How To Make Headbands (12 Easy DIY Headband Patterns!)


Are you looking for new projects to make with fabric scraps or the t-shirts in the back of your closet? Here are 12 easy DIY headband patterns that show you how to make headbands.

The fabric scraps pile up quickly and are easy to throw to trash. Whether you have knit or woven materials, you can make multiple headbands with a few simple steps! 

From weekend to yoga workout, no sew DIY vintage hair scrunchies and adorable headbands help keep your hairstyle looking cute and out of your face. 

Take a few moments to make some headbands for yourself. Its quite rewarding to pair your handmade essentials with stylish outfits.


12 Easy DIY Headbands Patterns 

Learning how to make headbands from scratch is super easy. DIY headbands are actually a great beginner project for anybody to try.

Whether you approach these project with sewing or no sew techniques, we’ll leave that up to you. Hopefully these handmade headbands ideas inspire you to make the most out of your thrifting habit. 

Choose the easy DIY headband patterns that you want to accomplish today and prepare the necessary materials. Let’s get started!

DIY Headband Materials:

  • Fabric Scraps or T-Shirt
  • Elastic
  • Plastic Headband
  • Wire
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissor


DIY Crochet Headband

Raffia Crochet Headband Pattern With Video

I want to experiment with a new craft hobby, so I made this raffia crochet headband from scratch.

The headband was really easy to make and only required the basic chain stitch. Step-by-step instruction, a detailed video and free headband pattern are all provided for you to easily follow.


How To Make Turban Headbands

how to make turban headbands

source: @sewdiy

If you have lots of fabric scraps in your home, it’s a perfect opportunity to make turban headbands.

With couple of simple straight stitches, you can make gorgeous Anthropologie inspired headbands to wear all year long.


How To Make A Headband Out Of A T-Shirt

how to make a headband out of a t-shirt

source: @diycandy

Any plain white t-shirt will do to make this twisted headband. From embroidery to no sew project, a plain t-shirt is useful garment to instantly upgrade your wardrobe.

So don’t just throw them away, give t-shirt upcycle a try!


How To Make A Stretchy Headband

how to make a stretchy headband

source: @scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

Do you practice yoga very often?

Without messing up your hair, make yourself this stretchy headband to keep you hairstyle organized in your workout session.

These stretchy headbands are also wide enough to keep your bangs away.


How To Make A Fabric Headband That Ties

how to make fabric into a headband that ties

source: @sweetteal

If you are looking to make a fabric headband that ties, try this one.

The cute little bow gives an accent to wear in the center or even off to the side for cute and casual look. 


DIY Wire Headband

diy wire headband

source: @sarahhearts

When you simply tie scarf around the head, you’ll notice the bow doesn’t stay up all the time. The best solution is to make this DIY wire headband.

The simple trick helps to perk the corners up for a fresh look. As a result, you don’t have to worry about saggy corners anymore!


DIY Headband Elastic

diy headband elastic

source: @smashedpeasandcarrots

Not all headbands need to be made from fabric scraps.

How about using embellished elastic just like your scrunchies? These are the perfect hair accessories for a lazy weekend to give your hairstyle a magic touch.


DIY Headbands No Sew

diy headband no sew

source: @lanaredstudio

It’s intimidating to learn how to sew. However, with these DIY headbands no sew you don’t need a sewing machine or needle and thread. All you need is silky scarf and fabric glue.

Follow the step by step tutorial to learn that this no sew craft world is pretty addicting and satisfying. 


DIY Bow Headband

diy bow headband

source: @fleecefun

Are you always encountering static hair during the cold season?

Keep your hairstyle on tacked with this DIY bow headband. The soft fleece and plaid pattern goes well with denim jeans and oversized sweater for a casual look. 


DIY Twist Headband

diy twist headband

source: @wemustbedreamers

If you are tired of a bow, or you feel that bows are to girly for you, try this DIY twisted headband.
It looks complicated but making a twist is much easier than you think. Just grab your favorite printed t-shirt to make this look happen. 


DIY Plastic Headband

diy plastic headband

source: @onecrafdiygirl

Do you have a old plastic headband that you don’t wear anymore?

We have great news for you! Cover it with a bandana scarf and reuse it once more.

The DIY plastic headband will be a great addition to your wardrobe!


DIY Jersey Headband

diy jersey headband

source: @burdastyle

Knit jersey or t-shirt knit are great fabrications to make DIY headbands with knot detail. The material snugs nicely on any head size and helps keep the details in place.

So, if you have any knit jersey fabric on hand, make yourself one and try it on. It’s so comfortable that you won’t want to take it off. 


From fabric scraps to plain old t-shirts, there are lots of materials you can make into stylish headbands. Whether you are skilled at sewing or a complete beginner, try these tutorials to upgrade your wardrobe with cute accessories to pair with. 

Have you ever tried to make headbands before?

Share your cute headbands with us at #MakeWithFashionWanderer!


how to make headbands with free headband patterns

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