How To Wear A Backpack Purse Like A Fashion Girl

Do you know how to wear a backpack purse to look stylish with your capsule wardrobe essentials? When it comes to putting an outfit together that go well with your brand new backpack purse, consider the bag style, color and silhouette when planning a new look to wear.

Backpacks are known for their functionality and also being practical bags to carry around basic necessities. This doesn’t mean that it also can’t be fashion-forward and trendy.

Made with high-quality fabrications, fashionable style and also the proper fit, the best backpack purses will be able to mix and match with your everyday outfit ideas. Let this style guide help you with inspirations for how to wear a backpack purse like fashion girls do.


Are leather backpacks in style?

From global street style to social media fashionistas, leather backpacks are spotted every season. As a result, this means that the bags are a timeless piece that is perfect to add to your capsule wardrobe. The key factor to consider is how to wear leather backpacks in style.

Here are stylish ways for how to wear leather backpacks:

  • The casual way: Carry your backpack over both shoulders.
  • The classic way: Use the upper handle like a purse. Most of the mini or mid-sized backpack purses come with a top handle or matching chain handles.
  • The fashion girl way: Grab both shoulder straps and wear it on a single shoulder. Furthermore, some unique designed bags have a convertible feature so that you can carry it as a crossbody bag.

Leather backpacks are definitely in style throughout every season, no matter what. Make sure to choose a backpack purse that goes with your personal lifestyle and wardrobe color palette.

In addition, the shape and style must compliment your body type to enhance your everyday outfits. Explore your handbag options!


What to put in a mini backpack purse?

Whether you are using a mini backpack purse for daily use or for travel purposes, it is crucial to carry only essential items in the limited space. If you store too much stuff all at once, the bag looks bulky and loses its cute mini silhouette.

Here is a list of basic essentials to put in a mini backpack purse. Make it your new go-to bag for everything from road trips to everyday usage:

Having basic essentials for the commute to work or even while running errands on weekend makes it much more convenient. It is important to have these items packed in your favorite backpack purse so you are ready to go at all times.


How To Wear A Backpack Purse

How To Wear A Backpack Purse

source: @kendieveryday

Compared to other types of handbags like a crossbody bag or tote bag, it is even more fun to learn how to wear a backpack purse in a stylish manner.

Make sure to choose a classic color and stylish design when it comes to shopping and adding a new piece to your capsule wardrobe. As a result, you can wear outfits that go well with your backpack purse all year long.


How To Wear Mini Backpack

How To Wear Mini Backpack

source: @thefashionhotbox

Going to travel in Europe this summer and don’t know how to wear your mini backpack for the trip?

Simply wear with a cute shirt dress and grab these ankle boots so you can walk around comfortably all day long.


How To Style Backpack Purse

How To Style Backpack Purse

source: @thefashionhotbox

Other than a t-shirt and jeans, styling a backpack purse tends to look boring and outdated. Therefore, wear a lovely floral maxi dress with matching color backpack purse. You will look unexpectedly gorgeous.


Black Backpack Purse Outfit

Black Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @lcane

Black backpack purse outfit looks good on everyone. This simple striped t-shirt and boyfriend jeans are definitely the way to go.


White Backpack Purse Outfit

White Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @sarahstylesseattle

Do you know how to wear a white backpack purse outfit? Grab white espadrille loafers and a ditzy gingham printed dress for a brunch date.


Red Backpack Purse Outfit

Red Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @misslouie

From spring to winter season, there is something about a red backpack purse outfit that makes you look vibrant and lively. A neutral tone dress helps to compliment the bright colored bag.

Don’t forget to wear with beige suede over the knee boots to look taller and leaner.


Brown Backpack Purse Outfit

Brown Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @jessannkirby

Brown backpack purse is perfect for a casual outfit, especially during the spring and summer season. Grab your favorite white denim shorts outfit and espadrille for the day.


Cute Backpack Purse Outfit

Cute Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @thearticlesoffaith

Carry your favorite leather backpack purse with this cool girl denim jacket and comfy jumpsuit. Pointy ankle boots are a great addition to look extra cute today.


Casual Backpack Purse Outfit

Casual Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @shellystuckman

Sweater and bootcut jeans are all you need for a casual day. Whether you carry mini or a larger size backpack purse, you will look casual-chic no matter what.


Date Night Backpack Purse Outfit

Date Night Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @farahpink

This chic plaid boyfriend blazer and matching shorts make a cute outfit for a date night. Carry a pretty pastel pink color purse and classic pump heels to copy this look.


Office Backpack Purse Outfit

Office Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @memorandum

Ditch your tote bag and carry a backpack purse for the day. Wear a chic turtleneck top underneath the blazer with matching bottoms for the work week.


Spring Backpack Purse Outfit

Spring Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @hauteofftherack

Spring is all about all white from head-to-toe.

Crisp white classic skinny jeans are a great base piece to build upon. You can also wear beige and off-white to create volume and add dimension to your look for the day.


Summer Backpack Purse Outfit

Summer Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @themichellewest

Can you wear a leather backpack purse in the summer time?

Make sure to choose light color such as pastel pink or blush to look cool. In addition, pair it with a tank top and cropped boyfriend jeans that everyone has in their closet.


Fall Backpack Purse Outfit

Fall Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @jessicasole_

From casual day to going out, wear this pretty sweater dress with black tall boots. Just remember to play around with texture if you plan to wear all black tonight.


Winter Backpack Purse Outfit

Winter Backpack Purse Outfit

source: @hello.johann

Snow boots, thermal legging and cozy sweater is a perfect winter outfit that goes well with a backpack purse.

Add the warmest winter hat to make your hair look good everyday.


Having a backpack purse in your capsule wardrobe is the best choice you will ever make. It is a versatile and timeless piece that easily replaces your tote bag or crossbody bag.

Find the perfect fitted bag that compliments your body type, and also the color palette of your wardrobe. As a result, you can easily copy these backpack purse outfit ideas and dress like a fashion girl everyday.

How do you wear a backpack purse?

Share your cute backpack purse outfit ideas with us!


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How To Wear A Backpack Purse Like Fashion Girl

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