Gray’s Peak Trail In Big Bear

The Gray’s Peak Trail in Big Bear is one of our favorite hiking trails in the area because of the stunning landscape, panoramic viewpoints and the majestic old growth forest. Pack the ten essentials, because you will want them on this 6.5-mile intermediate level hiking trail.

The Gray’s Peak Trail in Big Bear is located on the north side of Big Bear Lake. As a result, the hiking trail sees significant sun exposure and can heat up quickly during a clear sunny day. There are large trees that line the edges of the hiking trail, but the high elevation direct sunlight can be intense during the summer.


Hike Gray’s Peak Trail In Big Bear

Hike Gray’s Peak Trail In Big Bear

You are definitely in the backcountry when you set forth on this hiking trail. Keep an eye out for wildlife like birds, lizards and chipmunks. You may even spot a bobcat in the boulders, and of course be cautious of rattlesnakes seeking warmth in the sun.

The Gray’s Peak Trail in Big Bear is gradually sloped making for a steady ascent up to the mountaintop. The hiking trail is very well maintained, and part of the way you even find yourself on a forest service dirt road. The views from the peak are breathtaking because it offers a unique lengthwise vantage of Big Bear Lake.


Kid Friendly Hiking Trail

Gray’s Peak Trailhead Parking

Gray’s Peak may not be the best trail for young children. But if your child has been on a few moderate level hikes and wants to push their boundaries to the next level, then enjoy this intermediate kid friendly hiking trail.

Pro Tip: To celebrate their achievement, you will even find a logbook and pencil in a small tin canister at the top of Gray’s Peak.


Dog Friendly Hiking Trail

Dog Friendly Hiking Trail on Gray’s Peak Trail In Big Bear

We have a pure breed adventure dog that is not intimidated by any mountains we’ve hiked thus far. He has long legs and can easily keep up with us on 6 mile hiking trails. We found this to be a dog friendly hiking trail, but I only recommend it for dogs that can easily walk the distance.

Note: Be aware of the direct sun exposure, hot footpaths and also be sure to monitor their heat level during a hot summer day.


Gray’s Peak Trailhead Parking

Kid Friendly Hiking Trail on Gray’s Peak Trail In Big Bear

The Gray’s Peak Trail in Big Bear begins off of Highway 38, about .5 miles west of Fawnskin, Ca. The Gray’s Peak trailhead parking lot is located directly across from the Grout Bay Picnic Grounds. There are plenty of parking spaces and also a large restroom available onsite.

Note: Be sure to bring your Adventure Pass or National Park Pass because the Gray’s Peak trailhead parking area requires it!


Gray’s Peak Trail in Big Bear is an intermediate level mountain biking and hiking trail that is absolutely worth attempting. There are so many opportunities for fun experiences when vacationing in Big Bear Lake. Bring your favorite adventure gear because there are plenty of fun things to do in this four seasons resort town.

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Gray’s Peak Trail In Big Bear

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