souvenirs.

Many of us might not know that there are more than 25 free things you can get at Disneyland that makes your wallet happy. With these tips you will be the happiest person at all the Disneyland around the globe.

Put on your pretty summer romper and a pair of cute and comfy sandals. Let’s enjoy a fun filled theme park day with some legit free things you can get at Disneyland.


Free Mint Julep

Free Mint Julep at Disneyland

source: @foodwithginny

Unfortunately, Disneyland no longer gives out free samples of popcorn any more.

But good news is that you can get a free mint julep sample in New Orleans Square before you commit to a purchase.


Free Dole Whip Topping

Free dole whip topping food is the best free things you can get at Disneyland! Top secrets tips on a budget. #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Andrew

You can snag a free sample of Tajín Clásico seasoning from the Tropical Imports stand in Adventureland.

This addicting seasoning is made with Mexican chilies, lime juice and sea salt. Sprinkle the spice on top of your pineapple soft serve Dole Whips and enjoy!


Free Ghirardelli Chocolate

Free Ghirardelli Chocolate at Disneyland

source: @makingitmickey

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

It’s a snack that nurtures the soul.

If you make it over to the Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure, you can get chocolate samples at Ghirardelli.

FIY, they don’t only have chocolate bars. The store also carries hot chocolate for cold winter nights, and hand dipped ice cream for hot summer days, yum.


Bite into Free Boudin Bread

Free Boudin Bread at Disneyland

source: @spideycat94

Learn how world-famous San Francisco sourdough bread is made.

Go on a bakery tour at Pacific Wharf’s Boudin Bakery and grab a free sample of delicious bread.


Unlimited Free Coke Refill

At Disneyland, restaurants that allow for free ice drink refills are really hard to find. It’s almost impossible to find one.

But White Water Snacks has a Coke Freestyle machine, and it’s customizable, too. 


Don’t Buy Bottled Water

At Disneyland, bottled water is $3!

There are 3 places you can get water for free.

Starbucks on the Main Street in Disneyland has two iced water coolers with cups on both sides. To get free iced water, you don’t need to be paying customer.

But, it may be worth it to also get an iced Keto drink or a Serious Strawberry Frappuccino to stay hydrated.

You can always ask for iced water or hot water at many restaurants in Disneyland.

Lastly, you will find water fountains near all public restrooms. Bring a reusable water bottle so you can refill all day long!


Get Free Autographed Character Photos

Get Free Autographed Character Photos is the best free things you can get at Disneyland! Love these characters and perfect DIY gift and souvenirs for birthday and wedding! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

Do you have a crush on one of the Disney characters?

Including everyone from the Princesses to Mickey Mouse, you can get autographed photos delivered right to your doorstep!

Simply send a letter to the address below requesting a nice character note:

Walt Disney Company

Attn: Fan Mail Department

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521

Tip: If you want to gift someone a Disney character letter for a birthday or a wedding, send to Disney 4-6 weeks early so that you make sure to give plenty of time for it to arrive. 


Plan Your Visit With FREE Disneyland Resort DVD

Plan Your Visit With FREE Disneyland Resort DVD is the best free things you can get at Disneyland! Great vacation planning trip ideas! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

If you are visiting Disneyland for two or three days, you better plan it right so you don’t miss anything!

Simply place your request online and the DVD will be mailed to your home.

FIY, this magic package comes with a brochure and many more goodies to inform you of all the fun things to do on your vacation.


Collect Free Celebration Buttons

Collect Free Celebration Buttons is the best free things you can get at Disneyland ever! Love these souvenirs that you can get pins! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

Sharing a birthday, first time visit, anniversary, honeymoon or any other celebratory days at Disneyland?

Make it much more memorable when you pick up a button from City Hall on Main Street.

The best part of all is that if you are wearing a happy birthday button, you might receive a free dessert and also receive dozens of “Happy Birthdays!” wishes all day long.


Take A Break From Walking, Get On The Free Monorail Ride!

Free Monorail Ride is the best free things you can get at Disneyland! Great ideas for rides. #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Norm Lanier

On average, you will be walking more than 10 miles a day at Disneyland.

Give your feet a break! Either wear a pair of comfy summer sandals or get on the free monorail ride and enjoy the aerial views.

You will pass through Fantasyland and Tomorrowland on your way around the Disneyland Park.

Kick back and enjoy the view, this is one of the most relaxing free things you can get at Disneyland.

Did you know that Disneyland Monorail is a “green” transportation train and does not emit exhaust or pollutants?


Use Disney PhotoPass To Take Your Perfect Family Photos

This PhotoPass is the best free things you can get at Disneyland for whole family. Great vacation planning ideas on a budget! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

We all hate to have to buy expensive cute family photos done by amusement park photographers or even ask hundreds of people to take photos of your family on your smartphone.

It’s a nightmare when you are surrounded by crowds.

If you are a Disney Signature Plus or Disney Premier annual pass holder, you can download your family photos for free and share them with your friends on Facebook.


Enjoy Free Fireworks Show At 5 Secret Spots

Enjoy free fireworks show at these top 5 secret spots is the best free things you can get at Disneyland! Funny countdown hacks! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Jackie Nell

On a few special occasions there are zero spots to watch the spectacular fireworks at Disneyland. I know how it is.


Top 5 secret spots you can watch fireworks shows at Disneyland:

  • Near the Cinderella Castle Walls
  • Near the Magic Carpet of Aladdin
  • Along the Riverwall
  • Near Under The Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • Tomorrowland


Get A Pack Of Free Bandages At Disneyland

Got blisters on your feet?

You can get over-the-counter medication and free bandages at Disneyland’s First Aid Station.

It is located at the end of Main Street, next to the Baby Care Center.

Pro Tip: If your kid got hurt and you want to make your child stop crying? You might be able to also get a coupon for a free churro!


Print Your Own Free Map of the Jungle Cruise

Print your own free map of the Jungle Cruise is the best free things you can get at Disneyland! Great souvenirs ideas for birthday! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by MouseWait

So you don’t get lost in the wilderness, before you hop on the world famous attraction, print out your own free map of the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.

Sorry for the Waze lovers, you probably have better chance to not get lost in the Jungle with this helpful navigation tool.


Plan And Get Free First Three FastPass+

Plan and get free first three FastPass is the awesome free things you can get at Disneyland! Best tickets to have to stay on a budget vacation. #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Cory Doctorow

If you bought your Disneyland theme park pass ahead of time, you will automatically be loaded with three FastPass+ selections per day.

This way you can skip the line and reserve your arrival times to get on a designated ride or attraction.

Plan ahead because this is a legit free things you can get at Disneyland.

Reserve your date and time up to 30 days in advance and up to 60 days early if you’re staying at a Disneyland hotel.


Get Free Sticker At Disneyland Baby Care Center

Even though Disneyland is known as a family friendly place, with the amount of large crowds its very possible to lose your child.

Ask for one of the cute Disney themed name stickers so that you can write the child’s name and your phone number in case they accidentally get lost.


Find Free Wifi At These Hotspots Around Disneyland

Everyone has unlimited access to Instagram and Facebook.

Smartphones definitely make waiting in the lines much more fun and allows time to fly by quickly.

Simply find the “Disney-Guest” network and there is no secret password needed!


The best wifi hotspots at Disneyland:

  • Pirated of the Caribbean
  • Information Board on Main Street
  • Tomorrowland
  • Central Plaza on Main Street
  • Small World Promenade
  • Rivers of America
  • Rancho del Zocalo Restaurant in Frontierland
  • South and North of Matterhorn Bobsled


Get 1 More Free Hour At Disneyland

Get 1 more free hour at Disneyland is the best free things you can get at Disneyland! With these tickets, it's perfect ideas to play vacation and stay on a budget! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Megan Schmidt-Frede

If you are a guest at the Disney resort, you will get an extra magic 1 hour early admission before the general public on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Don’t forget to bring your valid Disneyland tickets and hotel key.

Use this early morning time to check mark all the busy rides so you can get through without long lines.


Pamper Yourself With Free Sauna And Steam Room

Staying at the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa?

If you are spa guests, you have access to the Mandara’s luxurious sauna and steam room with any booked service.


Become Jedi For Free At Disneyland

Become Jedi for free at Disneyland is the best free things you can get at Disneyland ever! Really fun characters and ideas for vacation. #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Ken Lund

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Join the Jedi training academy and you come face-to-face with the dark lord of the Sith in Tomorrowland.

You don’t need to be physically fit to get accepted to the academy. The only requirement you need it is Disney Visa card.


Take Free Disney Animation Drawings Class

Take free Disney animation drawings class is perfect free things you can get at Disneyland! Perfect vacation ideas and more souvenirs tips! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Loren Javier

Every 30 minutes, you can take a free Disney animation drawing classes at Disneyland California Adventure.

It is a hands-on drawing class and you don’t need to make any reservations.

Take home your masterpiece and share with all your friends! This is for sure one of the most legit free things you can get at Disneyland.


Upgrade Your New Disneyland Driver’s License

Upgrade your new Disneyland driver’s license is the best free things you can get at Disneyland ever! Great souvenirs ideas and fun vacation hacks. #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Brent Schmidt

You don’t want to drive without a driver license.

Before you start driving in your fancy Autopia car, make sure to pick up a free Disneyland driver’s license.


Get Local News With Free Buena Vista Street Newspaper

Get local news with free Buena Vista Street Newspaper is the coolest free things you can get at Disneyland ever! You can grab one for souvenirs! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Loren Javier

You never know what’s going on daily in Disneyland!

Pick up a free Buena Vista Street newspaper at the entrance area of Disney California Adventure on Buena Vista Street.

You will get a timeline of what is going on during your visit.


Get Free Replacement Disneyland Balloons

You can get free replacement Disneyland balloons. These tips for free things you can get at Disneyland are the best! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

If your favorite character balloon has popped, simply bring the remnants of the balloon with you to nearby Cast Member and they will be happy to give you a brand new replacement balloon.

Hope it doesn’t pop again!


Learn How To Steer The Mark Twain Riverboat For Free

Learn how to steer the Mark Twain Riverboat for free this summer. These cool souvenirs are free things you can get at Disneyland. #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by Loren Javier

If you are the lucky person of the day, the captain of the Mark Twain Riverboat will teach you how to steer the vessel.

At the end, you will get an awesome free Mark Twain Riverboat Pilot Certificate as an award that you can show off to your friends!


Free TSA-Approved Disneyland Toiletries

Cute free TSA-approved Disneyland toiletries are the best free things you can get at Disneyland ever! You can grab it from any hotel and perfect souvenirs for everyone. #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

pic by bfurlong

If you are staying at the Disneyland Hotel, you can get these cute Mickey ears shampoo, conditioners and bath gel for free.

They’re not only cute, but they are also TSA-approved so that you can easily travel with them!


Certify As A Senior Wilderness Explorer And Receive A Sticker

Certify as a Senior Wilderness Explorer and receive sticker is the coolest free things you can get at Disneyland ever! Fun DIY map to have! #freebie #disneyland #disney #budgettravel #familytravel #disneytips #freedisney #free #traveltips #disneytravel #familyvacation #budgetvacation #disneylandtips

If you have already done breathtaking hiking trails with stylish summer hiking outfits, it will be easy for you to complete a series of tasks at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in California Adventure.

Make sure to bring your handy explorer map to the guides so you can get your free sticker and also become certified as a senior wilderness explorer.


So many fun and legit free things you can get at Disneyland that definitely will make your wallet the happiest wallet on the planet.

Spending 2-3 days at Disneyland?

It will be easy to miss lots of goodies and rides if you don’t plan it right. Plan ahead and score your free things you can get at Disneyland.

Hope these fun freebies add to your Disneyland vacation experience and make it much more memorable!

Do you know of any other free things at Disneyland?

Share your experience with us!


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