Gingham Top That Matches Every Capsule Wardrobe Style

Are you trying to find a gingham top that works well with your personal style? Here are solutions for how to choose the perfect gingham top that looks great on you and also goes well with your basic essentials

It’s become slightly more challenging when it comes to selecting print patterned clothing. Color, style and season affect how to choose the right prints that mix and match well with your classic wardrobe pieces.

In order to reduce the time it takes to dress up every morning, it is important to know how to find the best clothing that fits your lifestyle. As a result, you will be able to successfully build a capsule wardrobe with clothes that every woman must have in her closet.

If it feels like normal to spend hours searching, then you need the best clothing shopping tips. We provide solutions for you so that you won’t end up with clothes that don’t go together. Allow this styling guide to help you find the perfect gingham tops to add to your capsule wardrobe today.


What is the gingham pattern?

Gingham is a plain woven fabric that is made of dyed cotton yarn in the warp that always weaves along the grain in the weft. That is the reason why it creates a checkered look. As a result, many people confuse the difference between gingham and plaid.


Gingham vs. Plaid

The major difference between gingham and plaid is the basic pattern.

Gingham is always white and another color. In addition, both the vertical and horizontal lines are equal sizes and evenly spaced apart.

A plaid pattern has vertical and horizontal lines of various sizes and colors.

As a result, both styles are easily worn for many occasions during all four seasons.


How to choose the right gingham print for capsule wardrobe?

From black and white to different styles and body silhouette, there are various elements to consider when it comes to choosing the right gingham print top for a capsule wardrobe.

The key to successfully dressing up in a gingham top, shop smart and choose the right gingham print for your body type.

  • For apple shape: Choose a small sized gingham printed top. Since apple shape has more body mass on the top, the smaller scale print helps to avoid any additional volume in the top area. As a result, it makes the upper body appear smaller.
  • For pear shape: Go with an off the shoulder style gingham top. It will visually widen the upper torso and balance out the hip area. With this style top, you can wear white skinny jeans as the bottom and it won’t make your hips look wider.
  • For rectangular body shape: Pick a top that offers opposite contrast or waistline, such as peplum, to visually break up the upper and lower parts of the body. However, if you just have a simple gingham top that is boxy, layer with a cardigan or lightweight sweater to create this style line by yourself.
  • For hourglass shape: If you are tired of wearing peplum style tops, try a gingham top that has a front tie feature. It will create a defined waistline, and also maintain the natural curve of your waist.

It’s a great addition to incorporate subtle and classic print patterns, such as gingham prints, within your capsule wardrobe collection. Even though it looks like a casual print, you can still wear this pattern to work with a blazer and pump heel or even layer with casual basics to wear all year long.


Gingham Top For Every Capsule Wardrobe Style

Gingham Top That Matches Every Capsule Wardrobe Style

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From red and black to pastel and paisley colors, there are many different gingham tops to choose from that go well with your capsule wardrobe style. Therefore, its up to you to add the most attractive items that every woman must have in her closet.

Make sure to utilize these styling methods and also the best clothing shopping tips to help you. As a result, you will choose the perfect gingham tops for your body and avoid making the wrong wardrobe decisions.


Red Gingham Top

Red Gingham Top

The soft peplum red gingham top is perfect for every occasion.

Made with drapey 100% viscose fabric and 3/4 length sleeves, it creates a relaxed silhouette that goes well with classic jeans. Buy it here!


Yellow Gingham Top

Yellow Gingham Top

There is something about soft yellow color that is super sweet. The cropped length top with balloon sleeves and double tie closure in the open back is adorable.

Don’t forget to wear high-waisted bottoms to match well with this top. Buy it here!


Pink Gingham Top

Pink Gingham Top

The modern peplum style pink gingham top is perfect for stylish hourglass shaped girls. The chic wrap style with full skirt hemline will make you ditch the traditional fit-n-flare dress.

Grab your favorite cropped pants and wedged mules so that you are ready to rock. Buy it here!


Black Gingham Top

Black Gingham Top

Are you looking for a black gingham top that you can wear from spring to winter?

This bell sleeve comfy shirt is perfect for the festive season. You’ll love it so much that you will wish they also had more color patterns. Buy it here!


Blue Gingham Top

Blue Gingham Top

This peasant blouse silhouette blue gingham top has a cute thread tassel and tiny little ruffle detail around the sleeves.

It is so unique and yet a simple piece to add to your everyday wardrobe. Buy it here!


Light Blue Gingham Top

Light Blue Gingham Top

Light blue gingham top with semi-sheer fabric is so dreamy. It has a relaxed peplum silhouette with cut seaplane along the waist.

As a result, it is the perfect blouse for both rectangular and hourglass body types. Buy it here!


Gingham Tank Top

Gingham Tank Top

This gingham tank top is made with cotton gauze that is breathable and airy for summer weather.

Adjust the shoulder width with the cute drawstring tie detail on the shoulder. Don’t worry, it’s not sheer and is bra friendly. Buy it here!


Gingham Shirt

Gingham Shirt

Gingham shirts are a classic closet essential. This relaxed button-down shirt goes well with jeans or even layers with a slip dress.

Make a knot around the waist to style it for the day. It’s just a cute casual top that everyone has zero complaints about. Buy it here!


Gingham Crop Top

Gingham Crop Top

Do you love wearing high waisted bottoms?

Especially if you are an hourglass shape, this top is the way to dress up. Pair with high waisted bottoms and its the perfect gingham crop top to grab.

It has flutter sleeves with a button-front closure and square neckline. That is all you need to look flattering. Buy it here!


Gingham Wrap Top

Gingham Wrap Top

Gingham wrap tops make everyone look elegant and chic. The wrap silhouette accentuates the waistline and the deep plunging V-neckline makes you look flattering overall.

This top is made with lightweight poplin that has some stretch to make you feel comfortable while wearing all day long. Buy it here!


Gingham Cold Shoulder Top

Gingham Cold Shoulder Top

This rayon challis gingham cold shoulder top is a perfect casual summer top.

The keyhole front and relaxed body silhouette create a stylish look for the day with white skinny jeans. Buy it here!


Gingham Ruffle Top

Gingham Ruffle Top

The classically tiered ruffle sleeve is a perfect go-to gingham ruffle top.

Made with 100% rayon fabric, this top drapes nicely on the body. Simply pair it with denim jeans or a black mini skirt tucked-in for a date night look. Buy it here!


Gingham Top Off The Shoulder

Gingham Top Off The Shoulder

Gingham top off the shoulder will definitely become a new favorite. The short sleeve with knot tie detail is such an adorable feature that you won’t be able to resist.

The elastic neckline snugs nicely around your body and sits comfortably throughout the day. Buy it here!


Gingham Long Sleeve Top

Gingham Long Sleeve Top

Bell sleeve and tie detail, how can you not love this blouse?

The gingham long sleeve top has a hi-low hem that creates the dramatic modern look that you wished for. Buy it here!


Short Sleeve Gingham Top

Short Sleeve Gingham Top

Choosing a button-down short sleeve gingham top is an excellent idea. It never goes out of trend and you can’t go wrong with the items in the capsule wardrobe that you already have.

Make sure you look good in short sleeve length. If you have an hourglass body type, open up some buttons to create a cute V-neckline. Buy it here!


Sleeveless Gingham Top

Sleeveless Gingham Top

This sleeveless blouse with ruffled neckline challenges your layering skills. It’s a fun, elegant and beautiful piece to wear with a nice pair of black pants or leggings.

If you have a smaller bust, then this top is the perfect blouse to add volume to your outfit. Buy it here!


Smocked Gingham Top

Smocked Gingham Top

Smocked detail with off the shoulder silhouette is all you need for your capsule wardrobe. The bell sleeve and flared hemline adds a feminine touch to your outfit. Buy it here!


From stripes to floral, there are many different types of print patterns. But, adding gingham to your capsule wardrobe is a total game changer.

Grab your favorite gingham top using the tips above and pair it with capsule wardrobe essentials that you have in your closet. As a result, you will be able to create unique and personalized outfits to wear everyday.

What is your favorite style of gingham top?

Share the best gingham tops with us!


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Gingham Top That Matches Every Capsule Wardrobe Style

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