14 Secret H&M Shopping Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

From the essential basics of the DIVIDED label, to the sustainably made Conscious Exclusive collection, there are so many fun products to shop for at H&M. Lets save money with these top secret H&M shopping tips so that we can buy more brand name favorites.

The Swedish multinational clothing retail store is known for fast-fashion. They feature quality made, sustainable products at the best prices available. Use the secret H&M shopping tips to save money by purchasing your favorite products at discounted prices.


14 Secret H&M Shopping Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

14 Secret H&M Shopping Tips That Will Blow Your Mind #shoppingtips #outfit

If you are a H&M shopping addict and have been spending lots of money, we have great news for you. These 13 secret H&M shopping tips will blow your mind and are guaranteed to help you save money.

Whether you need secret H&M shopping tips for back to school wardrobe or even professional work outfits on a budget, we’ve got you covered.


H&M Clothing Online Shopping

Shopping online at the H&M website is so much fun because there is so many more options if you have a small H&M stores near you. From new arrivals to the limited editions, it is difficult to avoid sold out items in your size.
There is a great alternative when H&M clothing online shopping. You can get sales up to 90% off the original retail price. You will also receive an extra 20% off your first online purchase!

When does H&M get new shipments?

All H&M stores receive new shipments at least twice a week. Bigger H&M stores might receive new items on a daily basis.

So, stop by your local store during your lunch break to be the first one to grab new trendy items for your capsule wardrobe this season.


More Discounts By Using The H&M App

More discount by using the H&M app #shoppingtips #outfit

source: @my_lifestyle31

If you haven’t downloaded the H&M app yet, you are missing out! This free app will give you alerts when there are new discounts and deals.

Often times you can find 30% off coupons and other discounts by using the H&M app! So grab your smartphone and download the H&M app today.


Signup For H&M Newsletter

Who has time to read another newsletter, right?

But when you signup for H&M newsletter, you will receive 20% off one item. If you are a student or teacher, you will also get special discount days twice a year, so keep that in mind. You definitely don’t want to miss the 15% off days.


Attention H&M student for 15% discount

If you are a broke college student and are looking to stay trendy and stylish, join UNiDAYS and get 15% off full price items.

Note: You can’t combine this offer with any other discounts, sale items, guest designer collaborations or special collections. Sorry!


How To Read H&M Tags

Do you know that there is a secret bar code on each and every H&M tag?

Exactly how to read H&M tags is important. First of all, understand that H&M has 9 seasons instead of the typical 4 seasons.

Look at the H&M price tag under the first bar code, you will see a numeric code. The season is the seventh number in that numeric code. If it says 4 on most of the items on the rack, that means you are in season 4.

So, if you find any full priced clothes with the number before, like 3, don’t buy it now. That item will be marked with a reduced price very soon!


H&M Recycling Discount

There is a H&M recycling discount near the cash register of all H&M retail stores. Simply bring in your old clothes from your wardrobe and get 15% off your next entire in-store purchase.

Note: You can donate up to two bags per day. Each bag should contain at least 3 to 5 clothes or also non-clothing textiles as well.


Does H&M Do Price Adjustments?

Does H&M do price adjustments? #savemoney #outfit

source: @majasolchristenson

Unfortunately, H&M doesn’t have a price adjustments policy. But the good news is if your purchase is unworn and unwashed, you can return it within 30-days for a full refund. Then, buy the same clothes again at the sale price.


Does H&M Do Price Match?

Yes, H&M does price match items that are available in all US stores. Just show the online item, offer or promotion to the sales advisor at checkout and the price will be honored!


Can You Return Sales Items At H&M?

Can you return sale items at H&M? #savemoney #outfit

source: @aliamiracle

Always think twice before you buy. H&M has a strict 30-day return policy, so make sure the purchase item goes well with your wardrobe.

Once the 30-day mark is over, you can only get store credit. For example, if you bought a dress for $40 and it has been marked down to $20, you’ll only receive $20 in store credit.


When Is The Best Time To Shop At H&M?

Since all new shipments arrive in the mornings, the fresh new arrivals will be out on the floor by the afternoon. The best time to shop at H&M is in afternoons, so have a quick lunch bite and then stop by the nearest H&M store.


When H&M Offers Biggest Sales Of The Year

If you are looking for big sales and extra discounts, shop in June and November. These are the months that H&M offers biggest sales of the year. So mark your calendar and save even more!


Spend at H&M and get paid

Typically when you spend in-store at H&M, you will earn large rewards. Spend at H&M and get paid 80% mark down prices on sale items, In addition, get an extra 25% cash back on sales items.


Save $34 while shopping online

If you are an avid online shopper, you can easily save $34 while shopping online at H&M. Simply login and don’t worry about finding the right coupon. The online shopping platform will take care of the best deals for you.


Upgrading your capsule wardrobe and special unique pieces with the best clothes shopping tips is so much fun. But spending extra hours searching for discounts while you shop at H&M is not easy. Use these 14 secret H&M shopping tips that will blow your mind and make your wallet happy!

What are your secret ways to save money at H&M?

Share your H&M shopping tips with us!


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These 12 Secret H&M Shopping Tips That Will Blow Your Mind is THE BEST! From app to cash back so many ways to save money while clothing shopping for outfit. #shoppingtips #outfit

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  1. These outfits are beyond cute. Thank you so much for posting this! This will really help people.

  2. I’ve only ever been to H&M once before, but I really like the idea of their recycling program! We are trying to reduce the waste in our home, so that’s a great way to get rid of unwanted clothing rather than it being trashed. And it always helps to know how to read a store’s tags!

    1. The best part about the H&M recycling program is that they offer you a 15% discount on your next purchase. Recycling is a good habit to practice. And yes, reading retail store tags is a necessary skill if you want to save money chopping for clothes. 🙂

  3. This is such a helpful post! I had no idea that H&M has a recycling program. I can’t wait to start using all these new discount shopping tips.

  4. I love the H&M shopping tip about the store tags – that is so helpful! I’m looking forward to the H&M November sale too!!

    1. November is a great time to go clothes chopping at H&M because that is when you will find the best deals of the year! Be sure to check out the store tags on each item 😉

  5. I did not know that H&M had a recycling program. It’s obviously not something they advertise and I would be curious if it’s something they do here.

  6. I love shopping at H&M! I think their recycling program is awesome! Recycling is a good habit for sure 🙂

  7. Wow. It sounds like H&M has some great ways to save money. We got a local H&M a couple of years ago but I haven’t been yet. May check it out now. I like that they price match.

    1. Price matching is one of the benefits of shopping at H&M. If you are going to check out the new H&M store, November is the best time to see significant discounts and deals within the store.

  8. Thank you for sharing the H&M shopping tips! I wasn’t aware that H&M had a recycling program! I absolutely love the boots in the photos, they’re the cutest!

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